The Quarly Mansion – Chapter I: The Last Friend [Adventure]

This map was inspired by Eronev Mansion which is an old map originally released one year ago (by the same creator). It’s a story about a man who travels to new and cursed lands. Many have gone before him, but none of them have every come back. He is the last hope of his people, and lonely he has to venture these lands and battle whatever unknowns awaiting him. It’s recommended for 1-2 players.

Creator: ZucthTwitter Account


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9 Responses

2.5 / 5 (4 votes)
  1. Anonymous says:

    Dude use command block on this map ok

  2. U Don’t Know me says:

    Try to fill the walls and maybe not let mobs spawn also be better with your grammar!

  3. Magocraft60 says:

    Do Chapter 2

  4. EnderCake says:

    It was an ok map kinda hard to follow and know where you can and can’t go but really good for a first map

  5. Lucasdrakewolf says:

    It was very good with the way the mansion looked and all, but it could definitely use a lot of improvement as this is 2018 and more has been released. It was good for a first map though! Maybe work on the story a bit more?

  6. Lucasdrakewolf says:

    It was a ok map, could use a lot of improvement. The design for the mansion was great, but as far as story and challenges go it was very hard to follow and could’ve been a lot clearer as to where to go and such. Maybe use books instead of potatoes or apples? Great for a first map though with the red stone

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