The Illusion of Terror (Horror) [Adventure] (1.2 Only)

The Illusion of Terror includes an advanced command block system optimized for maximum horror effect. You can also expect high quality sounds and textures which really set the vibe and creates a horrifyingly creepy experience. It’s a fairly short adventure but it’s well worth playing assuming that you enjoy horror games.

Creator: Vladu11Twitter Account
Updated: 11 September, 2017 (read changelog)


You’ve decided to visit an old friend of yours since he doesn’t answer your phone calls or text messages. As soon as you enter his house you realize that something isn’t right. There is blood everywhere. Your main objective is to get to the bathroom but as you advance through the map things continuously get more creepy.


Info & Recommended Settings

  • Brightness: 100
  • Field of View: 90-100
  • Beautiful skies: Off (Required)
  • Requires enabled resource and behavior pack (Required)
  • The map is compatible for multiplayer but it’s recommended for 1 player alone
  • If the map fails to import you might need to extract it manually
  • Requires version 1.2 or higher


  • Optimized file size (from 250 MB to 70 MB)
  • Changed the library
  • New secret locations if you do certain things – find them for yourself
  • 6 secret coins hidden in the map
  • Improved multiplayer compatibility
  • Fixed the texture for the radio at the end of the map (looked like a zombie head)
  • New clothes in the hanger
  • New food
  • New tools
  • New sound effects
  • New textures
  • New rooms


Important: The file size exceeds 60 MB!

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80 Responses

4.79 / 5 (46 votes)
  1. Gamerz says:

    Looks good! Very nice map Indeed

  2. rodelyn dela cerna says:

    But I Can’t Even Update MCPE Cause 1.2 Needs License…. 🙁

  3. AD091 says:

    Looks good

  4. Best Of The Best Webstite says:

    Why On The Philippines isn’t still Updating to 1.2 mcpe! I am Still On 1.1.5 I really Wanna try some 1.2 addons or 1.2 maps But Couldn’t because my mcpe is still 1.1.5!!!😭😭😭

    • Rukito1215 says:

      Dude I played 1.2 already in the Phil. although you can’t play it anymore if you haven’t bought it. But still you can hack it.

    • Cross Joy says:

      You can join Minecraft beta as a beta tester than you able to download on play store but this update not for iOS user yet.

    • NobakynNogame says:

      Hi there! If you want to play the 1.2 Update (Beta), I have some questions for you before you proceed.
      1.) Did you buy the game through Google Play Store or Apple App Store?
      2.) If yes, have you tried signing up for the beta?

    • Mantab says:

      Me too bro but im indo

    • Mantab says:

      And im 1.2 and 1.1.5 XD and im just realy confuced because i can play at them two but i dont know why two of them differn the 1.1.5 is ipad and 1.2 is phone

    • XRainbowUnix says:

      You can play it in the Philippines as long as…
      1. You have android and have the paid version of the game
      2. You are not using any hacking supplies (for Android)
      3. You are not using android
      Why is there no beta for iOS? Because unlike android, ios only allows a maximum of 1000 players for a beta, and it would be unfair to people since more than a hundred thousand maybe want the beta.
      Why do we have beta? Beta is being constantly updated and can’t be for a normal update because apple needs to approve every “Big” update, like adding new things, which might take a few days, making the process slower.

    • Erwin says:

      Hahaha you idiot man! You can Update your mcpe by joining the beta test for mcpe and it is need license if you play cant play it if you didn’t bought it..but still you can use lucky patcher to remove that fucking license

  5. AD091 says:

    Wow what a great map probably one of the best map I ever played in minecraft

  6. Hi says:

    This map is very cool I love it!

  7. ZeReaper says:

    Awsome map ! Scared me during all the map (but not mostly by full screamers (like on some maps) but by the great atmosphere) The map is heavy in stockage but it’s not lost time 🙂 Even redstone systems are optimzed to don’t take to many RAM and let us more FPS.

  8. Burak says:

    WoW 190 Mb what inside it that file

  9. DaxAtax says:


  10. DaxAtax says:

    So scary 😭

  11. No one says:

    What are the fonts on the thumbnail of the map?

  12. Shaheer Kashif says:

    Awesome Map!!

