Toolbox Mod

Toolbox (previously Too Many Items) is the ultimate solution for quickly being able to access all kinds of blocks and items and changing settings in game (e.g. weather, gamemode and much more). The latest update includes an optional launcher. The launcher can be used for loading texture packs, X-ray, armor status and other unique features for Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Creator: MCMrArm, Twitter Account
Updated: 27 October, 2016 (0.16 support)


  • Launcher (optional): load texture packs, change GUI scale
  • Access all existing items & blocks
  • WorldEdit
  • Recipe tool (see recipe for all items & blocks)
  • Enchanting system for items
  • Switch between creative/survival, Overworld/Nether, flying
  • Kill, heal, set health (1-100 HP), restore hunger
  • Set spawn position & teleport there
  • Set time of day, turn off time, disable ticking
  • Weather (no rain/rain/much rain)
  • Potion effects: remove all, add
  • Remove items from inventory
  • Entities: spawn, kill, set on fire, set health
  • Show/hide M button
  • Teleportation system with screenshots
  • Level slider (experience level)
  • Minimap

How does the launcher work?

The ordinary game manager (M) work in both BlockLauncher and the Toolbox launcher. (Some features such as X-ray and tree capitator requires the launcher.) It’s up to you to decide which to use.

Importing Mods

Toolbox can be used for importing .js scripts and .modpkg packages.

Once you’ve loaded the Toolbox app then press “Launcher Options”.  Then go to “ModPEs” and press the “+” button in the bottom right corner of the screen. Use the file manager to locate the mod of your choice and then press the back button. Toolbox should now be closed, if it’s still open then close it and re-open it.


Importing Texture Packs

Press the Launcher Options to open the interface for general settings and texture packs. You must open Minecraft using the Toolbox launcher app for this to work.

You can find many different texture packs to choose from here in our section for texture packs. Press the Import button and import the a zip file to load a texture pack. Then long-tap on the texture pack and drag and drop it to Enabled Texture Packs.

To disable a texture pack long-tap it again and drag and drop it to the Available Texture Packs column.


How to use Toolbox in-game?

Tap on the top-left M button to open the graphical user interface (GUI) where you can access all the new features. It’s also possible to access the interface by tapping the three dots icon which is marked in the image below.

Here you can access all items and blocks which exist in-game. Scroll in the list to find them or use the search field to filter the results.


If you select an item or block which have a crafting recipe you can view the recipe by clicking on the crafting table.


Tap on the chest icon to get an overview of your inventory and armor slots.

Select the Enchant option and then tap on the item which you want to enchant. A pop-up menu will appear on the screen and from there you can select the enchantments you want for the item.


The next options are probably the most useful ones. Some of the key features include switching between creative and survival, setting your dimension (Overworld/Nether) and controlling the time and weather. To see the full list of options go further up and look in the features list.


The teleportation system is extremely easy to use and offers a unique GUI with a screenshot for each teleportation location. Tap on the location which you want to teleport to.


Launcher Features

The following features will only work if you are using the Toolbox launcher app. So instead of loading Minecraft PE with BlockLauncher you are supposed to open the Toolbox app.

Use the Toolbox settings to enable X-ray. To toggle X-ray vision use the X-Ray button in the bottom right corner of the screen. It’s a great way to quickly find some valuable ores in your world.


Toggle the tree capitator option to more realistically cut down trees. Use an axe to break the bottom block of a tree and the rest of the tree will be destroyed (including leaves).


Enable the armor status to display the durability of your armor in a clean interface underneath your health bar.


The debug info option lets you enable something similar to the debug info (F3) feature in the PC version of Minecraft. It displays information such as FPS, difficulty, coordinates and information about your device.



Type //help [1-26] (e.g. //help 5) to view a full list of available text commands.

An important item of the mod is the wand (//wand). Tap (long) somewhere on the ground with the wand to select the first position. Then (short) tap with the wand to select the second position.

In this case I selected an area of 2×5 blocks using the wand and then typed //walls 1 (1=stone, see more Minecraft IDs here) to create a wall of stone.


Install Guide

This is an Android app / BlockLauncher addon which works only for Android devices!

As this is an addon mod for BlockLauncher the installation process looks a little bit different. But don’t worry, it’s very easy! You can also choose to download it directly from Google Play.

