The White House [Creation]

The White House has been the official residence and workplace for all U.S. presidents dating back to the 1800s with John Adams (the 2nd president of the U.S.) being the first one to live there. This map features the majestic mansion and many of the nearby structures and parks. It’s an incredibly detailed map with lots to see and explore.

Creator: Rule_Britannia

Note from Rule_Britannia: Project: 1 January – 4 July 2017, Dedicated: Hillary Clinton. Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial,Jefferson Memorial,Capitol Hill, place around Pennsylvania Avenue,etc…


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43 Responses

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  1. Emperor69 says:

    Nice work

  2. totally not MasrGLaDOS1 or anything like that... says:

    Is that MagmaMusen on the fourth picture?
    Btw, fun map

  3. Chicken noodle soup says:

    BOI I’m the new president XD

  4. Silentshot says:

    It’s good but where’s the PEOC and the tunnels to sneak Marilyn in?

    • I hate says:

      What is peoc ?

      • XxMasrGLaDOS1xX says:

        Looked it up on Wikipedia.

        The Presidential Emergency Operations Center (PEOC) is a bunker-like structure that lies underground, beneath the East Wing of the White House and serves as a secure shelter and communications center for the President of the United States and other protectees in case of an emergency.
        Don’t know ’bout the tunnels tho boi

  5. KidBobsWorld says:

    For real Editor Dedicated to Hillary Clinton first of all that’s offensive to Republicans as President Trump won the election and second of all 52% of the population likes President Trump so why are you catering to the 48%?

    • XxMasrGLaDOS1xX says:

      o p i n i o n m a c h i n e b r o k e

      • XxMasrGLaDOS1xX says:

        Also, that VERY CLEARLY says that it is a note from the creator. I guess I’m the only one here who would read the fine print on a bottle with a skull on it? (if you know what I’m trying to say)
        And even if it WASN’T a note from the creator, if I were to say that I supported Hillary, then I’m not ‘Catering to the 48%’. That’s called an OPINION. Something tells me you just learned about the word Catering recently and is suddenly shoehorning it into a complaint that-let’s be honest-makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. WOW, this was a long comment. I really hope this does still get approved, though. But seriously though, if I said I like Batman more than Superman (which I do), then that doesn’t necessarily mean I’m just ‘Catering to the people that like him’. Your logic could be compared to edgy military leaders on Blocksworld. And let me tell you, that is NOT a complement.
        It is NOT.
        pls approve

    • Daniel says:

      First of all, it wasn’t the Editor, it was the map maker, he wanted to leave a message. Second, he dedicated that map to Hillary, it doesn’t mean it is insulting anyone, it is just his opinion. Third, if you don’t like the map, don’t get it, nobody is forcing you to get it

      • AmandaDanielle5 says:

        That’s true. It was a note from the map maker. And it doesn’t mean to offend people in favor of trump. It doesn’t mean he/she won the elections he/she couldn’t be praised or something anymore. The note didn’t include stuff like “I Hate Trump” so why are you mad about the map maker dedcatin it to Hillary? I know it’s just your opinion, but if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say it at all.

        • XxMasrGLaDOS1xX says:

          Editor logic. They won’t approve something I say about something, but as long as someone ELSE makes a comment containing just about the SAME points, then they’ll approve the new one.
          Yeah, that’s right, go ahead reject/ignore one of the other HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of comments that I have put a surprising amount of effort into for a comment, Editor. I’ve heard something fascinating from one of your responses on the Mob Squad Texture Pack. Do I need to just drop as many F-Bombs as possible? No, not THAT F-Bomb.
          Truthfully, I don’t REALLY care too too much about whether this gets approved or not, but I just wanted to express my thoughts about this whole NOT A SINGLE COMMENT JUST ABOUT EVER BEING APPROVED FOR 5 FLIPPING WEEKS thing.

          • XxMasrGLaDOS1xX says:

            Oh crap now I just sound like That guy
            There’s nothing wrong with the other replies in this thread, but I do find it kind of ridiculous that this happens ON EVERY. SINGLE. ADDON. OR. MAP. I HAVE EVER COMMENTED ON recently. I mean… Really?

