Tardis Prototype [Creation]

This is an experimental version of a Tardis which can go to 28 different destinations. The interior rooms include the Destination Databanks, Zero Room (removes effects, restores health and regenerates health), Cloister, Engine Room and a bunch of other places. You can return to the normal world at any point simply by leaving the Tardis. If you consider yourself a Whovian (also known as a Doctor Who fan) then it’s really a must-play!

Creator: DingDong61, Twitter Account
Updated: 31 July, 2017 (optimized for low-end devices, 49 destinations reduced to 28 destinations)

How does it work?

You enter the Tardis by stepping up to the front door of the police box. And whenever you want to go back to the normal survival world, you can do so too!

Inside the Tardis you can access 28 different locations. You can find an almost full list further down on this page.

  • Destination Databanks
  • Zero Room (removes effects, regenerates health, restores hunger)
  • Cloister
  • Architectural Reconfiguration Room
  • Engine Room
  • Room holding the Eye of Harmony
  • Observatory
  • Library (with a swimming pool)
  • Bouncy Room (all credits goes to DingDong61’s kid!)
  • Kitchen
  • Dining Room
  • 4 large unfurnished rooms ready for your personalization as apartments
  • And more!

Important: The latest version has been optimized for low-end devices. However, depending on your device there might still be lag issues.

Download .McWorld
Download .ZIP

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93 Responses

4.45 / 5 (31 vote)
  1. Night Fury 1307 says:

    Good replica of the Tardis from Dr. Who!!!!!! 🙂

  2. HeoKiller1409 says:


  3. Sisimen63110 says:

    In the beginning I think that inside it was only decoration but as soon as I saw that the tardis could teleport on at least 90 position I immediately share the map with my friends 😉

  4. HELP says:

    I am can’t download the map help please

  5. Nightcore says:

    How long did it take to build this?

  6. DingDong61 says:

    A couple of things I forgot to mention upon submitting this map.

    1) The Tardis interior has a built-in security system, so hostile and some passive mobs are teleported out of the interior (250 blocks from center) to a little nook just above the void. There is also room for including more mob types if you so wish.

    2) The police box has two repeating command blocks. The one with the St John’s symbol showing is the one that teleports you back to the interior. The one with the sign showing teleports Creepers within a 10 block range to 10 blocks away on the X axis and 10 blocks on the Z axis. This is to prevent them accidentally destroying the police box by explosion.

    3) All of the rooms are encased in bedrock to limit accidental explosions. The exception is that the Control Room, Operations, and Security are all encased together.

    4) Just a note, there is a very large section of open space. I wasn’t sure how much room I would need, so I made a very big area first and built in there.

  7. WolfDoogy218 says:

    Hey Guys, You Like Mario Texture Packs? Well Try out My Mario Texture Pack! I’m Still Making It Right Now, But Be Paitent, It’ll Be Here Where I’m Done, I’m Still Giving It a Test Drive.

    • Qwerty68111 says:

      Please don’t advertise. If you have a texture pack you would like to share, please use the blue Submission button at the top of the sidebar. Thanks!

  8. ForwardFriction says:

    Is it possible to change the background of the tardis?

    • DingDong61 says:

      Not yet. It is something I want to include in the final version. Initial attempts at doing so broke the Destination Controls.

      • Anonymous says:


  9. Dominic Angel says:

    Can you make Batman Addon with joker, death stroke, bane, dead shot

  10. Dominic Angel says:

    Can you make Batman Addon with joker, death stroke, bane, dead shot, and killer croc

  11. Dominic Angel says:

    Can you make Batman Addon with joker, death stroke, bane, dead shot, and killer croc please work on it I have been waiting a while for it

  12. Littlemonk25 says:

    nice replica, can’t wait to see what is tin the final form!

  13. Llaijdusnsidmsismeixmdjksmd says:

    Add some more cool places

  14. Lamarplayz says:

    I would give 5 starts but it is laggy. Can you remove the lag by removing the trees or remove some unnecessary redstone or paintings. Just try your best to fix it so it won’t lag as much.

    • DingDong61 says:

      The lag came about after the 40th location was loaded. Final version will have the destinations reduced, but they will be more interesting.

