Trading Skyblock [Survival] (Addon!)

This is a much better version of the original skyblock survival map. It uses an addon as well as some clever tricks to let you access a store which can be used for buying and selling items which are obtained on the skyblock island. And if you find a way to survive and gather enough resources you will eventually be able to go to the End and fight the Ender Dragon.

Creator: StarkTMA, Twitter Account

How to play?

Jump into the end portal (and skip the End credits) to get to the skyblock island which at start only consists of a tree and a portal. The objective is to survive for as long as possible by using the few resources you’ve got and one day (if you make it for that long) fight the Ender Dragon.

Once you’ve obtained some items you can go to the Trading Area (by using the portal) and trade your items for emeralds. You can then use the emeralds to buy other items which are necessary for your survival on the skyblock island.

Eventually you will have gathered and crafted enough resources to ultimately be able to go to the End and fight the Ender Dragon. Go to the Trading Area and dig down at the obsidian floor. Then take the End Crystals from the chest. Find a way over to the big island (still in the End) and use the End Crystals to spawn the dragon. It’s also possible to enter the End Unlimited.



  • Don’t break anything in the trading area besides the obsidian blocks
  • Don’t make another portal when you are in the End, use the one you came from

Download .McWorld
Download .ZIP

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69 Responses

4 / 5 (11 votes)
  1. Leo says:

    Cool Map!

  2. carlos says:

    lol yess of corse is realy of the mosth addon for mcpe compatibl to the version 1.0.5

  3. TheTroll9023 says:

    How many players can play in this?

  4. Thumpy999 says:

    Cool! this would be a cool map to do a series on!

  5. Brian Dickson says:

    Wow you make so much stuff StarkTMA, AWESOME!

  6. valdemar2212 says:

    Awesome Super Awesome Bravo Cool map

  7. Blakewm says:

    This is a awsome skyblock make a second one, I think it just need one or two island to make it better

  8. DanElmerLei says:

    This freaking awesome just like in eckosoldier plays on xbox

  9. Overblox says:

    Most amazing map for a YouTube series (can’t do one :c) BUTNIT WOULD BE GREAT (also give you credit if so. (1st)

  10. Anonymous says:

    This map is amazing. Absolutely loved it! ❤️❤️❤️

  11. qeert says:

    Nie one! this is just i been waiting for!

  12. Falcon says:

    Dude u can totally remake sky den

  13. Cutelix7Rowling says:

    Is there an add on for custom trades?

  14. Random says:

    The map is realy cool but its to hard to get ressources. You should change the amount of emerald needed to buy someting from the villager because right now you can’t get water or lava.

  15. Ethan Sorensen says:

    Hey created I really love key the idea of this map but it is really hard to get emeralds and buy things from the villagers

  16. How says:

    How did you make custom trades for this map? Please respond to this because I want to make something similar to his with custom trades

  17. DaBest_Nigga17 says:

    FIRST COMMENT!!!!!!! Anyways what a unbelievable and awesome map u have. I’m sure u work really hard just to post in here and let other players try ur GREATEST Map😃!!!!


    How to buy bonemeal?

  19. Funky guy says:

    This map is good i recomman to fix or add more stuff in the island example expant the sky block island or put a supply chest or u can use command block tk make it more interesting 😀 I hope u guys make another map like this but even better.

    P.S the villager trade is kinda horable

  20. Earthray04 says:

    Can we play this with 2 people
    Btw first comment

  21. KingOfDark says:

    Can you make me an intro please?

  22. FTWunpop says:

    I tried to play fair i did for lille time , but the map is soo imposible or it would take forever , this is like hard core , but great map it’s special than other skyblock , but way too hard

  23. Therix says:

    Thats awesome! It has no Command Blocks but still, awesome!

  24. voldemart says:

    awsome map dude/homie

  25. Martins says:

    Trading is short i cant purchase blocks as many i want

  26. Ritik Patel says:

    I locked the sapling trade on one of the villagers, will it be unlocked?

  27. Anonymous says:

    I couldn’t do it!It just keeps bringing me to freaking AdFly!

  28. John Doe says:

    THAT IS THE AMAZING MAP I SAW!!!!!!!😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  29. Ryker says:

    This map is amazing

  30. Ryker says:

    Cool map Guys

  31. ImperialMetrics says:

    ok,was a GREAT concept,but the portal spawned in void and i couldnt play anymore-_-

  32. I reply to comments says:

    Is there a link to the villager trading?
    I would like to have this Addon for myself.

  33. DeadZYTBoss1349 says:

    Stark,I want to ask u something
    How did u give items to the villagers so then they coud sell them or even buy them thas awesome a realy cool map

  34. Lol says:

    what is the name of the add on I need it

  35. TNTGUY says:

    How do you GET food?

  36. Bruno says:

    When a trading blocks, Will it ever unlock? Or Will i nevera be able to sell or buy that thing?

  37. Dani says:

    I had a lucky balls crashed my game plz help

  38. Anonymous says:

    AMAZING!, How did you make a custom villager trading?

  39. LukaTDS says:

    Man i loved the map. I killed the Ender Dragon with such ease, i guess im to use to survival ;). Anyway, just one thing, make the trades a bit cheeper. It takes forever to get lave and water, i dont even want to talk about diamonds etc.

    P.S. Can you send me the add-on, i know how to do that stuff and i would like to see how you’ve done it

  40. superspider3500 says:

    For info about villager trading: The villager can only do the same trade 7 times before locking the trade. To unlock the trade, trade something else with the same villager.

  41. Sa says:

    It’s a awesome map but sometimes the villagers just dissapear or accidentally die when that happened it was game over can u fix or maybe have a button to press and the villager spawns again

  42. Awesomepvp3500 says:

    can you tell me how to spawn back the dead villagers?

  43. Hi says:

    What does the lucky things do they crash my game when I try to throw them

  44. Alfie Didenko says:

    It not working

  45. ??? says:

    I cant download this map. It says that its not longer connected to media something. Please try to solve the problem. I really want to play this map.

  46. pro says:

    thisj map suck link is nt working

  47. Talebafifa123 says:

    Not bad at all I liked it 👌

  48. Talebafifa123 says:

    Not bad at all I liked it soooooooooo much

  49. Marqkyle says:

    How do u download the addon or the mod stark?

  50. Fjh says:

    I play this map long time.It is good,but have no red stone.I love play red stone.

  51. 200 OK says:

    Unfortunately, both links appeared to be leading to broken downloads (after a malicious “adfly” wait)

  52. Bummyboi says:

    Please fix the downloads

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