The Dummy Final (Horror) [Adventure]

This map is the last one of three in a horror map series called The Dummy. It continues the story where the last part left off and hopefully by the end of it you’ll finally find out the key to this mysterious and sometimes creepily scary horror adventure. It’s very easy to get started. Just take a flashlight to light up the path, follow the quest tasks and soon enough you’ll be done with it!

Creator: BendyTheDemon, Twitter Account


You have almost reached the end of this place. But then you suddenly felt something hitting you and you then lose consciousness. An hour later you wake up in a bed in a pretty nice room. You get out of the room and meet some person. Who is that person and how will this nightmare end? Let’s find out..

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10 Responses

4.8 / 5 (5 votes)
  1. Meloneni says:

    The keys are hard to pick up…
    I love your maps, I want more. =)

  2. Sugarhigh1809 says:

    Bendy the Demon….. you can’t just end in 3…. May I request another series?

  3. Sugarhigh1808 says:

    Is it ok if I request another series…..I really enjoyed this one, and want to see what you guys/girls can do.

  4. Prototype says:

    It’s scary map

  5. Ikfin says:

    Uhh thats it no credits??, well good game tho

  6. LuckyGuy2017/Celtic Celery says:

    What is that skin in the 3rd photo?

  7. An unknown being says:

    I really enjoyed this series! Aside from few bad grammars, it was really awesome. Aaaand after playing every series. (I’m sorry if this wasn’t allowed but lol nobody can stop me) I dissected the map to learn how the amazing creator did the commands, which I found very educational and fun at the same time. I hope BendytheDemon would make a map giving tutorials about commands! 😀 Because I just learned it recently and found it very cool and useful for map making.

  8. MarkLuis Ramirez says:

    Hi, i’m a minecraft youtuber called MARKPlayz MC, and i am asking a permission to use the map for my video on youtube, the creator named “EDITOR”, i hope you give me the permission to use your maps, part 1-3,i will give you shout out on my video and i will put a link on my description so my fans can discover your very amazing map, so i hope you give me permission, thank you.

  9. Zentdm says:

    Many bugs please can you fix map because that i have so many pan and rusty key
    Pls fix it?

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