    • GrAnPaITO says:

      You may check your device. If you have a low-end device it maybe the cause of lag (cause it was a big file.).

  15. Jlan123 says:

    Two locations (or more) inside the ship, are broken. At least one of the locations the door part takes you to is broken. And there is a tree in the architectural reconfiguration room. Other than that I liked the map.

    • DingDong61 says:

      Which locations are broken? The tree in the Architectural Reconfiguration room is to be a replica of the Architectural Reconfiguration System as seen in the episode Journey to the Center of the TARDIS.

    • DingDong61 says:

      Just went through all the rooms in the interior. Except for a missing Iron Door inside the Laboratory, I found no problem with the locations. There are 5 doorways that do not take you to a new location. Four of them are on the lower level of the Control Room. They are labeled “Goes Nowhere, Does Nothing.” I had uses planned for them, but went another way instead and never removed them. The fifth was in the hallway with the apartment doors in it. That one is labeled as being unfinished.

  16. Brantley Laney says:

    Really cool stuff. A suggestion: if there is a way to keep a chunk loaded when you leave it, that’d help. When traveling to one of the locations, it lags and takes forever to load the chunk. But for real, this is awesome!

    • DingDong61 says:

      At present, there isn’t. Tried a few tricks that didn’t work, which is also why there is a Police Box at every location. Chunk would unload after leaving and couldn’t remove the Police Box from it or move it to the next destination. Supposedly, it will be possible in a future update of Minecraft PE/W10.

  17. Awesome20Dude says:


  18. Klinge says:

    To be honest, though I haven’t downloaded this map yet, I can tell this is (probably) outdated command work, I’ve spent weeks developing my own tardis, and after a lot work, I was able to create a compact, 4 command block tardis that can travel in an infinite number of locations as long as it is within the tardis’s range, of course, who am I to judge when I haven’t even peeked at the command block work of this tardis? But from what you say in the post (not excluding the fact that this is just a beta test) it seems like this tardis concept has already outgrown the command knowledge unlocked today

    So all in all, this seems like a cool map, but if your going to keep up with the advancements in tardis developing within minecraft, you should do extensive research, and experimentation with commands/command blocks

    Good day to you

    • DingDong61 says:

      Well, I am a noob. And as near as I can tell, a lot of what I want to do is not possible (yet) with the Windows 10 edition, such as a custom interface to enter in the coordinates manually in survival mode. Also, not being able to keep a chunk loaded puts a damper on things as, at present, removing the Police Box from a chunk you left and moving it to your new destination gave error messages about not being able to move blocks outside of the world.

    • DingDong61 says:

      Quick question for you. In regards to your own Tardis, are you making it on PE? If so, that would explain why you are able to do a lot more than I was able to do, as I made this one on Windows 10 Edition. If yours is on PE, Windows 10 Edition players would not be able to use it, because of the API is unavailable to us. Maybe in the future they will make API available for Windows 10 Edition.

      • Klinge says:

        Yes, my tardis was made in pe, but you’d be surprise to hear that I have had the same problem as you have. That is, the chunk loading error, it prevents me from going any farther than 14 chunks, which is the max render distance in PE. So i’de suggest you implement the ability to travel in all of those 3,000 (approx) destinations. I did this with the use of a command block as the input, as well as a button to transfer the data down to the system so it would work. I hope you found this helpful.

  19. GrAnPaITO says:

    *saw the map*
    ITO: What’s this?
    *read the info*
    ITO: Wow this good.
    *click the MediaFire link*
    *saw the dowload size*
    *click away from the map*

  20. Jamal Cedric Jamon says:

    Noice m8

  21. StevenHong says:


  22. FallenSpark9505 says:

    Good job but it won’t work

  23. Iceypants17 says:

    Simply Genius…

  24. The Doctor says:

    I can’t teleport outside the tardis, it just glitches me out , help…

    • DingDong61 says:

      Two questions. Which destination did you set? Did you use the Launch Switch first and then the Landing Switch, it is setup so the block to teleport you won’t be at the exit until the Tardis lands.

  25. Mmmis_Official says:

    The map is really good! Can you post just the texture pack? And what blocks do the texture pack change?

