Trading Cards Add-on

This add-on implements 14 new trading cards to the game which is perfect if you are looking for a new and fun challenge. Some cards require that you kill certain mobs while others require a bit more work of getting. Can you collect them all?

Creator: KingbudderjrTwitter Account

How does it work?

Most of the cards can be obtained by killing the different hostile mobs in-game. For example, to obtain a Zombie Card you will need to kill zombies. It can take several kills before a mob drops a card.

Here is a list of all cards which you can collect.

  • Starter Cards:
    • Creeper Card – dropped by Creepers
    • Zombie Card – dropped by Zombies
    • Spider Card – dropped by Spiders
    • Skeleton Card – dropped by Skeletons
    • Slime Card – trade with the Collector
  • Nether Cards:
    • Blaze Card – dropped by Blazes
    • Ghast Card – dropped by Ghasts
    • Magma Cube Card – dropped by Magma Cubes
    • Zombie Pigman Card – trade with the Collector
  • Rare Cards:
    • Guardian Card – treasure from fishing
    • Villager Card – trade with the Collector
    • Wither Card – trade with the Collector (requires a Nether Star)
    • Ender Dragon Card – trade with the Collector (requires a Dragon Egg)

Some cards such as the Rare Cards can only be obtained by doing certain tasks, e.g. fishing or trading with the Collector.

The Collector is a new villager type which trades with cards. Some of your cards can be exchanged for valuable items such as gold ingots.


  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Download Behavior .McPack
  3. Activate the packs for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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73 Responses

4.64 / 5 (40 votes)
  1. DankMemes says:

    New villager should be recolored too,

  2. excelsiorkelvin says:

    Is there a command to get these?

  3. Idea man says:

    Make it so that the cards do stuff

    • I like Turtles says:

      Perhaps they can summon mobs and you can play the game on a table or something, have other cards like gold or houses, make it a game in a game

  4. OnFire3000 says:

    This add-on has a lot of potential, I would suggest making it easier to get the Enderdragon and Whither cards without wasting in game resources like the nether star which is needed for a beacon. It would also be cool if you made a “lucky block” which could be bought with gold from selling unwanted cards and would drop different cards when broken.

  5. superspider3500 says:

    There must be commands to get the cards, like there were commands with the Better Storage Addon. I’m also wondering what this one could be.

  6. Samuel says:

    Cool concept. 5 stars

  7. Hamza says:

    How did you create the addon

  8. Dalekjast100 says:

    How common is guardian card

  9. ValgardBarbatos says:

    When i first saw this it’s like Yu-Gi-Oh or CardFight Vanguard. Btw, nice addon.

  10. NinjaX3 says:

    Add more cards like in your Unused folder in the texture pack.It is amazing!

  11. OliverQueen says:

    I have every but the 4 rares very good addon I’ve been fishing for a couple hours can you tell me the percentage of getting guardian

  12. Felix says:

    The cards are dandelions XD 😂

  13. KolbyCheez says:

    What do the trading cards replace?

  14. Kurtis says:

    Could you make a addon that adds iPhones to the game like blue yellow green red? Would be really cool

  15. CheeseSause41 says:

    What is the name to spawn the cards? A

  16. Muhammad says:

    What about the enderman trading card? What’s to mention?

  17. Xx_(-.•)_xX says:

    Am I the only one that’s getting nothing from zombies?

  18. Anonymous says:

    man! i love this but i wish you can battle mobs/villagers with them!

  19. Fucka11 says:

    i want to obtain it by crafting or the inventory

    • Trey says:

      The whole point of this addon is to provide a fun challenge. If you really want to get them easily then use /give (YOUR NAME HERE) yellow_flower 1 (Any number ranging from 1 to 14)

  20. CaptainRex says:

    Cool. And because it doesn’t replace any other block AND works with The More Blocks Add-on so this is what I fear like about this ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  21. Axel says:

    Is there a Steve card, like the icon suggests?

  22. Anonymous says:

    I love mcpedl

  23. MCHurt12 says:

    This addon is very cool but can u summon them again? and can u make them fight?

