The City of Romna [Creation]

This world was first created back in May of this year (2017) and since then it has been in full development and today it’s almost finally finished. This is released as a beta version in order to receive feedback on things which need to be fixed, improved, changed or removed. Download the map to enjoy The City of Romna in full and to explore the beautiful buildings!

Creators: KopiandCy


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16 Responses

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  1. Kc says:

    Please make a school becaus I am a new youtuber and I am planning for a map but I don’t have any good builders and my role play would be seen by a good few people and maybe it could go big

  2. PC_Screen says:

    Can you tell me what the wolfs behavior pack applied on the map does?

  3. Nadhif says:

    Is this for 1.2 or 1.1??

  4. UltimateFlusher says:

    Mcpe dl, Whydraulic both of my maps dindn’t get posted on to the website. I knew the improved Jungle Temple won’t make it but my second map Personal KitPvP took me a month to build. Please at least post my second map unless your time is different than Malaysia

  5. StenderEnderman says:

    amazing 😀

  6. StenderEnderman says:

    this map is amazing 😀

  7. Dan Smith says:

    Are you putting temples to the Roman Gods?

    • Its Kopi and Cy says:

      I considered it back in the early days, Though making 12+ temples and a 10,000 block platform is an awful lot, thank you for your input. Will consider

  8. BlockWithGrass/ HochExplosiv says:

    Hello, it‘s the best Map I ever seen!
    My friend and I play on it; i have buildings, she has buildings
    Thank you for building this amazing map!
    BlockWithGrass/ HochExplosiv

  9. DinoMel says:

    Hey i Love it,but one problem can you make a school anyone likes a city with a school,Please

  10. Lune says:

    Very good !

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