    • DingDong61 says:

      The only blocks I had changed were the Glowing Obsidian (They became the windows on the Police Box, wanted the top to glow, but couldn’t get it to change over to a slab or stair shape that would join together), Reactor Core Stage 0 (became the generic panels of the Police Box), and the Repeating Command Block (I made the front look like the door with the St John symbol and the rear like the Pull to Open sign, the sides look like the generic panels. I got the Glowing Obsidian and the Reactor Core blocks from the Unobtainable Items Add-on this site. I also altered the flipbook texture json so it wouldn’t change the image on the sides of the Repeating Command Block (I think I also changed the time on the Prismarine Block. I didn’t put together a proper texture pack yet. Down the line I will be though.

  26. Me says:

    It keeps glitching sorry i can’t play it 🙁

  27. Camden King says:

    It lags too much I can’t ev n play the game

  28. DingDong61 says:

    For those that had lag issues with the first version, please update if the reduced locations have made it playable.

  29. Abudi says:

    I feel like the map is good but I can’t download it, it gives mein media fire and I press the download then it put me to this link


  30. Gabriel says:

    Amazing map. I have been trying to build a map remotely like this for over four years and you’ve done it in a mounth (I do know that command blocks were only introduced six months ago but I was trying to make it work with some snazzy elder pearl work.) I would like to see infinite locations added in the future. As well as a intireor that was easier to redo than change every block. Could you make it so that it takes time to land and you have to press certain buttons to keep the tardis going. You could make this optional however with some nice piston work. Could you add planets in the future as well as a way to see we’re you are without leaving. People did this at the One night at frankness map. I know that this would make the tardis controls complicated but isn’t the tardis complicated in the show? I would like to see planets added you could do this by making darker planets deep underground like Trenzalore. With other planets like scary and galafrey you could retexture glowstone or sea lanterns and amplifying there light level so that it lights the entire world. A sonic Screwdriver would be nice as well. Could you make it so that you could only get in the Tardis by holding a tardis key. (Any retextured item) A few doctor Who mobs would also be nice. you can change there spawn rates with some addon makers. Could you make it so that you can chose witch rooms go we’re by clicking/tapping signs that give the options. Sorry for asking for so much with the limited potential of pocket/windows 10 edition but it will be possible soon. Tnx for reading.

    • DingDong61 says:

      Thank you. I made this on Windows 10 Edition and like you said we are limited with that currently.

      But… here are things that I have planned or am working on

      1. Changing the Tardis to an entity. With the 1.2 version, we should be able to keep a chunk loaded or pre-load a chunk. That should keep us from receiving the “outside of the world” error message. Planning on using the Totem of Undying as the Tardis Key. Sonic Screwdriver, I can replace certain items, but it currently would only be a cosmetic change with no functionality sadly.

      2. Swappable Control Rooms. Initial attempts resulted in breaking the destination controls as I was only looking at just the actual Control Room. In recent testing, I incorporated the Operations Room (which is directly under the Control Panel) into the swapping and have had positive results.

      3. Gallifrey, Skarro, Mondas, the Moon, Mars, Trenzalore, and single biome planets are planned. Though since we cannot create new dimensions (merely replace what already exists), they will be zones in the Overworld. They will take some time to build. Idea is to make them in the Java version, then use Worldmaker and MCC Tool Chest PE to bring them into Windows 10 Edition.

      4. Mobs. This is what I am currently working on. I have plans to change 13 mobs and have already changed the models for 7. If you go to MCPEDL’s Twitter feed and scroll down to the post for this add-on, you can see screenshots of my Dalek (creepers), Cybus Cyberman (zombies), Mondasian Cyberman (husks), Cyber Villagers (zombie villagers), Sontaran (skeletons), Ice Warrior (strays), and Vashta Nerada (wither skeletons). Others will be the Silence (enderman), Ood (zombie pigmen), Time Lords (Illagers), Cybermats (silverfish), Chronovore (Vex), Snowman (Polar bear), Adipose (rabbits), Germ Spiders (spiders), and the Master (witch). I want to avoid replacing mobs like horses, cows, and sheep if I can.

