The Cavern of Terror

The Cavern of Terror is a redstone alternative roller coaster. During the journey you take on in the roller coaster there will be multiple choices to choose from on how you want to travel in the map. This means that everyone’s adventure can get a little bit different from one another’s.

The map offers a lot of surprises and is a fun ride definitely worth a try.

Creator: GoldGuy11

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9 Responses

  1. How can i download this map?

  2. How can i download this awsome map

  3. Gab says:

    How do I use drop box??

    • Editor says:

      When you press the download button and is redirected to Dropbox then usually a window pops up on the screen asking you to sign up / login. Just tap outside the box in the dark area to skip this option. Then click the top-right corner on the download button to download the item.

  4. Dominic351 says:

    The links dead!

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