  1. Download the .APK.
  2. Use ES File Explorer (or any other file manager app) to locate the downloaded .apk file.
  3. Tap on the file to install it (BlockLauncher is required to successfully install the addon).
  4. After you’ve finished the installation it’s done and you can go in-game using BlockLauncher to use Toolbox. Or, if you want to use the Toolbox Launcher you should open the Toolbox app instead.

IMPORTANT 0.16 USAGE NOTE: For 0.16 you must load Minecraft using the Toolbox app in order to access all the features.

Download (Google Play)
Download (.APK, Version Archive)

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370 Responses

4.07 / 5 (27 votes)
  1. MIERZA says:

    Can i access the modded block/items to?

  2. InDoExo says:

    This to download?

  3. CreeperArged says:

    This Is Da Best Mod Ever!!

  4. The pro player says:

    this is the best mod for MCPE 0.12.1

  5. Robert says:

    Amazing awesome the best thing in the world of minecraft

  6. Bayhlee says:

    This is very cool!

  7. Mikichan says:

    How can I get spawn egg? In this mod there are only 1 spawn egg, and in the spawn mode the mobs won’t spawn…

    • Editor says:

      When you are in spawn mode tap on the ground where you want the mobs to spawn. If you are trying to spawn a hostile mob you will first need to turn difficulty to max for them to be able to spawn.

  8. ncanimo says:

    It’s very cool mod but in my device all the tabs just kinda overlap each other . is there I way I can fix it?

  9. micoechaure says:

    Wow Its Cool Its better than Too Many Items… Thx MCMRARM 😀

  10. Minecraft says:

    What do You need to work it someone tell me pls

  11. Shafit57 says:

    awesome mod 🙂

  12. MarioStacker11 says:

    I cant see the Download button. Im using Chrome

  13. Shadow says:

    is it possible for their to actually be the spawn eggs in the next update?

  14. TheAlexGamer 580 says:

    Great mod, going on Youtube. ☺

  15. EnderHarvie says:

    Toolbox is awesome because you can spawn Lightning and strike it to a creeper

  16. dave says:

    I have s4 tablet and I’ve been having this problem with getting the mod and setting it up. I have followed all the steps and got blocklauncher but when I click ‘I got it’ tells me to restart my device. So I restart my device and the toolbox app disappears. Also I forget to mention when I open the app and click I got it the app also disappears.
    Help pleas?

    • Editor says:

      After you installed the downloaded apk you should restart BlockLauncher. Then it should work. Did you do this? If not, please be more precise what errors you are getting and we’ll do our best to help you.

  17. Jazion says:

    dear maker mod, can you make this toolbox mod for a small size? because my android is small size 🙂

  18. dave says:

    It still didn’t work. Help? Should I after downloading the apk should I open the app click I got it and open blocklauncher?

    • Editor says:

      No. After you’ve installed the app just open BlockLauncher.

      Please tap on the wrench in the top-center of BlockLauncher then tap “Launcher options”. Make sure “Manage addons” is switched on. Then tap on Manage Addon. Is “Toolbox for Minecraft PE” in the list and enabled? If it’s not enabled tap on it to enable it.

  19. dave says:

    Sorry to bother you XD but after I have enabled it what should I do next?

    • Editor says:

      Open BlockLauncher and start playing. Press the M button in the top-left corner to option the Toolbox menu.

    • Shadow says:

      When you click I got it the app gets hidden, because that is the purpose of that button. right above the I got it button it says to click the button below to hide the icon of the app from blocklauncher.

  20. dave says:

    Sorry again but the m button does not appear. Help?

  21. Darren Lucas says:

    I want to download it but my mom said no yes! So i asked her then now shes thinking

    • Editor says:

      You can tell her that it’s a safe mod to download. It makes Minecraft easier to manage and more fun to use. It doesn’t add any dangerous or weird things.

  22. ncanimo says:

    Sorry Mr.editor late reply but I’m using Lenovo ideaTabA1000-G. 🙂

  23. Rtangled14 says:


  24. dave says:

    I have installed the app,opened block launcher made sure my
    manage addons is on and enabled the mod and then restarted the app. But still the M button does not appear help?

  25. Dylan says:

    Best mod ever!!!!!!!!!! It’s like TMI but way better so good job to who made it


  26. Mike says:

    iOS? Does it work?

  27. Maranda says:

    Can you possibly not use .APK? That’s to risky and I don’t need anything getting a virus or anything….

    • Editor says:

      That’s likely not going to happen. Most of the features in Toolbox wouldn’t be possible to make using ModPE (.js scripts). APK mods are so much better. Just laying out the facts.

