The Neighborhood [Creation]

The Neighborhood is one of the largest suburban neighborhoods in Minecraft Pocket Edition. There are more than 60 realistic houses and other structures. All of the homes have fully landscaped front and backyards, but there’s a downside and that’s the fact they don’t have any interiors. But as a whole it’s an amazing and very inspiring map to play!

Creator: Gatharian

All of the houses are built differently. Sure, there are some architectural similarities but none of them are copied.

Half of the fun is to explore the front and backyards. In some you will find swimming pools and in others you’ll find something completely different.

All of the houses are unique and that’s why it’s a great map to explore if you are out of ideas since it will provide lots of inspiration for builders.

Here are two images which provide a great overview of the neighborhood.

Download .McWorld
Download .ZIP
Flow’s HD (Recommended Texture Pack) (Optional)

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92 Responses

3.86 / 5 (23 votes)
  1. Jamie GamingTM says:

    Nice build. Really like it! I may gonna use it my self and add in some more buildings my self. Look forward to see more of your work 😉

  2. SFGalGalGamer says:

    First Comment

  3. SFGalGalGamer says:

    Do we Need To Download The Texture Pack

  4. Kayla says:

    Can you maybe have an update that adds interiors

  5. Sulvier youp says:

    Cool map

  6. Lee says:

    Cool map!!

  7. TheKidArceus says:

    Not bad

  8. Anonymous says:

    OMG! This is amazing!

  9. Jotown says:

    This is amazing! I love it! Great job I could never build that!

  10. JOSOROs says:

    WOW that awesome I like

  11. LuNaLoV says:

    Yo this is perfect!!! Thnx for makung this creator 😄😄😄

  12. The Minecraft Critic says:

    This map is just amazing. The amount of effort that went into this is just, man. It’s unexplainable. Thanks so much to the person who made this. Great for role-playing and other stuff. 4/5 stars from The Minecraft Critic!

  13. Meepy says:

    R the creators going to update this map? I think it has a lot of potential.

  14. Xpertcrafter30 says:

    It looks very cool you are awesome

  15. Francis says:

    When there’s something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call

  16. DaBestNigga_17 says:

    FIRST COMMENT!! Anywayz, excellent creation

  17. Frost walker says:

    This is cool with shaders

  18. TheRedHunterTM _MCPE_and More!!!! says:


  19. Abiga says:

    looks cool

    First person

  20. StringyDwarf33 says:

    Needs details floors in buildings I checked al the houses and ever building needs floors bad

  21. Zeraus says:

    Do all the houses have interiors? Just checking’

  22. Dont read my name says:

    Does it have a soccer field?

  23. Parko says:

    Wow! Must’ve taken ages!!! Really Good 😊

  24. Nocholai says:

    I love it!

  25. nikomcfly says:

    It is a great neighborhood

  26. EmmaPlayzMCPE says:

    When I got this map all the houses expected 1 didn’t even have insides just open

  27. The Redstone Miner says:

    Please make interiors, interiors would make this map a whole lot better…

  28. Austin Mcluckie says:


  29. Voicemail says:

    It’s a beautiful day in the neighbourhood

  30. Blue says:

    It is a very beautiful map, the only downside is that only one building has interior, so you have to build it yourself. But otherwise I love the map!

  31. Abbie says:

    It’s a good world but my one complaint is the building not being filled in and completed

  32. TheEpic4211 says:

    Can you make an update that has interior pls

  33. Vaibhav says:

    Does it have mobs in the buildings

  34. Una says:

    Why Won’t it work But it seems very cool when I download it I will say if it’s good BUT IV BEEN LOOKING FOR SOMETHING LIKE THIS!!!! THANK YOU EDITER!!!

  35. Ben says:

    Gatharian? Editor? Can this be used for education purposes with kids in class? It is awesome!

  36. Ben says:

    Gatharian? Editor? Can this be used for education with kids in classes? It is awesome!

  37. Popularmmos says:

    Lots of potential houses are empty and is incomplete. Disappointed Greatly.

    • RedFox1001 says:

      that’s because he’s letting us decorate and he worked very hard on this and it took him a long time but whatever you say I still give him/her(not assuming) 5 stars

  38. MatriixG says:

    Cool!!! May I Use it for my roleplay

  39. KeeleyThomas says:

    For some reason when I try to download it, it doesn’t work. Anyone have anything to say for some help please! 😤😎

    • MeilingGaming says:

      My internet is so slow!!!! When i saw this map i was like, OMG!!! I HAD TO GET THIS MAP!!!!!! But them the iternet is too slow 😭😭😭 but i wish i have this map…

