Ultimate NPCs Mod

Minecraft in singleplayer can sometimes be a little bit lonely, don’t you think? The Ultimate NPCs Mod solves this problem. It makes it possible to befriend a villager and then set up different properties for it, such as automatic follow, defend and you can can even set it up so it can speak. There are tens of preset skins to choose from (such as your favorite YouTubers) so there are lot of things to customize.

Creator: Dr Lazuli, Twitter Account

How does it work?

Tap on a villager using the NPC Wand (ID: 1000, no recipe). A simple menu will open. Here you can select a few different properties of the villager:

  • Name
  • Follow / Wander
  • Attack / Don’t attack
  • Appearance (skin change (lots of presets exist, e.g. JackFrostMiner, FuzionDroid, Herobrine etc), size and more.
  • Speech (text speech)

We decided to create our personal Einstein villager.


To test his capabilities we spawned some spiders and attacked them. He was very quick in his action and immediately started to attack them for us.


Just don’t think the villagers you befriend are invincible. Einstein was finally defeated by a couple of zombies. Poor guy.


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97 Responses

2.8 / 5 (10 votes)
  1. Radcliff says:

    WUT! I can finally make modded adventures to YouTube! THANKS TO YOU! Dr. Lazuli!

  2. RedstoneGuy says:

    Great! Now Minecraft can get more interesting!

  3. Galaxy_50_MLG says:

    Plss Help the pocket manager mod always crashes my blocklauncher pls tell me how to fix it……And Also Pls Tell The Creator Of The Toolbox (TMI) mod to make it fit for 14.0 pls D:

  4. Widi says:

    They wont attack hostile mobs 🙁

  5. ShadowHunter12 says:

    NPC’s did not attacking when I turn it to “Will Attack”

  6. WizarDeadSmiley says:

    Wait a minute… did it work for 0.14 full?

  7. TheSuperEmerald 2 says:

    Dosent work this is what appears on my screen:org.mozilla.javascript.WrappedException: Wrapped java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: The item icon npc_wand:0 does not exist (NPCs_Mod_Dr_Lazuli.js#34)

  8. iszharrayyan says:

    the best man

  9. kimchesse says:

    This is the most nice mod ever in mcpe

  10. Alpi Games says:

    Please Fix The .js file, This Error on My BlockLauncher

  11. Angel says:

    How to you make him to follow you

  12. ThoniFCG says:

    I just saw the coding it’s something wrong

  13. ThoniFCG says:

    Can i edit the problem my self, pls?
    Because i’m a modder too

  14. Kiki says:


  15. darth_ventor says:

    Is it possible to add multiple things for the villager to say? When you write RANDOM, it comes up with a bunch of phrases, but I can only seem to write one.

  16. Lunar says:

    I can’t gong the wand and I’m using 14.0

  17. Ctrixe says:

    I dont know how to install it

  18. favaroXD says:

    I’ve installed the texture first but I. Don’t know why it doesn’t work it keeps missing the wand

  19. favaroXD says:

    It won’t work, ive installed the texture
    And mod but it still missing the wand item

  20. favaroXD says:

    It says error “oh nose everything broke”

    and codes appearing from my screen

  21. Joseph Templar says:

    Dr. Lazuli’s mod is trusted for me.. Really good mod.. From the 0.12.1 to 0.14.0, I still use his fill tool mod! Good work.

  22. OtakuPlays says:

    Whoo~! This seems interesting!!! B3

  23. mahdi says:

    sorry but can you

  24. JaianINFINITY says:

    The skins wont change i did everthing but still nothing happens

  25. Baron097 says:

    Hey Dr.Lazuli Can you Make The Mod Compatible in 0.14.2 please…

  26. Ryan says:

    Its really good and I’m using it to create stories but I can’t change their skin that I want… So can you add a setting that we can upload our own skin … Plz BTW its really great

  27. Jemi says:

    When I edit the villager, changing to custom skin, and I go back, it resets to default villager skin. And when I write with custom text (such as ä,á, §e, its changed to Â, 1/4, 1/2, ÷, °, ×, and others.
    This is lagging

  28. Tron Viking85 says:

    Anyone knows where to extract/install/place the zipped file? Urgently help here!

  29. Jaise says:

    Error when i spawn villagers . And the wand doesnt work when i tap them .

  30. Amanda says:

    This is for Andriod and I’m IOS so I dosen’t work And I have been looking for a App Like this For IOS Does anyone Know One like this for IOS???