  28. Minecraft doggy says:

    Im having problems with the mod that when I open the M button or my inventory it crashes has some other glitch and buggy items doesn’t have all the mod items in the inventory. Editor can you please help me?

  29. dave says:

    Yes I have but it still doesn’t appear help?

  30. Mr.flintlock says:

    I’m having an issue with the mod.
    When I try to access the M button or my inventory even the crafting table! It was working for the first hour. I’ve gone to see if there are any updates, but it appears to be up to date.any idea?

  31. raul says:

    When I use a mod and click M second time it crashes help

  32. Teomanefe says:

    Dude, I do not want apk. I need js file, because im using Mcpe Master.

    • Editor says:

      APK mods are usually a lot better as they allow you to access more features. So yeah, it means that this mod couldn’t be made without being an APK, so there’s no solution for you other than using BlockLauncher instead of MCPE Master. 😉

  33. kimy says:

    Why search not work ?

  34. OceanriderYTFNAF says:

    I accidentally pressed hide button so how do I make it reappear? Pls help me.

  35. EnderGaming_MC says:

    How to uninstall the mod

  36. Senpai says:

    Can you add support for 0.13?

  37. Thundercat003 says:

    How do I get the toolbox mod?

  38. chuckpointalfa says:

    Any idea when the update will be posted? Also, depending on the texture pack installed, or other mods (I’m looking at you Colored Glowstone), trial and error trying to find the items you’re looking for hurts my brain since there are no name labels. Is this part of the search bug or something separate?

  39. IndoLovers says:

    Toolbar is not work for move 0.13.0

  40. lance says:

    how to get block launcher on iOS

  41. MCplayrr says:

    So Blocklauncher has just been updated so we could use mods in 0.13.Please can you update it?reply

  42. lance says:

    is there a way to get this mod on iOS

  43. oracle says:

    is this mod already support v13 ?

  44. oracle says:

    Editor please add the changelog
    so we know when mods is update

  45. oracle says:

    are we getting a new feature in next update or it’s just add support to v0.13.5 ?

  46. Martin says:

    If i open the blocklauncher, it says ” oh nose everything broke “. Help 🙁

  47. fikri says:

    Does this work on mcpe 0.13.0?

  48. Hi says:

    Does this support 0.13 yet

  49. Matthew says:

    Creator when is the mod going to be out for 13.0

  50. Vane says:

    When it be supported for v 0.13.1? Please make it soon its the best mod ever!? cant play without it

  51. Senpai says:

    It is for 0.13.1? 🙂

  52. chuckpointalfa says:

    Many bugs. “M” doesn’t always show up. When it does, pressing it causes crash 2 game. Sands & gravel don’t follow gravity. Oddly, anvils do (like they should). Redstone wire can’t be used. Buttons stay pressed. Pressure plates sometimes work. Flames in Nether are fine. Flames in overworld are static pictures. Flowing water & lava sounds cut in & out randomly.

    • chuckpointalfa says:

      I take it all back. It wasn’t Toolbox. It was Blocklauncher that was causing the issues. I just updated BL, all of the bugs have gone away. Toolbox is back to the way it was–& it has a working search function! 🙂

    • Editor says:

      Try now. It has been updated.

  53. Radcliff says:

    Hello, the new feature of Block Launcher Pro (1.11.2) kept on crashing when I open it. The problem began when I updated Minecraft PE, Blocklauncher Pro, and Toolbox mod as I have downloaded them at the order I mentioned before.

  54. Mico says:

    How do you get those i cant download it please help me

  55. Yasin Rahman says:

    Dear Editor, this mod can for MCPE v.0.13.b4 ?

  56. MarcGamingHD says:

    I just pressed the hide “M” button, how do you fix that? I already tried reinstalling the software but it still wont show up. Pls help

  57. lance says:

    please make this for iOS without jail brake

  58. Shadow says:

    Everytime I click the m on the left it freezes and the closes the can I fix this.

    • Editor says:

      Please let us know which version of Minecraft Pocket Edition and BlockLauncher are using. If you are using older versions make sure to update to the latest ones.

  59. AllyzhaMCPE says:

    Can i use it using 0.13.X ??

  60. Anony says:

    Can i use this on a server?

  61. Eder says:

    You guys are great at this

  62. Aldinoyudha says:

    Does this works on 0.13.1?