  13. Lol says:

    hey there !
    A video has been made
    Btw this map is just op the coolest map ever

  14. Anonymous says:

    How to remove license using lucky patcher

  15. Tom says:

    I don’t know why, but I can’t download the .MCWORLD file. The link takes me to and then it doesn’t redirect me to the link where I can download the map. 🙁

  16. gurmehar328 says:

    Good map little scary

  17. gurmehar328 says:

    Good map but little scary

  18. Noaccountlol says:

    This map is so fun and cool! I wish you could do more adventure maps in the future. 😇

  19. Abudi says:

    Guys download lucky patcher on aptoid (android) download aptoid from their website and download Minecraft on aptoid use the verification listened on lucky patcher (Minecraft and create modifications files I think then press the listened) when done press go to file uninstall and install works fine with me

  20. HeroKiller1409 says:

    Ahhhhh! When is the 1.2 will release for IOS

  21. PUGS RULE says:

    hey will someone make a unicorn addon lol sorry idk how to make addons or modes anyway good map

  22. SwatGamers says:

    Wow this is very scary.
    Until until I was fooled by a failed ghost.

  23. Ironbeconcraft says:

    Bruh we aready have enough horror maps

  24. GamerZedTez says:

    Can I donlowad the texture pack?

  25. Meta4Newbz says:

    This map is so scary

  26. MandMan says:

    Pls make more horror maps

  27. PokeFanT says:

    Does it have jumpscares?

  28. MandMan says:

    Vladu11 can I use u texturepack for my horror map I Will do a special Tnx to you in the map

  29. Th3Emilis says:

    The best horror map of MCPE/ MC ever! Good work Vladu11!

  30. ZoeGamer9090 says:

    This map looked great!It had amazing textures but sadly I only got past the closet it kept exiting me out it was to good I wish I could see more!But that was not possible with my device it was to old even though I got it last year ☹️😞

  31. Antony Rafael says:

    Esse mapa é ótimo. Se fizessem um jogo próprio seria incrível! Esse mapa é tão assustador, que eu desistir de jogar sozinho. Vou esperar amanhecer para jogar com minha prima, assim não fico com tanto medo.

  32. SuperPro225 says:

    I love Vladu11’s creations . Nice work man

  33. Zx°° says:

    hey do soundpack and resources pack come together in the zip file or need to download it manually?

  34. Anonymous says:

    Best MCPE horror map i have ever seen! please make another

  35. DarkEnderKnight says:

    Very noce

  36. DarkEnderKnight says:

    i meant nice.

  37. KandyIsStillLost says:

    This is an awesome map

  38. ZachMC says:


  39. ExtraNutria74 says:


  40. ExtraNutria74 says:

    Lol, what do lol means?

  41. xZapGearx says:

    Hey.Can you give a link?This link is directing to mediafire and not in other site..please?..just reply to my comment with the link

  42. Earl says:

    why i cant download ??

  43. MadeBasilisk878 says:

    great i have played this with a friend

  44. Nill says:

    I can’t able to download it..the link is not there..fix it plizz..I want to play this map..

  45. Merik james says:

    Can you make it so I can download the resource pack please I want to use it for my map

  46. Mario says:

    Man this was so awesome. I was so scared in some parts. so fun and entertaining. love it. you should make a 2nd part to this map

  47. Amythegirl says:

    i played it its was so creepy and cool

  48. Cyber_Shinigami says:

    awesome map but there was an issue i had after entering bathroom :O i couldn’t do anything (dunno maybe it was me and i broke the map somehow lol) i went back and forth and nothing happened so i went into creative and i realised there was a problem with commad blocks where it should connect the doc laugh to the ‘doc tp’ so i activated manualy by pressing laugh button and it tped me to the doc but im not sure if thats what it supposed to do cuz i have seen the coffins as well and im guessing that was a part of it all btw im playing it on win 10 edit so that might be the issue other than that awesome map defo deserves 5* rate

  49. WvMAXvW123Game says:

    Hey i got a problem my version is 1.4.2 and the texture pack is not working i only see the behaivor pack only so can you make a texture pack again?

  50. Anonymous says:

    I can’t ever get the texture pack to work, the behaviour pack is totally fine but the textures never download

  51. AvotoxLabs says:

    I like this map very much… Many command blocks and special effects.

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