  31. Kurt says:

    Does it work without block launcher causr im using mcpe master

  32. Jeannie says:

    How do you add skins other than the presets? I’m asking because I want to add a bunch more skins to add some diversity in my worlds.

  33. ... says:

    Amazing Mod but it seems to have some flaws.
    -I tried to attack a enemy like a husk and the NPC ran away like a normal villager.
    -This is more like a question. Is it possible to add your own skin? If so, please reply.
    -The skins don’t show any layers, meaning that Dan is missing his goggles and stuff.
    If you updated it to add these features it would be great!

  34. Anonymous says:

    It works for mcpe 0.15.3/4?

  35. CoolCat says:

    Is this for mcpe and iOS?

  36. Maddy says:

    Hi I’m having trouble it wont let download it Im using iOS an so did all the steps it said on the help guid to use on ifunbox but it said it outdated or it wont work is there another way to download it or can make one for mcpe pack

  37. Kalia09465 says:

    How do you make them talk

  38. FantasyCraft says:

    please ipdete this mod

  39. Leif Scottson says:

    I did every thing the tutorial told me to do and when I look under resource packs or texture packs, instead of the mod picture, I get a grey X and an error message. Please help! 😭

  40. Andrew says:

    Does it work in block launcher or regular MCPE????? Because I downloaded it and it wasn’t in block launcher!!

  41. Skyler Wynder says:

    Lol Einstein

  42. Andy says:

    Plz Plz add were you could give villagers iteam for original game and I teams from mods Plz Plz plz!

  43. Corl/mie says:

    Can you update it for Please

  44. Anonymous.ly says:

    Can you update this mod plz plz because I want to make a minigame map with villagers could you plz update the mod plz

  45. Priyansh says:

    Its even showing “Unable to parse the Package” Someone Please HELP me

  46. Hubert says:

    This quiz is really easy

  47. Lama3000 says:

    This mod dosent work better mod is on a pc version cause you can create what ever you want

  48. Skittlz says:

    Can you make another link for IOS? Cause when I try to download it, it says I should download it on computer :/

  49. NOT TELLING YOU says:

    Hi, I was gonna download this, but zips don’t work. And no I refuse to download some stupid app. Please make a non-zip version of this.

  50. Lenny says:

    You should make it were you can give them wepons even modded ones

  51. TemmiePlay_MC says:

    It’d be amazing if you could ACTUALLY DOWNLOAD IT 🙁 I can’t download it because it brings me to an ‘invalid’ page that doesn’t load nor work 🙁

  52. Ashton says:

    I really want to play but, It keeps saying DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN or ERR_NAME_RESOLUTION_FAILED and I don’t know how to remove please email me a [email protected] for any suggestions

  53. Your Name says:

    hey i’m trying to download this mod, but it keeps saying that the dns server is down =(
    Please help because this mod looks amazing man…

  54. ): says:

    I can’t download this I’m really sad ):

  55. McKenna says:

    Does this work for windows 10? Whenever I try to find out how to download mods, the tutorials say “Use PE Mods, or Maps” and the rest is confusing. Can anybody help?

  56. HELP ME says:

    I can’t download it cause it won’t load the website used to download the behaviour pack and Resource pack.. can anybody send me another like to download it

  57. Lizzie says:

    Ok I downloaded it an now I HAVE FRIENDS! fake friends ;~;

  58. little wolfy23 says:

    Why cant i download it

  59. V says:

    Um I’m in 2018 and it doesn’t work 🙁

  60. Hogan says:

    I can’t download it ! ! !

  61. Jay says:

    Why Can’t I Download it?

  62. Midnight Wolf says:


  63. RyanPlayz says:

    Idk how to download it cause it wants me to go to es file explorer but it doesn’t work
    Fix it pls

  64. OliviaIce2577 says:

    How do you get the NPC Wand?

  65. Diamond the Alchemist says:

    I can’t download it, because my tablet doesn’t register filecred as a thing and just leads me to a page that says that this site doesn’t exist. Could you please fix this, or tell me how to download. AND DON’T WANT ME TO DOWNLOAD LINK FOR THIS WEBSITE!

  66. Melon says:

    How do you download

  67. Dan says:

    How do you download this map?

  68. ShanaEric says:

    Is it possible to make it an Media fire link? If so please add, if not well, at least you tried.

  69. meow says:

    when u click download it doesn’t do anything how do i install it help

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