TF2 Engineer Addon

This add-on implements some of the machines which can be constructed by the Engineer Class in Team Fortress 2. The machines are useful constructions for survival mode if you need something to boost your chances of survival in a certain area. For example, the sentry gun will scan for enemies and shoot them down if they get too close.

Creator: Rexiar, Twitter Account

How does it work?

Toolbox: The Toolbox is the base item which you will need to construct any of the other items. It replaces the shulker. Place it down on the ground where you want your machine to be positioned. (Use the shulker spawn egg in creative mode or type /summon shulker if you’ve cheats enabled in survival mode).

Sentry: The Sentry is a turret with a mounted machine gun. It automatically scans the areas, detect threats and eliminates them. You can build it by using a Lapis Lazuli dye on the Toolbox (Shulker).

Dispenser: This machine heals players, cows, pigs, sheep and chicken by shooting health projectiles at them. You can build it by using a Rose Red dye on the Toolbox (Shulker).


  1. Download Behavior .McPack
  2. Download one of the following resource packs
    1. Red Resource .McPack
    2. Blue Resource .McPack
  3. Activate the packs for a world in-game

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44 Responses

4.58 / 5 (31 vote)
  1. Enderman PE Official says:

    Thank you very much, you deserve double adfly. Been finding a mod for this but havent found it yet for 0.14 but now with the recent update Addon has make almost everything possible to be recreated but no one have create TF2 gadget until now. Hopefully command block can replicate the rest like spy

    • Mrgibbs709 says:

      Please update the addon and plz make it for IOS and make the whole team fortress arsenal… you will realize you will make a great favor to everyone and everyone will love your work and I love it too so please update the engineers stuff if you can but if you can make the entire team!!! Everyone will love your work😁😄😃😃😃😃😃

  2. Derek says:

    Plz add all of the team and make a map so we can play with friend tip make a teleporter and make it so we can upgrade the sentry

  3. SlapDashMC says:

    Hey DL, did you get my Crafting Recipes mod? I submitted it a couple days ago so I was just wondering if you missed it or if you got it. Thanks!

  4. Darkwolf says:

    Hey creator of this addon, should make it so that other dyes that are harder to find and/or make should change the turret into its second and third stages. Really loving this addon!

  5. Darkwolf says:

    Don’t do turret after dispenser because it shoots you instead.

  6. I Hate Adfly says:

    Useful! Make it heal Villagers as well. Would be great! (I could just do it myself)

  7. DankMemes says:

    Really cool, even better if some of the weapons were retextured as TF2 weapons.

  8. Alterlolz says:

    Super duper epic 5stars for u keep up the good effort 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

    Try making a addon where you can fly in survival
    If it works tho

  9. The Red Engineer says:

    How to build it?

  10. The Red Engineer says:

    Woo it’s actually awesome but you should make it to pick up the item and drop it back

  11. Jack Sparrow says:

    Well I like team fortress 2 , it’s very cool 😎, so thank for making this add on for engineer , and can you update sentry level 3 ?

  12. KingOFing says:

    Omg! I never knew I wanted this.

  13. RealMrLava says:

    add a tf2 spy addon cause my favorite class in tf2 is spy and scout and add scout addon too

  14. Jigen Cyrus says:

    Pls Add More Like Turret Can Upgrade And Some Guns

  15. YY Minecon says:

    This is great! TF2 and mine craft are my main games and now it’s comes to minecraft!!! Very well done! Can’t wait to use it! 🙂

  16. HDPEMinecrafter says:


  17. Toop says:

    As a engineer main and a minecraft player I think I love this addon already. 10/10, love to see more content similar.

  18. OPOLO says:

    Make yellow recourse pack please!

  19. JadeX7541 says:

    The name make me thought it was Titanfall 2

  20. Shox says:

    Great Addon! How about also adding weapons? (Guns, Knifes ect.) Also i really like the idea of the toolbox! 😀 I will rate 5 star if you add guns.

  21. 1_Oversier_1 says:

    I Love TF2 And Finaly Someone Made An AddOn About TF2 Hey Can You Make A TF2 AddOn? It Will Mean A Lot To Me If You Did Thx

  22. Azurmo says:

    Please keep updating this and can you make for the spy that would be so great you are the greatest because the community needs this with this probably they might like it and start playing tf2 and you deserve a good round of applause bravo

  23. Keyyard2234 says:

    Hey John the Editor! where is my addon? i submited and where it is??? tell me plz

  24. DinoDNA says:

    This is awesome can you make the dyes wrenches? Cause that would be cool also add more levels and other classes also make it so that there are both blu and red team in one instead of using different textures

  25. Dabs_All_Ovar says:

    Can you make one of these Add-Ons for torbjorns turret? (And armor packs)

  26. Aiden says:

    Really good!!
    You should make more TF2, and possibly a mini game.

  27. Boris says:

    OMG! Thx so much plz add more tf2 stuff plz

  28. Scout says:

    Yes some one made I wait too long to mad soon pls make a no tf2 mod like in mcpc mod tf2 2 wich add teleporter to

  29. Anonymous says:


  30. Primallord says:

    Please ad level 2 and level 3 sentry i think ot would be cool
    And add tellporters. p.s tellporter dose not actually have to telleport players.
    And engie armour.

  31. Gungineer TF2 says:

    As a TF2 and Minecraft fan Iove it so much.I was searching some TF2 add ons for 2 years.It seems like my searching paid off.Anyway,can you please make a Overwatch add on next? We would appreciate it.

  32. Max says:

    how do you build a sentry,dispenser

  33. JBC69 says:

    I Loved Team Fortress 2.
    And I Loved This Add Ons.

  34. YTRedstonist says:

    Yeeeeees finally someone made this addon thanks YAY!!

  35. SpacedefenderX says:

    I have an idea for level 2 and 3, for the level 2 sentry make it shoot two arrows at once and have a faster rate of fire, for level 3 make it shoot even faster and shoot a fireball every once in a while.

  36. Scunt says:

    You need to update this for 1.2!

  37. Ayyub Ahmed says:

    You should add it so you can download it via media fire as doing it through adfly doesn’t work.

  38. ModsAreGoodForU says:

    This is awesome !! 😀

  39. Rich77 says:

    Awosome, I even have BLU Engie skin, excellent, my friends love it 😉

  40. Ben says:

    When I downloaded this it worked but I do not know how to star up the turent

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