The Forgotten Addon

The Forgotten Addon adds concepts from the Java Edition to Minecraft according to its creator. These concepts include the fish, pigman, human, giant as well as a few other mobs and additional changes. It’s a quite strange add-on with strange features. If you’re looking for something new.. well, then give it a try!

Creator: RexiarTwitter Account


  • The Fish
    • Replaces Squid
    • Different model and drops fish
    • Pigman
      • Replaces Villager
      • It can either spawn as a guard or as a trader (differentiated by a marking)
        • Guard protects other guards (neutral by default) (spawn rate: 25%)
        • Trader offers the player good stuff to trade
  • Human
    • Replaces Creeper
    • Looks similar to Steve
    • Hostile towards players
  • Giant
    • Replaces Husk
    • A giant hostile mob
    • Drops diamonds and rubies
  • Killer Bunny
    • Replaces Rabbit
    • Attacks players on sight
  • Other
    • Diamond replaced by Ruby
    • Replaced a couple of new sounds with old sounds
    • Red Rose Flower (Poppy)
    • Paeonia Flower (Allium)


  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Download Behavior .McPack
  3. Activate the packs for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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54 Responses

4.69 / 5 (30 votes)
  1. Creeperz555 says:

    This brings back the good old days!!

  2. TheMinecraftPlayer says:

    Wheres the cog? It was a removed feature when mobs go on it they get hurt.

  3. Rooster says:

    No way it’s actually here

  4. John says:

    Yes!!! I have been waiting for these mobs for a long time and they’re here now

  5. John says:

    Especially the human I’ve always been waiting for humans (other than Villagers) for a long time

  6. John says:

    I’ve always wanted Steve humans in minecraft

  7. $tryker says:

    I’d like humans to be a friendly mob that attacks hostiles. But besides that, this addon is top notch.

  8. edward789121 says:

    You should make Ruby’s replace emeralds. Doy eee!

  9. Ibrahim Aif Ismail says:

    Did you forget about the aether and the red dragon,blue obsidian,cherry trees please add them all in the next update

    PS: Cool addon Bro 😉

  10. RascallyGoose49 says:

    Looks cool! Bout to try it

  11. LegoAidan10155 says:

    Wow, this looks really cool! 😀
    Btw editor the ‘Pigmen’ description is outdented too much, it looks like a part of the squid description

  12. Zane says:

    Daniel yessssss!! (I’m a Minecraft fan and a ninja) a good ninja)

  13. Anonymous says:

    Delicious Fish! 🙂

  14. Alan Tomathy says:

    Its well… Strange! Also can you make an add-on where its like tereria?

  15. Amazing says:

    Awesome finally something to look forward too

  16. Fawfuls TNT says:

    This looks like a great add-on, but would you please make the human replace something else? In the survival test version, the creeper had a melee attack and would only explode when killed. That would be a great feature for this addon.

  17. X-XD says:

    I agree! Can you modify it next time? Does every mob look like their giant form? Anyway good work! Also the human can be used in showcases!

  18. Rainimator says:

    Are you the one who make the project optimize?

  19. Name Plays says:

    Cool add on.

    One problem, can you make rubies replace emeralds? Because emeralds were originally rubies, but, the fact that Dinnerbone is color blind led to the creation of emeralds.

    In short, make the rubies replace emeralds instead of diamonds. Oh, and add gear, lanterns, the red dragon, etc.

  20. Snowhaq says:


  21. X-XD says:

    How do you spawn pigman

  22. Emma Still says:

    😮 so 😎

  23. Mantab says:

    Okay not realry cool but good job bro

  24. TheEmeraldGamer says:

    Wasn’t rubies the early version of Emerald? And diamonds was just diamonds…

  25. EnderGaming says:

    Nice Addon

  26. ModsAreGoodForU says:

    I remember the mod for minecraft thanknyou 😉

  27. Anonymous says:

    Wow! Awesome!

  28. Anonymous says:

    I do not know yet because I do not have it but it sounds crafty.

  29. Chas says:

    The Ruby should replace emerald.

  30. Minecraft Champ says:

    Cool addon but can you just have the giant be the zombie entity but have the normal zombie and baby zombie still able to spawn and have it so the giant doesn’t drop anything so when it spawns underground and suffocate in a block it wouldn’t drop anything and add the not so blocky mobs which are rana (I believe that’s here name this mob is just the mob from a old pc mod that I don’t remember what it’s called), Black Steve, Beast Boy (just all the mobs that are in the pc mod that adds these forgotten/removed mobs) and add the red dragon (by replacing the ender dragon) and ruby’s were replaced by emeralds bc one of the mcpc devs was color blind and kept on thinking redstone was ruby’s so plz have the ruby’s replace emeralds instead of diamonds and also the pigmens currency was be ruby’s and villagers currency is emeralds so it makes a whole lot more sense to have ruby’s replace emeralds and also add the ruby ore and block (the ruby ore and block have the same texture as emerald ore and block but red instead of green) plz add these things plz

  31. MyoHtet says:

    Nice idea bro!

  32. faris says:

    Good good

  33. LuckyGuy2017 says:

    This is very good!

    9.99+0.01=10/10 😉

  34. Joey says:

    I have the best seed effect for a survival island its called: we will win!!!

  35. Chas says:

    Wait, what add-on is this again? I forgot.

  36. ExoWolf says:

    You forgot something to; the exploding arrow addon

  37. 110% Gaming says:


  38. Ben 10 says:

    Replace Humans With Dancing Steves!

  39. ScaryCherrie6 says:

    All it needs is the old brown spider

  40. Adrian b syquia says:

    Lolololololol noob

  41. Máximo says:


  42. Xgui4 says:

    Why human is hostile ?

  43. Valencia says:

    This is so cool!

  44. Raptor_1 says:

    Fish (entity) are in Minecraft.

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