      • Gabriel says:

        Wow tnx for reading my comment. I have windows ten and I have some ideas. Tnx for telling me what you’ve done. If you have x box live on your windows ten I would like to join you has I am very good at red stone. I could help to fix the dimension issue your having. Also having the Tardis as a mob will be hard. My tip is not to make it a shulker as Minecraft natural coding will override the tardis’ sometimes as I realised that while making my own. I would like to join you in building your tardis so could you friend StockWall422588 on x-box and I’ll see if I can help you. But only if it’s ok with you. Again tnx for reading. If you don’t want to join (for various reasons) then could you send me some screenshots of what you’ve got so far that way I might be able to run some tests on my own world. Also I am currently working on making it so that the tardis can travel dimensions as after my friend and I were studying minecrafts code we found out that endermen actually go to the end and back. I will send you the code once it’s done. Tnx for reading.

        • DingDong61 says:

          I read all the comments, best way to get feedback. I do have Xbox Live but am not at the point of having others helping out. For a few reasons. One being, the prototype map is unchanged from the latest update. Second, I created a new world for model testing and that is currently where I am spending most of my time. Going in to that world after changing the texture and then back and forth changing values as needed. Third (and the biggie) I have absolutely no idea what I am doing. I have an end result in mind but pretty much am making it up as I go along. I will add you as a friend, my user name there is the same as here.

          I initially was going to use the Zombie Horse as the basis, but I am looking at the Armor Stand that will be available later. I didn’t know anything about modeling until 2 weeks ago. One that list of mobs I mentioned, I encountered problems with trying to use the Master, so now the Witch is a Priestess from the Sisterhood of Karn, which I finished this morning (also finished the Cybermat this afternoon). Also decided against replacing rabbits with the Adipose, they just looked bad to me. Currently working on K-9 (wolf) and after that I just have the Germ Spiders, Chronovore, Snowmen, and the Silence to finish. I did already attempt the Snowmen and the Silence, but encountered problems. The Snowmen are replacing the Polar Bears, but everytime I try, all I get is a floating head. The head is floating in the position of the old values and not the changed values. The rest of the body is invisible. I know it is possible to change it, as Gona did in the JurassicCraft add-on, but I just have to figure out what I am overlooking. Having kind of the same problem with the Silence. It took a bit to get the torso and limbs in the right place, but the head isn’t lowering to the new position. So either, I put the Silence in with the Enderman’s long limbs or not at all, haven’t decided which yet.

          • Gabriel says:

            Great idea. I found out that endermen die andrespawn in the end so that idea is broken unfortunately. Armour stands could be a good idea as they have no code except putting armour on witch would be easy to alter. The master could be askelongton and his Screwdriver could be a bow. You could add it so that the bow is in droppable. It’s ok that you don’t want help just ask anytime if you change your mind. I’ll check this page frequently. Tnx for reading anyway. Also if you want I will send you the code so that you can make a camera that you can look outside the tardis without having to leave.

        • DingDong61 says:

          Would definitely be interested in that camera code. I will probably be changing my mind in the future on the help. Just right now, I wouldn’t be able to properly articulate my plans, as they are a jumbled mess in my head, and would end just frustrating whomever would be helping me.

  31. Captain Universe says:

    Where are all the destination and how to get to each? Plz reply FAST!! TY.

    • DingDong61 says:

      Across from the blocks designed to look like a Tardis door, there are two frames with tripwire hooks. The one on the left selects the channel, 2 clicks per channel. The one on the left selects the destination for that channel (1 click per destination, +1 click to go from the 7th back to the first). Then you go around the console and pull the lever marked Tardis Launch (it even plays a sound when you do) and then pull the lever marked Tardis Land. If you try to exit the Tardis in between pulling the levers, you will get a message saying you cannot exit while in flight (got that idea from SWDTeam’s Dalek Mod). After pulling the Tardis Land lever, you can exit by the Police Box door to the new destination. Unless you mean locations from Doctor Who, I haven’t made them yet.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Okay It Won’t Let Me Download It Because It’s Saying Unsafe Or What Ever Why Is It Doing That

    • DingDong61 says:

      Not sure, possible false alarm with anti-virus/firewall/anti-malware software. I am not involved with where it is hosted. I use dropbox to upload and MCPEDL takes it from there.