  63. kassbro2145 says:

    Editor I got v 0.13.1 will this mod work

  64. Fartash Ziyaq says:

    Can I search for furniture mod items in the toolbox mod?

  65. TheFireBoss says:

    Hey mrARM I have 1.13.1 please I want a toomanyitems mod for 1.13.1 so please I want you to bring the toomanyitems mod that’s for 1.12.0 please

  66. Alex Davy says:

    When is toolbox beong updated to mcpe v 0.14.0 b1?

    • Editor says:

      Once BlockLauncher/Minecraft 0.14 is officially released, currently it’s just beta, then it will take maybe 1-2 weeks more and then Toolbox will come out.

      This is just a guess based on previous updates.

  67. samuel shifflett says:

    DOES enyone know how to freaking install these mods!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Mengze says:

    How and where do I download it? And can I download it on my ipad?

  69. Mengze says:

    And does it work for 0.14 ??

  70. Eli says:

    How do I download this to Apple phone??

  71. CreeperBomb3.0_YT says:

    I got a Acer, does it work on it. PLZ REPLY I CAN’T GET IT TO WORK!!! ?

  72. HoneyBadger says:

    ***Due to cursing and other unaccepted behavior your comment has been deleted***

  73. RubyLowie says:

    Can someone update it to be compatible with mcpe 0.14.0 pls??

  74. Hamad says:

    Very nice

  75. Hamad says:

    Very good

  76. Chan says:

    Has it been updated for 0.14.0?

  77. Mikee says:

    Is it available for 0.14?

  78. Vitalii says:

    Please, add version for intel procesors !
    PS : Sorry for my bad english

  79. Galaxy_30 says:

    Is Toolbox now updated for the official release of mcpe 14.0?

  80. Fawkes Oullett says:

    Is it updated now how about now now

  81. sub says:

    how can we add it to blocklauncher the icon doesnt show up plz help

    • Editor says:

      Download the .apk file and use a file manager app (e.g. ES File Explorer) to locate the downloaded .apk file. Then tap on the file to install it.

      You need BlockLauncher for all of this to work though.

  82. Lamo says:

    When used, dyes disappear. Nothing in the search box when I type bone meal, cactus green etc. They’re not there.

    • Editor says:

      I think you need to make sure you are on the right tab. For example, if you type “Sword” you must be in the weapons tab.

  83. The PE Minecrafter says:

    what version of blocklauncher for this to work? and I have mcpe v0.14.0b7, will it work on that?

  84. Dhruv says:

    omg thank you

  85. bluenoch says:


  86. Daisy says:

    I need help downloading it :'(

  87. Conner says:

    This is a great app

  88. Jamelhezeta says:

    This is a great app and nice

  89. Jeff says:

    Can u download on iPad yet

  90. IDK Man says:

    Is it compatitable with minecraft 0.14?

  91. Tony Maverick says:

    Hey Editor, do u know a way to make this mod work on servers? As a host, sure u can but, u cant as a guest, right?

    • Editor says:

      ModPE and BlockLauncher addons are usually blocked by servers. The reasons are because users would use these things to cheat otherwise.

  92. Tiffany lilly says:

    Hey editor I am 20 year old but can you tell that this mod only in other version or no? Like I would be happy that is in the other version to cause I am in 0.13.0 version I am still bored at the version of 0.13.0 yeah I know that I am a noon totally yes I am a noob my big brother talk me like this noob- noob

  93. Mike says:

    Eveything works but flying. It won’t save the selection. Unsure what to do from here, I’ve tried everything. Any advice? 14.1 block launcher installed. Samsung galaxy s5 sport

  94. Alex says:

    It looks amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. Herobrine says:

    Why after I download the tool box icant import it on block launcher?

    • Editor says:

      It’s an apk file. You will have to use a file manager app to locate the apk file in your downloads folder. Then tap on the apk file to run the installation.

  96. Edelweiss says:

    Mr. Editor, can you please enable this mod for Apple devices? We have Android devices and we already downloaded Toolbox Mod. The screen is too small but in Apple (iPad) the screen is pretty big which makes the game more easier to handle.

    • Editor says:

      Most mods work only for Android because iOS is a more restricted operating system. Mods are loaded by third-party tools such as BlockLauncher.

  97. Mary says:

    Plz can you tell me what happens? Is the mod available for the latest version of minecraft? Because when I try to enter to toolbox programe it crashes?

