TNT Wars – Red VS Blue [PvP]

TNT War is a PvP minigame where the main objective is to kill all other players of the opponent team. There are two different teams and each of them have a base on a different island. Between the two islands there is a big wall which you will need to destroy by building TNT cannons and use to destroy it. Even though it takes quite some time to play it’s a really fun and intense game and especially towards the end.

Creator: CracklyCactus17

How to play?

This map features two different islands which are separated by a huge wall. Each team’s objective is to shoot through the wall. To make this work they are given all of the necessary blocks and items which are required for building TNT cannons. Once the wall is breached you have to continue firing at the opponent team in order to defeat them and win.

There are five different kits and during the kit selection you will put the item in your main hand which represents the kit. It will enchant if it is your turn, and you will get the selected kit.

  • Helmet: Fireball Kit – Stack of fireballs to shoot at your enemy
  • Boots: Jetpack Kit – In case you fall off the platform
  • Sword: Baller Kit – You get a snowball that takes all the TNT lit in the game and throws it with the snowball
  • Fishing Rod: Troll Kit – Egg that throws creepers


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35 Responses

4.4 / 5 (20 votes)
  1. DevlinPlayzYT says:

    Looks nice I will play it 🙂 5/5

  2. Warrior_Dude says:

    Hey Can you guys maybe make an app instead of the website? Also this map is great.

  3. DerrickPlaysMinecraft says:


  4. Joe says:

    This was fun

  5. Aidenl says:

    Awesome to bad I don’t have friends

  6. NichGTD says:

    The place where you choose your team isn’t working for me. Once you step on the pressure plate, you won’t be tp-ed to another place. Btw, I am using an iPad Air 2 in 1.1.5


    How do we play with friends in mcpe 1.2

  8. SuperTylerMan11 says:


  9. Fedya says:

    Wow! Its great! Fantastic!

  10. Batman says:

    Yo this maps red stone did not work for me at all. 0/5

  11. SwAgLoRd156 says:

    Anyone wanna play it with me?

  12. SuperInkYT says:

    Well it works just fine but teleporting to the TNT field wont work for me

  13. TBNRfrags says:

    You should build a monster industries map!

  14. Anonymous says:

    The place were you choose your team doesn’t work. Also the kit section

  15. Someone says:

    How does the fireball kit work?

  16. Harsh says:

    It’s awsome worked for me

  17. King of aliens2 says:

    Umm redstone is somewhat broken and the choose team section and kit choose section dont work but i check the redstone and fixed it . Please reupload the world after the fixes!


    Two problems and how to fix one of them (i explored the wiring)
    -doesnt send you to the island after you pick a kit
    Solution: stand farther away from the button. The command block does a radius of 3 so the other player isnt sent too, you were probably outside the radius.
    -after i played against my friend and killed her, it did not declare me the winner or send us back to the start or anything. Do i need to redownload the map for each new battle or is there some wiring or programming i can update?

  19. Ryan says:

    If anybody is still reading this, then plz friend rydude9 on Xbox live

  20. FIDGETSPINNER193 says:

    Can you make a one player version like beat the mobs I think that would be pretty cool because if you have no friends on you can still play it☺👍

  21. SUPER TTS says:

    Really cool map

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