The Amazing Lucky Block Mod

The Amazing Lucky Block Mod adds a lucky block to the game which can cause more than 54 different drops. Some of the drops include bosses, a cage of lava, gold fountains, custom weapons and mobs. This is definitely one of the better one of its kind since it adds a lot of drops which never before has been seen in any similar mod.

Creator: MinetasticGamer, Twitter Account

How does it work?

To obtain the Lucky Block we recommend using the Toolbox mod to be able to quickly find it in your inventory. Place down the block on the ground and then break the block whenever you are ready for something random to happen.

  • Lucky Block (205)

Sometimes a fountain of gold, iron ingots or coal appear.


But other times you won’t be as lucky..


This chunk of diamond blocks surely look amazing, but wait a second or two and you won’t be as lucky anymore.


At other times you will be trapped in a cage of lava. If this happens death is a likely outcome unless you play in creative mode.

amazinglucky3 amazinglucky1

As mentioned previously, there are 54 different drops, so there are tons more to be explored in-game!


Sometimes an amazing weapon drops. These weapons are all new and each have a special effect.

  • Lucky Sword (600) – sets mob on fire, knockback effect
  • Ender Sword (601) – knockback effect
  • Fire Axe (602) – sets mob on fire, knockback effect
  • Air Lance (603) – enables flying (similar to flying in creative mode)
  • End Sword (604) – mob disappears
  • Water Trident (605) – water breathing II, night vision II


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24 Responses

3.67 / 5 (3 votes)
  1. SeanLolCrafter says:

    Can this mod drop custom mod items like from other mods like sword mods and stuff?

  2. Blake says:

    Does it generate randomly across the world too??

  3. Livsovannarith says:

    I love your mods so keep make them guy we love you all

  4. Jameso9999 says:

    editor can you tell me how to get this mod without jailbreaking that would be so nice and i will put this mod on my youtube is my username thanks!

  5. TheLucKS says:

    hey does it work in 14.0 and how can u get it without toolbox??

  6. Diego says:

    Where do you extract the .zip file to?

  7. Pjbear says:

    It is awesome for its drops and it’s looking stuff at the Block cuz it’s awesome when you look at the Block and it’s very colorful got it

  8. Panda says:

    Does this work for Win to beta (0.16.0)

  9. Gabe says:

    Dude can you please make this an MC.pack with media fire? That seems to be the only one I can download.

  10. Tyler Barnett says:

    I like it so much

  11. Nameless says:

    Can you make it possible for iOS?

  12. Realrealms21 says:

    Does it works without toolbox in beta 1.2

  13. Ali Craft says:

    Hi 🙂 how are you ? Crator the mod for block lancher or minacraft ??

    Bye 😀👋

  14. John Boniface says:

    Does it work for android

  15. Aman says:

    Fuck this site

  16. Aman says:

    How dare u

  17. Reed says:

    Does it work on windows 10 without jailbreak?

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