  98. Mp3freak says:

    Does this work for mcpe 0.14.2? And blocklauncher that compatibel with the 0.14.2 version?

  99. Alex says:

    This is cool

  100. Wighat says:

    Like this app. My only problem is because I bought minecraft pe from Amazon and use a kindle at the beginning it says it’s an unsupported version. Thanks for all the hard work and keep it up

  101. iiCrystalHeart says:

    Help. Is this for all versions or for 0.14.0?
    Because i have 0.14.0 and it said unsupported version. Thanks for helping.

  102. GoldenTerrabyte says:

    My friend and I have been having fun with this mod, but we’re having trouble with the multiplayer. For the player joining the world, they can’t do nearly as much as the host, which makes things kinda odd. Is there any way to make both players have their full abilities with this mod?

  103. Kevin says:

    Ummm hello did my first comment not go in? I said the texture packs from your website are not working not sure if theyre updated or not please help

  104. vegasaputra says:

    pls update for minecraft pe v0.15.0 beta

  105. Nihaal says:

    This is cool

  106. kyrin says:

    Amazing like a winner

  107. _Robib_ says:

    This is so good now I can fly

  108. Sebastian Willingham says:

    Pls update for the official 0.15.0 release

    • Armadillo says:

      There is an APK for 0.15.0 on the developers Twitter or if you can’t do that, then JackFrostMiner made a video earlier today with a link to the 0.15.0 APK

  109. Anonymous says:


  110. Sebastian Willingham says:

    Is it updated yet

  111. Hwpa says:

    Is this for 0.15.0

  112. LexieGamer says:

    How can I instal this mode So I can play Mincraft easy

  113. (xxx) says:

    can i add mod in the launcher options????

  114. Dylan says:

    I like it

  115. caylim says:

    I love it

  116. steven says:

    Is it updated now?

  117. erica says:

    is this okay wd ios devices?

  118. Sebastian Willingham says:

    What about 0.15.2

  119. Gianluca says:

    Love it

  120. Melchior007 says:

    Toolbox is cool.. thanx for erverything.. works in multiplayer except for enchant, .teleport and potion… have any solution to it??

  121. BigBlackClock says:

    Is it likely that this mod, Toolbox, will be available for iOS users say, in a few months or so?

    • Editor says:

      Hard to tell. I know Mojang (the creators of Minecraft) are working on addons/mods which will be supported by all platforms (Windows 10, Android, iOS). Maybe you will find something like Toolbox working for iOS in the future. Only time will tell. 😉

  122. Landry says:

    How can I install the mod for IOS?

  123. Rei says:

    mcpe is on 0.15.4 now , Ik u hate these questions but, is it updated? =^=

    • Editor says:

      I don’t hate those questions. 😀 It is updated! Click “Download .APK” and you will get to a page where you can find all different versions.

  124. Safe07 says:


    What do i do after i Installed the APK? Do i open? Do i install? Do i move it?

  125. Anonymous says:

    This is a Great Mod

  126. Anonymous says:

    Great mod! But I have one question. Is it just me or can I not access ender pearls anymore?

  127. Erynn says:

    I can’t get it I don’t have the Google play store

    • Editor says:

      You can download the .apk file. This means you don’t need Google Play. Just use a file manager such as ES File Explorer to find the file and then tap on it to run the installation.

  128. pio3 says:

    pls update it to 0.15.6 it looks very well made and it’s a shame to see it fade away

  129. Tyler says:

    How do i use it with desnoguns mod. It always freezes after like 10 seconds and wont allow me to play.

  130. skjfhniasubcoivu says:

    I may give you a better rating when this works with BlockLauncher again. Please fix.

  131. Mr. MOJANGLES says:

    Was working with realms using 15.7 apk on 15.8 realms server but now (15.9) I can’t do anything to get it to work on my realm. I’ve tried multiple 15.7 and 15.8 apks but it keeps saying one of two things: Disconnected from Server or Outdated Client. When I try using Toolbox with 15.9 which I own in Play Store, it freezes while displaying Building Terrain.

    I believe that only a 15.9 client can access a 15.9 realm. Please update quickly and I will make a hefty donation for expedience.

    Or just take your time and get it right but with only 15.9 clients working in Realms 15.9 there’s just nothing we can do and I’m all out of Golden Apples. My horses are pissed and they don’t want enchanted apples which for some odd reason I have about 3,000 of.

    Help my sad horses!

