The Haunted Tunnel [Adventure]

The Haunted Tunnel is a horror map where you’ve been trapped in a mineshaft and have to find your way out. It’s a really well made map which includes horror, adventure and puzzle – all in one map. There are jumpscares, custom effects and a lot of clever things all throughout the experience. You’ll most likely not want to go mining for a while after playing it!

Creator: DarkPower202Twitter Account, YouTube Channel
Updated: 16 November, 2017 (updated to work with Minecraft v1.2)


You went down to a mineshaft to gather some resources. On your way back the tunnel collapsed and trapped your inside. People have always said that the tunnel is haunted by the spirits of miners who died there in an accident which took place in the year of 1978. Your goal is to find a way out of the haunted tunnel before you reach the same horrific end as they did!


  • Gamemode: Adventure
  • World cheats enabled (but don’t cheat)
  • Don’t break blocks/bypass
  • Avoid using other resource packs as it will bug the map’s resource pack
  • Don’t die, OK?!

Known Bugs

  • Some signs might disappear when you’re importing/loading the world. (No way to fix it currently.)
  • Repetitive command block scripts causing lag. (Optimized as much as possible.)
  • On the lava run room, if your friend got left behind he/she must die by going onto the lava a ResetSpawn is provided on the bottom of the room, otherwise he/she will be stuck or may continue until checkpoint further ahead and miss some good stuff.


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54 Responses

4.84 / 5 (35 votes)
  1. CreeperGamerZXZ says:

    That’s a Long Description and a Good Map, Good job DarkPower202!

  2. SmookeKing2008 says:


  3. Hannah says:

    Awesome map I loved it keep up the amazing work

  4. Jose says:

    I played the first game so I’m excited to see what happens!

  5. Jose says:


  6. VOBOX says:

    I love tunnel

  7. RianGamingg//InfiniteGamer says:

    Its not lagging my device instead it was running smooth! Thanks for Optimizing and now i can play it without bugs!

  8. KlutzesMaps says:

    Not so good story, also i didn’t like the whole thing so get 2 stars

  9. CreeperGamerZXZ says:

    Holy name of God! I got pretty scared when i played this even though i noticed lot’s of similarities to my other horror maps, but that’s ok because everyone can do that, it’s not illegal. I give 5 Stars for That 5-6 day map….Good Job 🙂

  10. Ezra Lozano says:

    I like your Maps Thank you so much for letting me playing your map

  11. Ezra Lozano says:

    I play your maps a lot

  12. Caylee says:

    I ❤️ it was amazing

  13. TheBlockChef says:

    I knew it would have jump scares but I didn’t know it actually had real pictures, unlike other maps. 5/5 stars, pretty terrifying map

    • EchoOfDawn266 says:

      I was considering downloading this but the jumpscare have REAL pictures?!?!?! I get freaked out when I see a fly irl, I think I’ll pass on this map. (Btw this map looks really awesome and scary ;))

  14. Freezy says:

    This scared me
    Nice map

  15. PeterTen28 says:

    Hello, I Was Wondering If You Could Give Me The Mediafire Link For The Texture Pack? Thank You.

  16. Alex says:

    Well it’s a good map but well it’s not as scary as wooden house…

  17. Anonymous says:

    This map was amazing! Not many Minecraft maps scare me! I’m giving this five stars because I really loved it!!

  18. Anhonyishere says:

    Wow! Thats pretty scary for a MCPE Horror map, I love the story!

  19. Wooper says:

    Why im spawning in the middle of nowhere??

  20. JV Tuber says: here’s my video on this map

  21. KingJeff314 says:

    My critical review (so you can improve your map): Not much bad to say about it. Good use of command blocks and effects. Try setting the hide effects boolean to true so players don’t see the effects on their screen. Also, wading through a bunch of cobwebs is unnecessary, thin it out a bit. Last, don’t make the players sort through dozens of chests, think of other creative ways to get the player the key. Great map overall. 9/10

  22. RWM03 says:

    Definitely the scariest Minecraft PE Map I’ve ever played! Very good job, one of my favourite Horror Maps!

  23. Infernogamez says:

    This was a great game! Also SCREW SCREAMING LADY!

  24. MandMan says:

    Pls make more maps This was a good horror map

  25. Anonymous says:

    This map is so scary

  26. haha says:

    the best minecraft horror map

  27. Sean says:

    I Love It! And Its Scary 😀

  28. Tanji says:

    F***ing scared

  29. Indiangamer says:

    The map is so scary amazing

  30. ThinhCT says:

    The best horror map ever!

  31. IdeasEmi says:


  32. K.C. Sparks says:

    Scary as hell! I had to pause and play again it was so scary

  33. K.C. Sparks says:

    Super scary! Gave me a heart attack 5 stars

  34. SwellMonster354 says:

    1978 ,not that old ,why not 1941

  35. RiceKing says:

    Awesome map! I really enjoyed playing it. Nice jumpscares too xD

  36. jhonloyd says:

    hey darkpower 202 can u teach me how to upload maps pls

  37. David says:

    Man good job that is scary credit for you man ya the best. Good jumpscare love the song at the ending man

  38. NetherBrine says:

    Damn scariest map I ever played…
    Awesome Jumpscares!!

    Good Job!

  39. Dr. slate says:

    Most horror maps I play are lame and the jump scares are not scary. This one scared my pants off. I also really liked it because it was scary but not disturbing. Like most maps have a disturbing story but then aren’t scary. This one had a good story and was scary 😀 Loved It

  40. Jake says:

    I played that with my brother and we both got Jumpscared crapless! That was one of the scariest horror maps we have ever played in a while! That lady was so scary that I wanted to turn off the game! But we got through it!

  41. Map judge says:

    I saw unspeakable gaming play and this is one terrifying map

  42. Hepaderp says:

    This is a great, quality map! I love the story! So fun! The music at the end might hav been my favorite part…

  43. Russian man says:

    Game is very scary

  44. Dragongirl says:

    I like this map! It gave me shivers…. :DDDD

  45. Anonymous says:

    Awesome! 🙂

  46. Jake says:

    I give this map a five star it’s so cool

  47. xSLICEBLADEx says:

    That was one SUPER GREAT horror map!
    This scared my pants off!!!
    Watch my gameplay on this map:

  48. xSLICEBLADEx says:

    watch my gameplay on this
    YouTube channel name – Avery de Lucia

  49. Anonymous says:

    That was so scary, I played with a group of my friends and it was so scary.

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