The Orange [Parkour]

The Orange is a big parkour map consisting out of 100 small levels positioned in a huge grid. The levels are considered medium-easy and each one is designed very differently. It’s perfect for both beginners and parkour pros and it’s also really well suited for speedruns if you are into that. You could also try it in multiplayer and use it as a racing parkour map.

Creator: BlackZeroTwitter Account


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33 Responses

4.4 / 5 (20 votes)
  1. lightage695 says:

    I cant figure out how to install once I get to this world I want. how do I get it? but I think this map is gonna be 5 star because its parkour… LOL. so its 5 star to me

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hard but Good

  3. Curthickory7103 says:

    Very good I love it It is not that hard but hard And i love parkour Im okay and i love new parkour maps very good

  4. Weaboo says:

    Awesome map

  5. Niby Ahamed says:

    Hey mcpedl I can’t download this map. Both and .ZIP doesn’t work. It goes to and doesn’t go any further,it just stops there…. Help me out

  6. Anonymous says:

    The whole map burns when i joined

  7. ew says:

    he dosn’t know how to make parkour maps

  8. AlexxraBerGamer says:

    Sooooooo GREAT!!!

  9. SavageBeast says:


  10. OrangeWither999 says:

    Live streamed this in mobcrush, took me an hour and a half plus cheatingnto finish

  11. Azya says:

    I love you

  12. Azya says:

    It is awesome

  13. KenM says:

    To Much Orange it Hurts My Eyes

  14. The redShadow10 says:

    It is too hard

  15. Billygoat says:

    A new “the white” except better 🤠

  16. Mohammad Talha says:

    I loveeeeeee it

  17. Memes says:

    I don’t know how to get the rescource pack and everything’s weird. But it seems like a very good map. I just wish I knew how to get the rescource pack

  18. Lily says:

    It was great

  19. Kidsource says:

    This is a really nice parkour map. I have a nice video tour where I blow it all up with tnt. Anyone interested can check it out here . This map is totally cool, worth a download for sure! Great job on this one creator!

  20. AnAlphaYellow24 says:

    amzing luv it

  21. Jeffdaboss says:

    It’s great!

  22. Sasha Barnowl says:

    Hmm this won’t work! I’ve tried to download it but I doesn’t work!

  23. Sam M says:

    When I go onto the world it says that there’s a resource pack that I have to download. Where do I get that specific one?

  24. Lord of the Ice Foxes says:

    Was great! I saw the relating title to the white parkour which I LOVED. And I realized oh yay! BlackZero! But, unfortunately this was to hard for me! But, fantastic! Download recommend!

  25. ItsTornadoCraft says:

    Awesome map is was a little bit easier because I did it on Windows 10 but it took about 35 mins for me to complete it but shoutout to the map creator BlackZero hope you make more awesome maps! 🙂

  26. Angel Liew says:

    This is such an awesome map

  27. mmd says:

    Wooooooooow amazing

  28. Notch says:

    I’m Notch

  29. Aden says:


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