  24. Anonymous says:

    Change the color

  25. Minecraft Champ says:

    Cool addon but with a trading card addon you would think the villager would look like how the librarian looks like not how a farmer looks like but this is just a suggestion and I’m not hating this addon bc it’s a really good concept for a mc trading card game

    • Minecraft Champ says:

      Also the dragon card it shouldn’t be for a stack of gold ingots it should be for either like half or quarter of a stack of diamonds or a quarter or 8 emeralds (I forgot what’s lower than a quarter is called and since in this case a quarter of a stack is 16 I just said 8)

  26. ScaryCherrie6 says:

    Dude this is ridiculous. Pokémon is enough. This is plain ridiculous. What’s the use anyway? Don’t turn minecraft players into a bunch of card-addicts. # MakeMinecraftPEGreatAgain.

    • Princess Consuela says:

      That’s rude. Some people like trading cards. Just because YOU don’t doesn’t mean everyone else agrees. The world doesn’t revolve around you so stop acting like it does and your opinion is the only one worth even mentioning. If you’re gonna act like that then I will never understand how you have friends

  27. AgentCPU0 says:

    How do you get the Enderman card? it’s the only card I found in the files that wasn’t explained how to get.

  28. A Command Block Nub says:

    I luv how they drop cards and all.. but maybe you can use them to summon allies! (Zombie card spawn zombie helper) and make them battle like YU Gi Oh or pokemon! That will be the best!

  29. Aaryan Ilanchelian says:

    Make gaurdian card a lot less rare.

  30. THINGY says:

    Its solo hard getting the guardian card

  31. Rj_gamer says:

    What does the card replace?

  32. rainbowgowt says:

    what is the point? just collect cards? maybe it would be better if you added a battle part of the addon.

  33. Anonymous says:


  34. MCAayan990 says:

    I loved this addon.I easily got every single one.Except the Guardian, I have been fishing for an hour and no sign yet…..I just can’t wait for a new update. Can u add animals,illagers,golems etc. I would love that!

  35. realdiamondpick says:

    Really interesting may make a map out of it

  36. F-4u says:

    I’m Actually muhammad but i changed my name dont worry

  37. Black panther says:

    It’s awesome!! I love it! I have ten wither cards in survival mode. And 3 ender dragon cards.

  38. Anonymous says:

    What do you use to create this?

  39. Parver says:

    This reminds me of Hunter X Hunter
    Greed island game

  40. Anonymous says:

    This addon has a lot of potential!
    Most addons replace items, some have separate items.
    As an example, in the vending machine addon, it replaced a shulker with another item, but in this it has a separate system that does not overwrite the Dandelion. Nice!

  41. jerry says:

    Really funny , one of my friends love competetions alot , better for me not telling him i have that mod or he going to start another freaking copetetion 😂😂😂😂

  42. Anonymous says:

    You can trade trading cards with players too

  43. JohnnyRock199 says:

    Is there a command summon the trader or do I just have to find one

  44. Minecraftwinner says:

    Add undying Armour that gives you all sorts of bounces like speed, higher jumping and night vision or something like taht

  45. ezezeus says:

    All you get a flower. No card

  46. Neocrea says:

    Man ! this addon is awsome ! you should make an arena that should be look like clash royale ! and the mob spawning texture should be replaced then that will be more fun and addictive … thanks a lot for making this addon i love it so much !

  47. Johnny Test says:

    Did you notice that you can but them in flower pots and display them anywhere?

  48. Johnny Test says:

    Did you notice that you can but them in flower pots and display them anywhere?

  49. Jason21756 says:

    I really like this addon

  50. Jason21756 says:

    Really awesome addon and agree with neocrea

  51. Jason21756 says:

    Hi watch jacksepticeye on youtube

  52. Orbit says:

    Have a McPack one pls

  53. DaBoss9326 says:

    Make it MediaFire please

  54. Evin red says:

    i have killed 100 skeletons for nothing

  55. SuperTanker says:

    Are they available in the creative inventory?

  56. Percyjackson57 says:

    Well i love this addon for mcpe. I have a few ideas tho, first booster packs should be included (crafting or trading), they could be like silver or gold booster packes (types) each has more rarer cards and mire cards.also you could spawn the mob on the card but it would be freindly towards you, but not towards others. Also more cards should be added. Please take my suggestion into consideration, thanks!

  57. Hi says:

    I try to download the behavior pack and it takes me to a add that I can’t skip

  58. andip55 says:

    need it on a different website download

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