The Unknown II (Horror) [Adventure]

The Unknown II is a horror adventure map which takes place in an old and abandoned building. Alone, you’ll make your way through the building in order to hopefully find a way out. This map takes approximately 30-40 minutes to complete and it includes a dark story and several game mechanics to create an eerie and scary atmosphere. There are also custom sounds and textures to make it even more terrifying.

Creator: Zucth, Twitter Account
Updated: 11 October, 2018 (read changelog)



  • Resource pack update
  • Source Map update
  • More Tip
  • Easter Egg Added+
  • CMB Bug fixed


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18 Responses

4.01 / 5 (10 votes)
  1. LucasTriplesg says:

    WOW as soon as i refreshed the page i saw this!!!!!!
    i like the map

  2. The Sonic Master says:

    You get stuck in the first room. After pressing the start button, you get blindness and nausea, but then nothing else happens. After inspecting your commands, I have deducted that your title command is incorrect.

    It says /title @a title§4The Unknown II.

    It should say /title @a title §4The Unknown II.

    There MUST be a space between “title” and the text. You have forgotten this, and therefore the next command blocks in the chain sequence will not activate.

    Hope you can fix this soon!

    /The Sonic Master 🙂

  3. Tahsin kamal says:

    First comment yay!

  4. sixtiiintwo18 says:

    The START button not working. The third command block(which show the title) is giving an error … check and please reupload…

  5. CamilaMendes says:

    Very bad map. Storyline was confusing and it was just boring.

  6. Vitaly says:

    It keeps freezing like 5 minutes into the map please help!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Very good map

  8. A.I. says:

    Nice map, very scary! Five Stars. First Comment too!

  9. RainBowDerp203 says:

    Oi whats the big deal here this wont work on android eh please mate, make it work on android its not gonna be cool if it dosent work but it still looks cool

  10. XDXD8778 says:

    Your map have much command error Like at the story part,when I finishes all story,then there is have a door,when I get into it,nothing happened,after saw your command,I found that command is incorrect,It need to be fix it.
    However This is a very good map

  11. ash says:

    I’m stuck on how to make the key to the basement… please help

  12. shadyGamingPro says:

    very good map and the texture made it very horror it is the best horror map

  13. A kid says:

    Good map. Story was okay but if u die it brakes the map most of the time.sequel? Maybe? I would like a sequel going more in on “killer” because we learned nothing about him here..

  14. ur mom says:

    almost gave me a virus.

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