-2041696679: Underwater Stronghold & Ocean Monument

This seed is the first one I’ve come across which have for unknown reasons generated a stronghold underwater. Another cool feature of the seed is that the stronghold is located just next to an ocean monument. The chance for this happening is obviously extremely small and that makes it a very unique and rare seed.

Found by: Someone

How to find the underwater structures?

When creating the world make sure to enable cheats since this is necessary for navigating in the world. Type the following text command once you’ve spawned to get the coordinates for the stronghold and ocean monument: /locate stronghold. Then type the following command to teleport to the location: /tp @a -912 32 -1216

You will spawn on the bottom of the ocean at a huge stronghold which for some reason has been generated underwater. Next to the stronghold there is also an ocean monument.

The stronghold is quite bugged. There are multiple openings all over the stronghold which connects directly to the water, but for some reason it’s not flooded.

Seed: -2041696679

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18 Responses

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  1. DankMemes says:

    Now if we could find a world/seed with an above ground ocean monument

  2. ConfusedStranger says:

    I can’t seem to find the tp location, could you please type the tp command out in Minecraft so I know if I’ve done something incorrectly?

  3. LegoAidan10155 says:

    The stronghold isn’t buggy. If you notice in any strongholds underground, a lot of the corridors end of with a normal stone wall. This is for generation, so it can also connect to other chunks of the stronghold.

    As for the water not coming in, that is also for generation. Air blocks are included in the generation to make sure there is no stone still in the structure after it spawns. Most likely due to the ocean generating first, the water was told not to come in due to the air blocks during generation, so it won’t come in until you let it

  4. rahim says:

    Wow awesome who first see it 🙂

  5. Calvin says:

    I would like if it has an underwater shark and we can tame it and dolphins

  6. Anonymous says:

    Awesome seed! This is the first seed ive seen like this and it’s really fun to explore!

  7. COVELIGHT9071 says:

    Hey good job finding this seed it’s really useful for its loot.

  8. AppleProGamer says:

    Who submitted this seed?

  9. Someone says:

    Hi guys I’m someone 😄😃 I was so surprised when I found this I couldn’t wait to post it

  10. fruitSalad266 says:

    It’s not flooded because a stronghold generates with air blocks, which replace the water blocks.

  11. Brian38 says:

    Is this the only seed found with a stronghold in the gravel land underwater?

  12. Noor Ayedi says:

    I liked the seed! 🙂

  13. pius says:

    I can’t find the ocean

  14. jeff says:


  15. ThatOneArcader says:

    Is it okay if I use this for a horror map? I’ll give credit.

  16. Krissy says:

    um hey when i tried to tp to the place i ended up in snow land not at the monument.

  17. ShadowBlade8192 says:

    I spent about an hour scavenging the librarys ( I am in survival so I had about ten minutes getting there)
    and I found so many good enchantments on books, even mending and channeling! would recommend for and lets play, and an added challenge of making conduits for all the monument….. I love this seed

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