The Split [Adventure]

The Split is a horror map taking place in part inside an abandoned hospital. It’s a single player experience where you will go on an exciting and sometimes scary journey to find out how you got there. From beginning to end there is a story to always keep you engaged in the adventure. There are custom sounds and textures to really create a spooky environment and atmosphere.

Creator: ZeReaperTwitter Account


As you slowly wake up and open your eyes you find yourself in bed inside a room with white walls. You don’t remember what happened or how you got there but you are sure of one thing and that is that you aren’t alone!


  • Set brightness to 50% or lower (an advice is to use 0 with smooth shading)
  • Turn up the sound volume, use earphones if possible (but keep your ears safe!)
  • Make sure that the resource pack is enabled/prioritized
  • Don’t play in multiplayer as it will break the story and make the story less scary


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30 Responses

4.7 / 5 (23 votes)
  1. Dmitry says:

    Cool Map! First

  2. ScaryCherrie6 says:

    So is it like the movie?

  3. Miner says:

    Keep going mcpedl!

  4. ByVented says:

    This is a…GREAT MAP!

    PD:Awesome 😛

  5. Lousy says:

    What do u do in the House #31

  6. I Hate Adfly says:

    Amazing job! I got so scared at the bat jump scare XD. Sequel?

  7. Anonymous says:


  8. 100BlueStarwars says:


  9. Keeper Creeper says:

    Is this horror as well???

  10. Th3Emilis says:

    Cool map! You should improve the jumpscares…

    • FableheroChicken says:

      th3Emilis how to u make your profil picture i want the link of it plz also keep going on the horror but really Th3Emilis how do u make your profik picture if it is a website give link app still give link thanks

    • ZeReaper says:

      Yeah I know but this map was soft for people who doesn’t like to be too scare (even if I haven’t personnaly done really scary maps yet)

  11. SuperGamer says:

    What do i do in house number 31?

  12. SomeoneLMAO says:

    How do u open the gate?

  13. Michael McFadden says:

    Great Jumpscares This Is Awesome!

  14. Lol says:

    Hey there
    A video has been made
    Have a nice day

  15. Hlo says:

    Hi, where’s the recourse pack?

  16. Diabetic_Penguin says:

    The whole map is amazing and well put, but how do you make armor stands look at where ever you go? And I would like to ask for the texture pack

  17. MC gamer says:

    Great map i love it

  18. TheCrazedTank says:

    A very Long adventure map, I love it! EDITOR, you are the best Adventure maps creators!

  19. Needsananswer says:

    How do you open the gate?

  20. Winterboy says:

    Is This The Sequel Of jigsaw?

  21. Tex mex says:

    Great map Real good. Could you help me timing command blocks plz

  22. CakeBerry says:

    Awesome map….. sometimes pretty intense though……

  23. Aa says:

    Hey this map is rely good love it 😊👌

  24. GD says:

    Its not working
    Pls help

  25. Samurai Orochi says:

    This is a great map! It is amazing that it s Ares you with simple things, like bats (*cringe*)

  26. Tity P says:

    Cool map 😄😄

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