          • Editor says:

            You’re free to express your opinions. The only issue is when someone directly insults someone with no particular reason. I’m speaking in general terms here and not referring to this particular case. Same things happens if someone just swears or doesn’t provide any information which relates to the post.

            I remember moderating some of your comments in the past and can’t recall deleting any of them intentionally.

    • Noahthecrafter says:

      Because Hilary is greater than Trump? nahh forget about it

  6. Why says:

    Great map! But (please forgive me) don’t let Madonna get her hands on it 😬

  7. Alpaca2557 says:

    Good map

  8. Max Thescientist says:

    I destroyed all of the American flags and replace them with my flag red black red

  9. Pdtheyoutuber says:

    Trump is the best, he’ll build a wall, and that’s exactly what we need.

    • XxMasrGLaDOS1xX says:

      god, don’t start the thread started by KidbobsWorld above this comment again…
      Because I’m not dealing with that crap AGAIN.

    • RedstoneExpert1 says:

      Just stop! You do realize that Hispanics that read this are going to get offended by your comment. WE DO NOT NEED POLITICAL VIEWS ON THIS THREAD! KEEP THAT TO YOURSELF!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Dedicated to who?… You know trump did win right? So why is it dedicated to hillary?

    • AmandaDanielle5 says:

      So you’re saying you couldn’t dedicate it to someone if they lost the elections? So you mean, you’re supposed to dedicate it to Trump? People have different opinions, some like hillary some like trump. Stop triggering others by the stupid crap you millennials say.

  11. Størm says:

    Guys come on, it’s just a Minecraft map! As soon as I saw this map on the dash I KNEW things were going to get political. Seriously, cut it out.

  12. KidBobsWorld says:

    If Hillary won the elections then it would of course be dedicated to Hillary but Trump won sooooo why are you deciding it to Hillary? And yes it is the editors decision to cut or add what they like my question is why are they catering to Liberals/Hillary Supporters? When the majority is Trump Supporters?

  13. Rule_Britannia says:

    Thank you all for enjoy and like my creation, actually is not just dedicate for hillary, trump and the american people also too, & all of this confuse it’s mean for USA birthday (4th July) because i finished on that day, so dont make it political and serious & dont worry be happy 🙂


  14. Rule_Britannia says:

    Oh ya, one more thing i wanna say, for a better view use texture pack shaders and edit cobblestone.png to white color, terima kasih !!!


  15. George Of The Jungle says:

    But like, why pigs?

  16. Peeps says:

    Where is the oval office?

    • Rule_Britannia says:

      Oval room is in the west wing that looks like an oval, you can see clearly in the fifth image on the left of the oval-shaped facade

  17. ChemicalEliminator55 says:

    Love the map, hope you don’t support Trump though xD

  18. KidBobsWorld says:

    Doesn’t anyone think it’s funny during the Obama term he removed the Air Defense around North Korea? And Cut the Military Budget 70%? Isn’t it funny that right after he’s term Trump gets in office and now North Korea wants to fight us?

  19. Tdawg says:

    PopularMMOs Is The Best!

  20. Tdawg says:

    I <3 TRUMP!

  21. Joey says:

    To remind all the people who are complaining that “Why is this Dedicated to Hillary when Trump Won?!” shinanigans. it’s an opinion and first of all if youre offended then don’t ever look up this build again. Second of all your not being forced to use this map. THIRD of all this chat doesn’t need you complaints to why this is dedicated to Hillary even though trump won because you aren’t God to decide what the Editor should dedicate this on.

  22. Joey says:

    I don’t care if this thread of political complaints go on. Not until all those non-sensible people who can’t understand the term “Different Opinions” are gone. This thread will go on till this website goes down. I JUST KNOW IT

  23. Sam_Starboy_ says:

    Hey …so I am new to the minecrfat thing can u explain to me if what should be done after the file has been downloaded please…thank you

  24. Adriana says:

    How do I get it

  25. SlashedKing says:

    But… Where is Donald Trump?

  26. Great One says:

    I am just destroying it like I am a terrorist and reinstall the map if it is completely broken! XD

  27. DoUKnowTheWay says:

    This is really cool! It could have been better if you add Washington D.C. but I truly like it! 🙂

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