The Perfect Heist [Adventure]

Life as a criminal is a hard one and today you will be tasked with the objective to rob a bank. This map combines add-ons, custom textures and command blocks to create a fun and exciting adventure.

Creator: umerkk164, Twitter Account, Website
Updated: 7 July, 2018 (read changelog)


You’ve escaped prison and now joined a crime family. The mafia is looking for three mighty diamonds which are found somewhere in the city. One of the diamonds is inside the State Bank and you’ve been tasked with the quest to go and rob the bank, steal the diamond and then bring it back to your boss.



  • Updated command blocks to work with the latest Minecraft version
  • Removed some areas which caused confusion for the player


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101 Responses

4.43 / 5 (53 votes)
  1. bonbon_plays16 says:

    Cool Map, perfect storyline too

  2. Unknown says:

    How to call for Greg

  3. Rhyan says:

    Best.Map.Ever this is the most amazing map i’ve seen so far!!!

  4. ScaryCherrie6 says:

    So this is based off a real story? If so, five stars.

  5. Dank memer says:

    How do you “call Greg”

  6. ScaryCherrie6 says:

    Honestly I can’t wait for part 2

  7. Anonymous says:

    Where is dynamite?

  8. Overwatch says:

    This is the best map I’ve ever played I wish part two comes out soon

  9. Red says:

    Rip Greg

  10. Pafzz says:

    Where Is the bank?

  11. ZzZzZzZz says:

    I mean cool bro!

  12. ZzZzZzZz says:

    And i forget to say story is masive cool!

  13. Dinocaity says:

    Amazing and FABULOUS

  14. Zehasep says:

    These map is really cool pls comment

  15. ZAID9810 says:

    Awesome 😀

  16. BILLYtheKiD says:

    Can you give us the addon please.i loved the map!

  17. Rubix says:

    Why there’s double quests in the description?

  18. Rubix says:

    Why there’s double quests in the description?

  19. Nado says:

    I have a question.. when will you release part 2.?.
    I’m so excited.. imma girl but I LOVE IT!!!🌚✌🏼

  20. Axouche says:

    Please let me know where is the dynamite. I searched in my house (S-16 or 17 idk) and I can’t find it !

  21. KILLERd7r says:

    Amazing Map. What addons did you use? If you don’t mind me asking.

  22. Max says:

    I love it

  23. Cillian O'Brien says:

    Where is the dynamite and diamonds

    • Umerkk164 says:

      The diamond is inside the bank in one of the blue lockers. The other two diamonds will be in the next maps. The dynamite is behind the large painting inside the house.

  24. BILLYtheKiD says:

    I mean the guns and money and weapons I already have the cars. I know it Alex’s better weapons addon but I like how these look better😁

  25. captainfour4 says:

    I love the map, but you made one grammar issue (Yes, I’m a grammar Nazi). In the second paragraph, you used the word “quest” two times.

  26. MilkBerry8Chocolate says:

    Even though I was unable to play the first map this one was awesome! At the first point when talking to the guy who gave us 40 bucks O saw my username and I jumped! It was sooo cool! AMZING!!! 10/10

  27. Program says:

    Great map

  28. Crusty says:

    BEST. EVER. Also helped me with some command_block tips :)) pls make a 3rd one!!!!!

  29. Crusty says:

    And also how do u extract a MCPE ios world as a .mcworld

  30. Aditya says:

    Dude amazing maps make more maps like most advanced use of command blocks I’ve ever seen

  31. Bill Cipher says:

    Nice good world bro i downloaded it!!!

  32. Adrian Padama says:

    This map is awesome as hell please make a map like payday 2 or something like that.

  33. JarekTheMan says:

    how many dynamites are there?

  34. Zeekachu says:

    You know the head in a item frame? It’s named called Greg. Spawn it.

  35. Fas0187 says:

    Where. Is the freakin bank can’t find it anywhere and no text also confusing

    • Umerkk164 says:

      Did you find a map back home? It has two markers, one for the fuel station and the other for the bank

  36. BILLYtheKiD says:

    Can we get the addon I know the cars one I have it but I want the guns money and knives and bullets .i know it’s Alex’s better weapons but I like the textures better. Oh also the armor. Thanks!

  37. LoCgAMEr_Zz says:

    How to get inside the bank??

  38. Anonymous says:

    Wow this map is one of the best I have played so far!

  39. Riley says:

    I think I know what happens next! If you back where you get weapons, a police car is there!
    Mabey this means your partner gets caught, and mabey the next map will be breaking the guy out of jail or something like that.

  40. Jogesh says:

    “…tasked with the quest quest to…”
    Don’t you mean “…tasked with the quest to…”?
    By the way I’m recording and posting this map on my channel ‘Jogesh Sriram’

    Be sure to subscribe!

  41. OreoMay says:

    Guys, guys. How do i download the minecraft maps? 😓

  42. EXIMIOUS says:

    hey there a video has been made

    have a nice day

  43. Anonymous says:

    Where do you put the TNT when at the bank

  44. Templealchemist says:

    Awesome map can u give us the texture pack if 😁

  45. Anonymous says:

    There’s a glitch where the TV room gets replaced with a room full of command blocks

  46. Hi says:

    Oh mah Gersh so good both games amazing but it’s a bit hard to escape prison and the diamond is not there really good that you can drive all cars even police and I just got in bank by breaking the fences with my axe

  47. Sultan says:

    Great map!. I waiting for update

  48. Mcpe says:

    I’ve just got out of the bank with the diamond and money and ran for like 10 mins, what do I do now?

  49. Subscribe finnboyyhd says:

    Ep 2 plz

  50. Elephant says:

    What are the add-ons you used for making the map.

  51. Bob says:

    I want the addon and resource pack for a pvp with my friends

  52. Adreana1605 says:

    Is anyone know the phone with money addon or texture pack?

  53. EliteSurvivor1 says:

    Why are the doors to the explosive locked?

  54. Whyyyyy says:

    How do Call Greg After You Get The Weapons

  55. Bigfatty says:

    I just want the texture pack, what is it

  56. TheBowserBanana says:

    Where do you go after you find the diamond in the bank?

  57. Anonymous says:

    Something wrong with the command blocks. I’m now using the latest version of Minecraft and the command test for requires to write x, y, z or r(e.g. [x=~, y=~, z=~, r=~]) but u only write the numbers and that’s why I csnt continue the game. Please fix this.

  58. Arnold says:

    Something wrong with the command blocks. I’m now using the latest version of Minecraft and the command test for requires to write x, y, z or r(e.g. [x=~, y=~, z=~, r=~]) but u only write the numbers and that’s why I csnt continue the game. Please fix this.

  59. vinsensius says:

    sorry im already available on the addon for mcpe

  60. Theman1 says:

    Where do we get the money?

  61. Heyo says:

    This map sucks, it is so glitchy and the commands don’t work

  62. Heyo says:

    This map sucks, it’s so glitchy

  63. Princess Conseula says:

    Where do you drive to after you get out of the bank with the diamond?

  64. ... says:

    How do you call greg after youve robbed the bank

  65. TBNRaditya says:

    Hi guys I am a new youtuber and have chosen this map as my first video. Does someone has any walkthrough they would like to give me?

  66. Gamer000 says:

    Congratulations! I’ve played a lot of MCPEDL maps but none was so bad and malfunctioning than this. Please, don’t download it.

  67. Owen Kamperman says:


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