The Mundane Mountain [Custom Terrain]

The mundane mountain isn’t as boring as the title. It consists of a few mountains, with some nice terrain around them. The new location, Gradient Graveyard, holds the most spooky tales to be told.

Creator: Pdtheyoutuber


  • 49 Different Custom Structures
  • 24 Different Village Structures
  • 281 Possible Custom Tree Types
  • 46 Custom Dungeon Variations
  • 193 Biome Variations

There is a rather large snow biome full of dungeons, and extra things to keep you adventuring. There are multiple camping sites along the way, so you will have a place to rest your head. If you are looking for a taiga, this is perfect for you. (87% of people voted taiga in  This Form)

I will create you your very own custom terrain map! Get a map made!

You can also follow the progression of my map series, and see what’s releasing next here.


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5 Responses

4.67 / 5 (3 votes)
  1. Ben says:

    Which biome is gradient Graveyard. Can’t tell if all of my chunks are loading in correctly , other than that awesome map.

  2. West says:

    Nice map😬

  3. West says:

    Love this map

  4. regibus425 says:

    In future, can you please place signs orientating us and showing us which way to go to things? I struggle to find them.

  5. Only one minecraft player says:

    I love your maps!

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