Troll Test [Puzzle] (Addon) (0.17 Only!)

Troll Test is a puzzle map specifically designed for 0.17 for Minecraft PE. An addon is included in the map download and it helps create a great map with a good variety of challenges. It starts out easy but as soon you’ve passed through a few levels it immediately gets much more difficult. All in all, it’s a great map if you enjoy puzzles.

Creator: FH_Miner (Twitter), Cheete (Twitter)

How to play?

Once you’ve entered the map there’s a short tutorial which we highly recommend you to go through. If you can’t find the solution for a level then you can get a hint. Everything like this is explained in the tutorial.

After you’ve completed a level and reached a gold room then type /spawnpoint in the text chat to save a checkpoint.

troll-test-map-3 troll-test-map-2 troll-test-map-1



  • Don’t break blocks
  • Play in survival mode
  • Set difficulty to peaceful

This map requires version 0.17 for Minecraft PE. Android users can sign up for a beta here! The rest of you have to wait for the official release.

Download .McWorld
Download .ZIP

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21 Responses

5 / 5 (1 vote)
  1. That Kid who sits right next to you says:

    Love the map! How can I make one?

  2. Thegamer962 says:

    Is the 17.0 beta gonna come out on iOS because These maps look cool….

  3. RandomLlama says:

    This looks so good, too bad I have to wait for iOS 0.17.0

  4. Nathan says:

    Hello and also Thegamer962 there won’t be an 17.0 beta test for IOS only android also you should be amazed that the 17.0 beta is coming to iOS really close this is not the test as well test is only for Android also are you on android you just sign up for the 17.0 beta test

  5. Nathan says:

    Really close to being 17.0 on iOS omg also there’s no date for it but it’s coming out before the year is about to end so don’t worry it won’t come out when the year ends it comes out before the year is about to end Thegamer962

  6. Nathan says:

    IMPORTANT QUESTION FOR YOU ALL ITS WHEN 4 MONTHS I guess? It is about close for the end of the year and I just notice it’s almost the end of the world OMG

  7. Nathan says:

    This is an pretty good game it’s like one of the puzzles and this looks familiar on Minecraft pcs cause look you might notice it’s like explode the TNT but I don’t remember the name you have to make the TNT explode and also dan played it so you might be familiar with my question

  8. FrostyTDM says:

    I like TROLL MAPS!!!
    Can you please upload more of this?

  9. Tim says:

    Can you make it for 0.16.0 because that isn’t hard

  10. Nathan says:

    Hint: Getting it on 16.0 dosen’t work don’t test it I just test it and it opened the world and it its an flat land with animals but not loaded just the behaviors and resources it’s actually for 17.0 Don’t be dumb or stupid this is for 17.0 Enjoy playing IF YOUR ON ANDROID

  11. PandyGaming says:

    I love it! Keep up the good work dude

  12. Xxgamer says:

    Hey guys I love it

  13. Anonymous says:

    This sucks!

  14. Trollbrine says:

    This map is got beta or alpha

  15. Secret says:

    A really good map nice

  16. Londyn Martin says:

    Hello I’m a big noob at minecraft so this is going to be hard

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