  40. Susu says:

    Bruh there isin’t any floors for the houses -.-

  41. Cheyenne says:

    Amazing, just add stuff in side the houses

  42. Kyat2kyt says:

    Ya know why would be great for the map IF YOU EVEN ADD FLOORS ONTHE HOUSEs INSTEAD OF LEAVING THEM EMPTY

  43. No name says:

    Its loading slow,a bit laggy but its good
    I wonder why🤔It is big no interiors but good I can decorate it

    • No name says:

      Whenever I join the importing
      Crashes and not adding to my world🤔
      Or am I missing something but how do I make it load
      I always crash while it loading/importing

  44. Sarah says:

    This map was a work of laziness, the houses were unfinished, there was random blocks everywhere, I was not happy pleaaaaasseeeee make it better. (Sorry not trying to hat I have OCD soo) -looove me :3

    • LyraFae says:

      Lazy? Ok I want to see your version of a neighborhood town with all these house and do all the interiors and build onto it and everything. Go on Ill look for the map. I await your map that would be so much better! 🙂

  45. Unknown says:

    I give it a 3/5 😞Only one house at the neighborhood has a floor but all of them has no floors please fix it I’ll give you pizza or a cookie .—. Just anything good

    ( •-• )
    / >🥐> You like croissants? 😛

  46. ann says:

    there is no rooms!! fix it and add rooms in every house plz! and furniture. : (

    • LyraFae says:

      it says in the description there isnt any interiors. but when i downloaded it me and my cousin built our own interiors. you can try that.

  47. Joey says:

    I just noticed…. This neighbor hood is full of (Rich People) houses :/ You could say that :/

  48. Cedejaha says:

    Can you please furnishes the house if really annoying why because some of the doors you put didn’t link up when you try to put in the floors and I dig think all of us want to build interior in EACH!!!!! House 😡 😤😤😤 but it’s ok please can you just update this house WITH!!! flooring and rooms

  49. Kristin says:

    I actually really liked it. But disappointed to find there was no interior 🙁

  50. Dat boi says:

    Okay so, I was all so excited about downloading the map, but when I downloaded it, there was nothing in the houses! Please add decoration/furniture/floors. If you did add that I would give you 5/5. Thanks!

  51. Girl gaming says:


  52. Anonymous says:

    Yo mechanics apocalypse person can add the guns that wer in the map. The would be lite thanks bro.🙂🙂

  53. Heylolo says:

    I wish I could actually get it. It’s not letting me get it

  54. Scarlet_Benoit says:

    This map seems AMAZING! Well, amazing by the pictures. I really wish I could download it. It won’t work. Please fix this! THE MAP LOOKS SO COOOOL

  55. QueenFoxie764 says:

    3/5 stars. I like the design of the houses because they are all differernt shapes and sizes but the houses dony have floors😔. Its amazing still😀!!!

  56. Cassie says:

    I don’t like how there’s no interiors. Overall its not horrible.

  57. Random says:

    Is there any way if you can make an update when you can add floors and/or decorate the inside, too? But the map was beautiful!

  58. XxPINKandGOLDxX says:

    I have one problem the inside of the buildings are grass .-.

  59. Martina says:

    It is just a piece of trash no interiors nothing it is very lazy.

  60. Izzy says:

    Omg LOVE IT hope to see more of you AMAZING work and I mean it!!!!!!!

  61. Micheala says:

    is it just me who cant seem to get the file, i can only download but there is just one map in it and its filled with programs with just words in every single one, really confused how to download it

  62. Lily says:

    OMG!! I absolutely LOVE this map. The builds are so amazing. I just love how detailed each and every house is. Just everything about this map is AMAZING. I really recommend downloading this map, it’s SO amazing. Thank you map creator for making such an amazing, beautiful, and VERY detailed map.

  63. MinecraftGamer67 says:

    I really like it but i would like it more with flooring and leave the furniture to us But anyways i really like it!

  64. magda050 says:

    Im really love it but i downloaded it because i wanted to invite my friends and have an actual neighborhood
    so im pretty pissed 🙁

  65. Meow says:

    Nice build, please do more

  66. Anonymous says:

    Nice Map!
    You have patience while making this map!
    Good Job!
    5 🌟

  67. Gatharian says:

    I would like my map removed thank you

  68. Zoey says:

    How to download in

  69. Anonymous says:

    I love this map!😍

  70. Person says:

    I don’t get why you would want your map to be removed. Unfortunately I was too late so I couldn’t try it. Its sad because it looked really good, and don’t let people’s negative comments get you down. Do you see them making maps?Nope.Anyway it looks like a really good map!😊

  71. Lhasa11 says:

    I don’t know if this was intentional, but when I click download .McWorld, it goes to MediaFire but’s then says the file is no longer stored there and that I can’t download it. I’m really sad about this. Please fix it soon! Otherwise the world is amazing! (My friend had it)

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