The Cube [Creation] [Survival]

If the planet of Minecraft was looked at from space one would imagine that this would be how it looked. Everything in Minecraft is made out of blocks so it makes perfect sense that also the planet would look like a huge block. This map explores that type of thinking. On each side of the block is one biome/world. Test it out and experience everything from a winter landscape turned upside down to a jungle turned on the side.

Creator: Danyy9710

thecube3 thecube5 thecube4


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11 Responses

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  1. Peerdude says:


  2. moonkase769 says:

    Good map

  3. Alijah says:

    The best!!!!

  4. ShineNSparkles says:

    It doesn’t work i installed Aero File Manager and i copy and paste it and when i open minecraft, i dont see the world, How come?

  5. Dakota says:

    Hey if you guys like this then you should download the map called ALONE it is amazing and i love it.

  6. Pandi says:

    I love it pls download it for Ma thanks

  7. Ethan Estevez says:

    Cool it looks like earth

  8. Dog54 says:

    The download doesn’t work it made me sign in to MediaFire, please fix.

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