The Adventurer’s Amazement [Custom Terrain]

The adventurer’s Amazement is my biggest (publcally available) glitch-free custom terrain yet! It is a huge map with a ton of things to explore, and dungeons to crawl! If you want to influence the future of my map making, help me out here!

Creator: Pdtheyoutuber


  • 1,483 Different Custom Structures
  • 832 Different Village Structures
  • 685 Possible Custom Tree Types
  • 184 Custom Dungeon Variations
  • 8937 Biome Variations

This custom terrain world is meant for adventuring! so go have fun! You spawn towards the top corner of the map, so you may want to move towards the center for some better terrain, as I have designed it to fade out gradually as it gets closer to the edge.

I will create you your very own custom terrain map for free! Get a map made! You can also follow the progression of my map series, and see what’s releasing next here.


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19 Responses

4.47 / 5 (15 votes)
  1. Olirules10 says:

    Awesome map love it

  2. HeWhoIsTheOne says:

    Great Job! Love your maps

  3. Zink says:

    Plz add a mcworld link plz idk what to do with zip files

  4. The Random Guy says:

    Could you mabye add a map in the images

    • Pdtheyoutuber says:

      Thanks for the suggestion. That would definitely help people out. Ill work on making one for the next download, but since I re-enable the achievements, I cannot do it in game.

  5. Oofio is the best says:

    You are so crazy about custom terrain, this is what Minecraft should look. I have an idea but isn’t on the suggestions. The nether needs work. Ok this map is great.

  6. Space21 says:

    Can you make a single huge floating island becuase that will be awsome and challenging for survival

  7. Space21 says:

    Can you make a huge floating island that will be cool

  8. DanielDistal says:

    can i request a map like A dday map or other ww2 thx i like this

  9. PHANT0S says:

    WoW is great The map, I love the design of the trees and the land, it is beautiful! only when playing in survival something very strange happens and I saw that the game settings are fine, when killing a sheep or chicken do not drop meat, or wool, or feathers, just give me experience, you could solve the problem, I think only the passive mods do not drop, the hostile mods do it!

    • Pdtheyoutuber says:

      That is a bug in Minecraft, not with my custom terrain, as I noticed it happened on a regular world too. Maybe that is one to report to the bug tracker.

  10. Zink says:

    Can you send me a mcworld link plz idk what to do with zips

    • Pdtheyoutuber says:

      The downloads are both in .McWorld, I recommend the Google Drive one, as there are no disgusting ads, but if you want to give MCPEDL a commission, then use the Mediafire.

  11. Micheal says:

    I can’t find it. When I download the file and open in Mcpe, it says import successful but I can’t anywhere find the real terrain. Neither in behaviour or resource packs. Maybe I’m stupid and don’t know where to look or it’s a glitch. Pls help me

  12. Micheal says:

    Amazing! I don’t have any other words.. 10/10…

  13. fatcat says:

    absolutely incredible !!!!

  14. NukeTheDragon says:


  15. PIPELON1612 says:

    Hey!!! amazing map, i just want to know if it has ocean life like the aquatic update added?

  16. Markprefer333 says:

    I can’t install this map

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