The Black & White Roller Coaster [Roller Coaster]

Be guaranteed of getting hypnotized if freeingly going on a ride on this roller coaster. Throughout the whole map the colors are consistently black and white, explaining its name. The map is made by Hungaryas.



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5 Responses

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  1. Poop says:

    The best map ever

  2. Thea Shortnose says:

    How can I download this as a .Mcworld?

  3. Doesn'tmatterforname says:

    Dummy hi know how on iOS with out computer to install this map you super dumb and I’m 8 years old so I’m smarter then you and I know what ste zips and mcworlds

    • Theashortnose says:

      Bro, you could be nicer about it. Like, tbh, ur grammar needs help. Anyway. Your insult was good, almost like Dwayne Johnson’s to Kent Hart.

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