  132. Ben says:

    Everything seems to work except my bow. When I try to use it the screen shakes and no arrows will shoot. Everything updated on my Galaxy Note Edge. Any way to fix?

  133. Candy says:

    what’s the default folder when you import mod? everytime i press the + button to add a mod, i got empty files in download option. i already put the mod files in my download folder. im using minecraft pe 0.15.7 and toolbox 3.2.7. I already installed block launcher 1.13.3. anything im missing? thanks

  134. Jeff says:

    Is there i way I could get this for IOS?

  135. Dire says:

    Will this allow me to modify block attributes, like changing the pitch of a note block? Can I craft things (like fireworks) in Creative mode where the crafting table is disabled?

  136. Mad says:

    How to install it

  137. Nguyễn Quang Phú says:

    Mess I’m have no Toolbox. My Minecraft: Pocket Edition 0.13.0 and Lenovo ideaTab
    A1000L-F with Jelly Bean can’t find any version for MCPE 0.13.0. Can you find for me this version of Toolbox that comptiable with Minecraft: Pocket Edition 0.13.0 please?

  138. Jordan says:

    Is this available for iOS to?

  139. Ice Bot says:

    Please help I don’t have Android I’m on kindle and when I open block launcher it says:
    You are using the wrong version of Minecraft PE you are using, block launcher only supports 0.14.2. Please update your copy of Minecraft PE (the error message is not exactly the same)

  140. Jeff says:

    Can you make it available for iOS pleeeeeeease

  141. ZomboidInvasion says:

    Is this compatable with

  142. Bgmoore04 says:

    Are you going to make an IOS .MCPACK for this?

  143. Robert says:

    Toolbox is awesome

  144. Nathan says:

    I don’t have toolbox pe but I will soon

  145. Denis Mazreku says:

    I have the latest version of Minecraft, Blocklauncher and Toolbox Apps. However while using Blocklauncher, the Toolbox Addon won’t work. I have enabled the addons, restarted the app but it still Toolbox won’t work as an addon for Blocklauncher. Any ideas please?

  146. Kirone says:


  147. ptlthg says:

    Can you please add this to ios this is the best addon I have seen so far.

  148. Na says:

    do it on ios

  149. Makk says:

    Can you find other way on ios

  150. Makk says:

    Do you have any YouTube

  151. 81922734 says:

    This will be ban

  152. Travis says:

    The best

  153. MichaelJ5921458 says:

    I bet it doesn’t work for 1.0

  154. CutieBoy701 says:

    I’m on my ipad and I watched jackfrostminer showcase it and it was awesome and I have a IOS device so I want it too like him

  155. Disappointed says:

    When will MrArm make this for 1.0.0???

  156. Yard says:

    I cant create a realms…it say that i have a bad internet connection but i am the ony one who are using it…any ideas how to fix this?

  157. Disappointed says:

    It’s because toolbox doesn’t support realms

  158. Tj says:

    This thing is hard to work out

  159. Mobiled says:

    Umm Is the toolbox for andriod or ios (I’m using apple i-pad)
    So is there anything needing to pay?
    Do I have to use another device (cause i can’t)
    And is there even one (I am 100% confused of how to download the toolbox thing with the link and also how to import using the open in dropbox or viber page.)
    Please help me I really want to use it soon and almost all the other videos always say this is for android only.
    Thanks! 🙂

  160. Aardon says:

    Why is not working plz creator fix this bug

  161. Billcipher says:

    Does this work for iOS

  162. Riayian says:

    Put this on iOS

  163. STEPHANMAN says:

    Can you make it for IOS?

  164. Tab says:

    I try to use the kill feature with entities and it doesn’t work. What do I do?

  165. Help says:

    HELP! I want this on IOS, I’m using a tablet now and when I go on Google play it says the app isn’t compatible with my device. PLEASE HELP. Make it on ios please, because I’m using android and doesn’t work….

  166. Josiah says:

    Can I get this for Windows 10?

  167. Slemany YT says:

    Can you make it .zip so i can get it in ios

  168. DelonXbox80 says:

    Can you make The Toolbox for iOS to please

  169. Destini says:

    Is there really a toolbox

  170. Moe says:

    Why can’t they put toolbox on iOS

  171. Moe says:


  172. Matthijs Chatillon says:

    I can’t download it. I have IOS, does somebody knows how to do that?

