Top 10 Command Block Creations [Redstone]

This map includes 10 really cool command block creations designed specifically for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. A great thing is that it features a whole range of different creations such as functional chairs, escalators and launcher pads. The command blocks are located right next to each creation, so they are very easy to replicate in your own world.

Creator: M7MoGameRTwitter Account

Functional Chair: So simple but yet so awesome! It works much as expected. Just long tap (or right-click) on the chair to sit down.

Escalator: Feeling lazy? That’s OK. This escalator will teleport you down each step.

Laser Gate: Use the button to lock or unlock the gate. If it’s locked you won’t be able to get through.

Update Sign Text: Press the button to animate the text!

There are several other creations but those I will let you explore on your own in-game!


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15 Responses

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  1. Its true.... says:


  2. YTDiamondking says:

    NOICE!!! (nice)

  3. Aswetaswpedandabingbangbong says:

    Nice 👍🏼 not bad

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. Paul Robert says:

    I’ll copy this XD(in my world)

  6. KittyCake25 says:


  7. Night Fury says:

    Awesome! Make more!

  8. Sally says:

    One is broken on mine

  9. Najib says:

    Pls add the command on the page because I can copy or paste in minecraft using haker keyboard ⌨️

  10. Anonymous says:


  11. Anonymous says:

    I like it. Only problem is, i wanted to know how to animate the sign, and all the command blocks were empty.

  12. Tristan Fano says:

    It was amazing except for one it didn’t work it was the one where you press the button with the laser gate but I really liked the automatic door

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