The Four Pillars [PvP]

The Four Pillars is a PvP multiplayer minigame which can be played by up to four teams simultaneously. You select a team by walking into one of the four corners at spawn. Once that’s done the player will be teleported to their designated pillar and receive a few different weapons and other items. The objective is quite obvious in that sense that each team has to kill the other teams to win the game.

Creator: DarkGlade03 (YouTube) (Twitter), Tyc728
Updated: 1 July, 2018 (added a reset button)


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AndroidiOSWindows 10

8 Responses

4 / 5 (3 votes)
  1. DarkGlade03 says:

    First so ya can’t say your first lol.

  2. Bal Masque says:

    Inspired by the one from ROBLOX?

  3. Keyyard says:

    disappointed 😞

  4. Bill says:

    Want more fresh food?
    Or ingredients for tonight’s dinner?
    Put your trust in giant😉😉

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