The Lands of Notch [Custom Terrain]

The Lands of Notch is one of the greatest custom terrains so far created for the Bedrock version of Minecraft. It features vast lands of forests, epic volcanic mountains and huge deserts. It was built using the WorldPainter tool and then imported to an infinite world. This means that you will never run out of land to explore. Even though most if it is nature there are some structures around the world such as ancient temples and villages.

Creator: ariankhatabi80Twitter AccountYouTube Channel

World Map


Make sure to watch the trailer. It features some areas which I didn’t cover with the images.


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86 Responses

4.87 / 5 (54 votes)
  1. DvsC says:

    What’s the music in the trailer? I loved it so much!

  2. TheCheesyOutback says:

    Pretty good map, only got one concern. The massive mountain with the lava pool at the top is the same as the mountain in a Custom Terrain map called ‘The Islands’.

  3. Night Fury 1307 says:

    So cool!!!!! ariankhatabi80 keep up the good work!!!!!!!! 👍👍👍

  4. SoulStealer952 says:

    is this infinite? Its a great custom terrain map tho

  5. SoulStealer952 says:

    Also pls add more custom terrain. its good for survival

  6. SoulStealer952 says:


  7. LegoAidan10155 says:


  8. Steve says:

    Can you use this for achievements?

  9. Ryan Jones says:

    The explosion in the temple scared the crap out of me!😵

  10. Rene says:

    Add some custom structures to it and it’ll be an amazing map also some dungeons too!

  11. XxwinterghostxX says:

    I’ve always love custom terrain especially in mcpc and my god you just nailed it so much

  12. XxwinterghostxX says:

    And thank you for making such awesome map

  13. Jlan123 says:

    I might have spoilers in this comment.

    I was wondering what the tripwires in the underground houses were for. Also whatever you tried to do with the chests made them invisible unopenable and they also had no loot. I would love it if someone can tell me about this all, so thanks in advanced

  14. FallenDuelist says:

    Wow… Just… WOW… You guys have really outdone yourselves! Im highly impressed! Well done sir!

  15. Polar Whales says:

    This looks amazing!

  16. KingCobra says:

    Does it include caves and naturally generated structures like mine shafts and such?

  17. fuzion says:

    what mod or software did you used

  18. kittyfuntime434 says:

    Does this map have a custom nether if not it would be amazing to add one. You are an amazing builder! Keep doing what you do!

  19. BlazingBeast451 says:

    Can you tell me the coordinates of the village and temple?

  20. Eric Winnick says:

    Could anyone tell me where the temple is. What are the coords

  21. Alex says:

    What are the coordinates for the portal. (X-Y-Z)

  22. Cole Taylor says:

    Wait…. you sead for bedrock edition, but 1.2.0 isn’t out yet….. is it?

  23. Bubba says:

    Where are the ores?

  24. Qu4sar_GR says:

    OmG this is sooo aswome! map

  25. terry says:

    Amazing I love it I JUST LOVE IT

  26. Doges says:

    Is good in all how to get maps dodo

  27. Napa131 says:

    Herobrine and notch are brothers and the original creator is Notch.
    People in some videos say they found herobrine without mods and when they make the new world
    before that in the thing where you choose realms or multiplayer or singleplayer people see the thing
    called “Mods”.

  28. xxDragonFuryxx says:

    Does this and the islands map have ores? I wanna use them for survival.

  29. Cyril says:

    Smart trap I like that

  30. Alex says:

    How long did this take to create? I’m guessing a really long time.

  31. AppleProGamer says:

    Magnificently beautiful, GG Redstone Crafter!!!

  32. Kyle111 says:

    The coordinates for the Village are 5, 69, 379 and the coordinates for te Temple are 270, 101, -670

    Hope this helps your adventures 😛

  33. TRG says:

    May I ask how you managed to make this? This is really cool and I want to build something like it myself. I can’t imagine this being handmade.

  34. Arkvelza says:

    There is a temple in the snow mountain. What are its coordinates?

  35. Arkvelza says:

    Never mind. It was just stupid lava making me think it was a temple

  36. Mike says:

    It so cool # awesome

  37. Fedezs says:


  38. Fedezs says:


  39. Jcmccccf says:

    Editor the link is a virus but i want to get the map

  40. Eduardo says:

    This is awesome, a have use “The Island” and “The land of Notch” for adventure, i’m really waiting your next map ariankhatabi80.

  41. Sithlocks says:

    hey just a little advice if your willing to update it. so my tablet isnt the greatest tablet ever but the “dungeon” underneath the village is so laggy that i had to go in gmc to destroy the spawners. but besides that this is

    E P I C

  42. Daisy says:

    Really nice and beautiful

  43. Dishant says:

    This map is insaneèeeeeeeeeeeee and wonderful

  44. Master Build 360 says:

    It’s so cool I’m lov it

  45. Johannk manlangit says:

    Want to know the height of the mountain? It’s 256 block height

  46. Adrianne Ratzel says:

    So cool. Although we’re did you get the WorldPainter feature

  47. asddsa says:

    It didnt spawn me in the right place… I got spawned in water.

  48. DAT BOI says:

    How do you make your own custom Teairan with your phone

  49. Creeper person says:

    If you guys know UnspeakablePlays, this is the map that he and Moose, Shark, and Cyclone uses for troll wars season two. I dunno but this is part of the reason of why I’m downloading it, and also the fact of how beautiful it is as well.

  50. Christian says:

    Kina looks like Pangea

  51. Endergirl1600 says:

    This. Is. The. Best. Map. Ever.

  52. ChadPH says:

    Does this have the temple of Notch? Just Saying…

  53. ChadPH says:

    This Map is very good 😉 download it

  54. BlueRaptorRay says:

    AMAZING MAP. Also can you make a map but designed to work with addons so it can have boss arenas, new mobs etc. Ask Gona,Vernian LEMO and Jujjustyle77 and you can make something really cool

  55. DragonFang576 says:

    It seems pretty cool.

  56. Luis says:

    this will be perfect for a playthru

  57. Akihiro Akagi says:

    This could be useful for my own Minecraft Country

  58. Aiden says:

    The map kinda ends at the village area everything is glitched out

  59. 😋🍩 says:

    I found an ocean monument 🙂

  60. Wierdosrule says:

    I loved the music so much! Where can I listen to it? Also the map is incredible!

  61. JossMIT says:

    This is a good map to make a battle royale map.

  62. moondougie says:

    amazing map!
    uhm… question.
    can I get your permission to edit this map and make a brand new one. I won’t change most of the terrain, I’ll give you a big credit if ever you let me do it 🙂

  63. MrZombie says:

    That map is creepy at 3am because I found Herobrine

  64. Sidney says:

    Wow this is amazing please keep it up to date

  65. Sidney says:

    I can’t find diamonds 😡😡😡

  66. Fluffykoshka says:

    This is absolutely amazing. Like HOW??? :DD Keep up the great work, I love it =) <3

  67. Anonymous says:


  68. alexis says:

    muy bueno me encanto una pregunta tiene minerales ?

  69. Groint says:

    *Gasps in surprise at the temple*
    *Walks up the stairs*
    *Trips the trap that activates tnt*
    *Gets blown to the graveyards*

  70. 夏哲浩 says:


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