  173. Anonymous says:

    I know the Editor doesn’t reply anymore but can they make an addon like this for iPad mini or iOS please because I really want this addon but I’m using iPad mini and if they will when can it possibly be out?

  174. EDITOR REPLY!!!!!!!!!! says:

    Can you make another mod/addon similar to this compatible with iOS, if so when?

  175. Emmo2233 says:

    I cant download this on iOS… why?

  176. Oliver says:

    Does is work on iOS (I have a 6s) If does inform me if you do see this comment

  177. Human says:

    Can you add the kill and spawn entities and xray button again cause xray is easier to use when there is a button not in the menu also make it so all of this stuff can be used without commands instead of some of it also chat can’t be used when I’m on toolbox and what does auto leave do

  178. Payton Yates says:

    Can you please please please!!! Make this for IOS :C we dont have cool things like this yet…

    • pom6universe says:

      payton. you guys don’t have cool stuff cuz them app developers don’t wanna loose their apps due to how bad ios devises are! flappy birds was removed on an ios devise for a vary stupid reason. cuz a kid threw his phone at the other kid and he got “hurt”

  179. Thearavid Sea says:

    Will you ever make a iOS version so iOS users can use toolbox? please say you will make a iOS compatible version because i want the features as well on iOS tgan on Android. I would really appreciate it.
    ~Sincerely Thearavid Sea

  180. GamerEpicness says:

    What kind of android device does this work on?

  181. tim says:

    Hey is there anyway to get this mod on windows mc?

  182. distroyer826 says:

    Is there a way to get this for wondows 10 edition??

  183. Lol says:

    I have a question is this possible for IOS using documents from the app store it’s new and is called documents 6 is it possible?

  184. rjgameing says:

    Can this be used at all on Windows 10 Edition Minecraft?

  185. Aiden nichols says:

    It’s a great mood but in the launcher I don’t have the launcher options button, can some help.

  186. Keyna says:

    Need furniture mod

  187. Dude brah says:

    Hey dudes is this available for my apple device brah

  188. SwiftNinja99 says:

    Can you change it to a modpkg or a js file? I can’t use apks.

  189. hamba allah says:

    Why its only showing map on mcpe v1.2.1? There are no M button

  190. Goutam says:

    Can I achieve the achievements in playing by toolbox app

  191. TotallyNotAYouTuber with 12K says:

    Basically another way to ruin the game for us regular players. We just wanna play on servers and have fun, but people with this and hacks come around because they like to ruin it for others or bc they suck at the game. Put 5 stars so u could see

  192. Malachai says:

    Can u please make this for iOS

  193. Anonymous says:

    This add-on sucks it’s only for Android devices and I have iOS!!!!!

  194. Jakub says:

    Editor make this mod for iOS I have iOS I was so excited to get this mod when I realized its android only u let me down editor u let me down

  195. Random guy says:

    Doesnt work on ios so this is fake

  196. Mirai says:

    Please make using Minecraft For Windows 10 is yet?

    Make in reach modded do this Addon? Disable/Enable can do this.

    Please reply in request @Editor

  197. pikigamer says:

    i think that notch is the original creater of minecraft, but then the herobine stole everthing he owned and made him poor

  198. Falconer35 says:

    Awosome game yeah i love it

  199. Samridhi Grg says:

    I dont know how to download it the download button dosent pop up. Im on IOS btw

  200. Anonymous says:

    I can’t download it

  201. Clarence says:

    Creator of this the link now is not working pls help

  202. Jack says:

    Please make it so you can get it on Windows 10 edition!
    That Would Be Great!


  203. Insert_Name_Here says:

    Update the archive download link, thanks!

  204. Anonymous says:

    Why do I have to get an app!!!

  205. Edwardmlim29 says:

    Do This For IOS I don’t have a android device

  206. Narren says:

    I need car mod I tried to craft a car but I can’t do it

  207. Aldenthewolf says:

    The apk don’t work no more

  208. Anonymous says:

    It just says oh nose everything broke

  209. Oliver Young says:

    does it work on windows 10 idition

  210. HEY EDITOR! says:

    Hey editor, um… the link doesn’t work… it says “404 not found” and I can’t download it…

  211. King says:

    Can you make it for i phone users can use it too please?

  212. Ryan says:

    Hello, I can’t find the download button? Please help me find the download button of the mod.

  213. TheSkullCreeper says:

    It doesn’t work for 1.8.0+

  214. Anonymous says:

    Why doesn’t this work on IOS?

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