The Wall [Parkour]

The Wall is a fairly challenging parkour map where the goal is to get to the top of the wall. But to get there you will need to jump past a series of obstacles. All of the obstacles require some type of jumping and on some stages failure is punishable by death. But luckily, there are multiple checkpoints along the way. It’s a quite fun challenge if you are into parkour maps.

Creator: theelectricg

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44 Responses

4.38 / 5 (25 votes)
  1. Blurryface witapen says:

    It was actually very fun to play there is barely any parkour maps these days and this is one that actually is fun was on the top of the website so of course I got overall it is very fun to play
    Date added 5/14/17

  2. Christian says:

    Awesome!I really enjoy the parkour thanks!

  3. Defalt says:

    Hey, editor. Can you update the pokeaddon so it is up to date? Just update the behavior and resource pack to actually work for safari users like me. It won’t open in media fire.

  4. HoodGuy93 says:

    We need to build a wall and it has to be built quickly.

  5. minecraft_only_the_best says:

    I love this map

  6. Rockoro villopenegordo says:

    This is the trump wall? 😛

  7. CMAN says:

    Pretty challenging map! I really enjoyed it overall. A couple of grammatical errors loose it a star, but still I would reccomend.

  8. Sara says:

    I thought it was a cool map, and I enjoyed destroying it at the end of my hard work. I do this with all parkour maps, not just yours!

  9. Blue YouTube says:

    First to comment by the way check out my channel and plz like the videos and plz subscribe the best map parkour ever!

  10. I Hate Adfly says:

    Nice! I love parkour!

  11. I Hate Adfly says:

    Btw, the ending is SOOO EASY, I beat it with 1 jump (and no, I did not use jump boost cuz that’s cheating)

  12. xcxyx18 says:

    The map is kinda boring and repetitive, but it’s a good practice for jumps I guess.

  13. bhim200gb says:

    First comment, also awesome map me and my friends played this and we had so much fun I recommend it to you all people thinking if it’s bad or good.

  14. jarrowgaming says:

    first comment And this could be trumps idea btw XD

  15. Muhammedcan says:

    Great map I am love

  16. tony256 says:

    Very good im like map because very very very very esay and noraml answer me please because I am a Vietnam up not very good at English for

  17. Mark says:

    Looks bad..

    P.S.: i’m talking about the new french president.the parkour looks awesome

  18. Vault Boy says:

    Kinda good but once you get to 8 it’s super hard but this is still a great map so plz make a sequel!!but with story

  19. enderdan2015 says:

    Cool map hard but good 😁

  20. Danny_24680 says:

    You’re evil!!

  21. Donald Trump says:

    What a great wall.

  22. cooldude45 says:

    wow i thought i was good at parkour until i reached hard part on this map. i suck at it its a really good map very challenging.

  23. Gamer_22 says:

    Great map but in challenge 9 they have quad jumps thats impossible to jump pls fix the map

  24. Gamer 18 says:

    Trump wall can’t stop me

  25. Eggyjumper199 says:

    Not bad

  26. Eggyjumper199 says:

    It’s really cool

  27. Luke Tursi says:

    I love the game!! It is very fun and i want to see more games just like it!

  28. jswensen09 says:

    so hard never completed but loveable

  29. Donald Trump says:

    Nice wall you made there

  30. Panduma says:

    I loved this map! Currently recording it for my YouTube channel and it is a great variation of hard and easy jumps with frequent checkpoints that make for an awesome video! Thanks for creating an awesome map and please do more!

  31. Anonymous says:

    I completed it rage mode made me rage so hard but over all the map was pretty good I am now a true pro it took me 20 mins to complete it

  32. Emma says:

    It took me 23min. To finish

  33. Sam koester says:

    It this what Mexicans will have to go through just to get into America?

  34. Niraj says:

    The neo jump is not possible for sure
    You tall all jumps are possible , well it is not
    You must have tested in the windows 10 edition because it is easier on it

  35. Bob lel builder says:

    SO FUN!!! Loved this

  36. Vxl Justin lxv says:

    So much 4 block jump -_-

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