The Quarly Mansion – Chapter 2: Myfa Island [Adventure] [CTM]

The Quarly Mansions series is a map series all about finding the treasure. In every chapter has a different story but it has the same rules, gameplay and main objective. In this 2nd chapter of The Quality Mansion you’ll have to find a treasure called the “Artifact”.

Creator: ZucthTwitter Account
Updated: 11 November, 2018 (fixed ready room bug)

Creator’s Notes

Score: they always have 64 as the limit! Hiding around the map… doesn’t exist to the game!

Artifact: is the thophy that you can collect by doing sth. Can look for all of it in some house that have an item frame show the item with “???” Name!… doesn’t exist to the game

Secret Artifact: it have 1-2 piece in every Chapter! It is a easteregg item! Doesn’t exist to the game!

Special item! This item is have only 1 piece! It is what are your finding in that or this chapter! If you found it! It’s mran that the game is already over! 

     And to collect it! You have to find all of the obsidian to reach the top of the island! By piece by piece you can collect those from doing: Slove a Puzzle,Fight to the Bossfight,Following the Story,Parkour,Seek them in the hidden place! So this map is kind of a little open world adventure!

     (Inspiral: Eronev Mansion, Tomb Raider, Unchanted, Assasin Creed)

Note: The story and npc talking is the very important to connect to the other object or mission!


Recommendation: 1-2 players (maximum 2), mcpe ver.

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4 Responses

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  1. KannaScarlet says:

    I cant start the map. When i press on the difficulty button, easy kills me, medium says lets start the map. them nothing happens. Very confused right now

    • Zucth says:

      I’m really sorry! You can teleport to (621 63 -47) right now, my fixed file is lost! Need more time to re-boost the map!

  2. EnderCake says:

    Same here

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