Underwater Ruins (Update Aquatic Concept) [Creation]

Underwater Ruins are listed as one of the new features in the Aquatic Update. The core idea of this new update is to bring some new life to the vast oceans of Minecraft. This map is a concept of these new underwater ruins and are purely based on the Instagram footage released by Minecraft. Keep in mind that this map is just a fan-created concept!

Creator: JPlaysPETwitter AccountYouTube Channel

You’ll find yourself spawning on a small island. A bridge leads out to a boat which you can use for getting to the area of the underwater structures.

Swim down to the bottom of the ocean floor to reach the underwater structures.

Here you’ll find some chests.

In the tall structure there’s also a hidden access which leads down to a tunnel.

Here’s an official preview by Minecraft of the new ruins! (It’s in no official relation to this post.)

Video Showcase


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9 Responses

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  1. RageElixir says:

    Make an Concept a bout what should Minecraft like if the movements were realistic, Like FusionDroid’s Video?

  2. billy2704 says:

    This is awesome! I hope this makes it in the update! Someone should make a shipwreck map too. I think that’s another concept.

  3. The White Wolf says:

    Good map

  4. Aceminer46/Aceshot46 says:

    Nice! I would really like to see this added into the update

  5. Blah blah blah says:

    Cool and I think Awesome youtuber should try this map like AA12,Fusion Droid,Rage Elixir(He’s the best you know),Eystreem,True Triz and The Unspeakable UnspeakableGaming/Nathan

  6. Maia says:

    What’s up with the underwater volcanos… And why is no one talking about it?!

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