The Secret Agent [Adventure] (Addon!)

You are mistaken for a secret agent and as a result accidentally join the chase for some criminals who have stolen an ancient treasure from a museum. It’s a wicked story with a few surprises which ensure you are kept on your toes and eager to figure out the mysteries. It’s a pretty fun map which takes somewhere around 20-30 minutes to complete.

Creator: Zad103, Twitter Account


  • Read all signs
  • Don’t break blocks
  • Don’t switch gamemodes unless told otherwise

Download .McWorld
Download .ZIP

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32 Responses

5 / 5 (2 votes)
  1. SonicTheHedgehog says:

    First pls make it so we can just get addon dude pls I love the map by the way

  2. DiamondHunter says:

    Please Make. A Part 2 This Map Was AWESOME

  3. Kingbaco says:

    Cool map but in the beginning replace the cacti with lava I know I sound whining but it’ll be a bit easier

  4. DefiantAbyss2 says:

    Too short wish it was longer like it was cut short when it got exiting 15 mins to complete

  5. Sykes says:

    I can’t seem to get out of the house. How do you get out, I put cookie onto table and washed clothes

  6. Help says:

    At the start where you have us wash the clothes, the redstone signal wasn’t strong enough to reach the comparator, so you have to add another one

  7. Minawolf10 says:

    This Map is AMAZING dude please make a part two

  8. Lavaboy says:

    It is good, but you should update it with command blocks

  9. GAUPLAYS says:

    I Love This!!!!

  10. Person says:

    Hi I found the Easteregg of the map “ZAD103”

  11. Sunset says:

    It’s not letting me download it!!
    I’m so frustrated

    • SkyGamerC26 says:

      Not working?Go try the zip file and if you have some questions go in tutorial how to download above

  12. Derpy Derp says:

    Can you please fix the red stone I was so excited to play this now I’m so sad because the red stone signal wasn’t strong enough and after (if you do) you fix it can you put a sign of what to do when the red stone is not working…thanks I appreciate it! -Derpy

  13. B_Cube_Person_325 says:

    This map was so fun and you should make a sequel 😀

  14. Gamecrown21 says:


  15. DatGirlMia says:

    Can u make a part 2?

  16. Kingbaco says:

    Get ready for my new map ender Sickness

  17. Nate Downey says:

    Best map ever male pt 2 please!!!!!!!!

  18. Reiman says:

    Best map ever !!!!!!!

  19. Mattthedab says:

    Your redstone is not go to the creation that you build down there

  20. RicoXxxxD says:

    I am excited to play this map but what is this map all about?

  21. Alex says:

    I really think that this map is very fun to play!!!

  22. cactusjones9001 says:

    U messed up at the reds tone I looked at it and u messed up at the piston Sparta so u have to break blocks to get out of the house

  23. Person says:

    About to try it but all you people complaining about red stone not working could it have been your render distance wasn’t far enough??

  24. Fanver says:

    Cool map!!!

  25. AVRGN says:

    I’m sorry, but the Link doesn’t work for me.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Amusing I love was super fun playing it

  27. Someone says:


  28. DiamondCrafter says:

    I cannot download the map. It says, the server stopped responding

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