The Runner Parkour [Parkour]

This is a free runner style map which include lots of parkour challenges. All jumps have been optimized to ensure that both Pocket (e.g. Android / iOS) and computer users can make it through the levels. In the map there are a few different blocks which each give the player a different status effect (e.g. speed or levitation) when in the presence of that block.

Creator: Team Infinite Minds, Twitter Account



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6 Responses

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Which is newer, mcpe 1.4 or 1.5 beta? I am thinking of what version of the map to download and it’s hard for me if i don’t know what version of mcpe is better.

    • Team Infinite Minds says:

      hello, it depends if you are in betas I recommend download 1.5, if you are out of the betas choose 1.4, separate them as they aregle a problem that gave in oas betas

  2. Vance says:

    I cant download this cuz of some stupid cookies and an website. Help me! PLZ!!!

  3. Vortexboy says:

    I hate it

  4. Jobe says:

    Kkkkkk please bee god xd don’t judge ok lol #dontjudgechallange

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