  33. natejb2003 says:

    How long until the next update for this? Sooooo hyped…

  34. natejb2003 says:

    BTW, do you have a Twitter? If not, then what can I see updates from?

  35. DingDong61 says:

    I am on Twitter. I have posting replies to MCPEDL post there about my map. I have been working on converting Minecraft mobs over to Doctor Who mobs. If you look on MCPEDL’s post, you will see a picture of my Dalek model, and my own subsequent replies to that include the models that I have already converted. I am on the last one now (converting the spider and cave spider to the Germ/Bacteria Spider).

  36. natejb2003 says:

    In the next version can you make it so that there are better destinations like villages and strongholds and caves and also can you make sonic screwdrivers (maybe replace bows) and I know you are working on mobs, but which ones do you have already? I think the Silence should keep the long Enderman limbs. Can you add like historical time periods as locations? I know that Gallifrey and Skaro are maybe what your focusing on, which I kinda want more than the time periods. Anyway, I am a huge fan of this map, and I can’t wait to see more! Keep it up!

  37. Coolnathan49 says:

    Nice Work! It almost looked like it took a year to build but it took a month?! Omg incredible keep up those updates I rate 1000000000000 instead of 5 stars I probably would give you money xD

  38. The11thDoctor51 says:

    This TARDIS is a great design and what you’ve done with the rooms and the destinations are simply astonishing. It would be great if you could link me to the texture pack you’ve created so I could use it, if you’d let me that is.
    Thank you for your time.

    • DingDong61 says:

      Didn’t really create a new texture pack. I just replaced the textures for the Nether Core, Glowing Obsidian, and Repeating Command Block to make the Police Box. I am currently working on a Mk II version of my Tardis, which will have a Texture Pack for it. Going for the same rooms and up to 9 swappable Control Rooms for it. Finished recreating my rooms yesterday, will be tackling the Control Rooms next. Though I am a little worried about overall file size as Gallifrey, Skaro, Trenzalore, Mars, and the Moon are planned. The overall destinations will be reduced to 14 in that version.

  39. HELP!! says:

    once i leave the tardis i cant get back in and yes i tried walking up to the front doors

    • DingDong61 says:

      It is entirely possible that I forgot to set the Repeating Command Block used in the Police Box to Always Active. Best to go into Creative Mode, so you can interact with it and see. If it is set to Needs Redstone, you can switch it to Always Active.

    • Caleb says:


  40. HELP!! says:

    once i leave the tardis i cant get back in the tardis and yes i tried to walk up to the doors

  41. Caleb says:

    Let’s call it the retardis

  42. Epic says:

    I would like to say this is just an advanced version of a tardis map made on block master. I would love to know if your just stealing or gonna change more thing or if your the same maker of that map.

    • DingDong61 says:

      1. I built this map in Windows 10 Edition in about a month and uploaded it in August 2017.

      2. I have know idea what block master is.

      3. If block master is an app for Android that allows people to download maps and add-ons, it is possible that someone uploaded this map to it. I had previously given permission for people to do so, as long as they credit me. Some have, some have not and claimed credit for making the map themselves. You are not the first to falsely claim that I have stolen this map. I do not have Minecraft on Android, so there will be none uploaded on any Android app by me. Nor am I responsible for those that have downloaded the map from those apps and received a virus.

      4. This map was a prototype and the final version was uploaded in December 2017.

  43. Robert Applebee says:


    • DingDong61 says:

      Ok. Just so you are aware, this map is no longer updated as I had moved on to the Doctor Who Tardis Map. This map was just a protoype to test certain things within the limits of the game at the time it was released.

  44. Nicholas says:

    Is this a map or is the tardis something that you obtain? I downloaded it but I can’t find a map or pack.

    • DingDong61 says:

      It is a map. The Police Box for this map is a block construct with copies placed at the various destinations. It was made before changes were made to the game involving adding ticking areas and teleporting entities beyond a specific range. After those changes, I was able to replace the Armor Stand with the Police Box, which was done on the Doctor Who Tardis Map. Only a few blocks were changed and those textures are included with this map and not as a separate pack.

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