Update Aquatic Features Review Map [Creation] (Beta Only)

This map was created to help you get a better understanding about the new features being added in the Update Aquatic. Learn about the stripped logs, shipwreck and other cool and useful features. This is a major update for Minecraft and hopefully this map will help you on the way to get a better grasp of it!

Creator: Gfriend_Yuju28, Twitter Account
Updated: 16 April, 2018 (read changelog)


  • Changelog
    • Added two more features missed in the last update
    • Added more trees
  • Next Update
    • More areas to explore
    • More features
    • Spawn area update
    • Fishing Lake and House update
    • Updating the boards
    • Add more information


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49 Responses

4.5 / 5 (14 votes)
  1. Gavin Culley says:


  2. Nico says:

    It says that the world has been saved on a newer version of Minecraft and won’t let me get it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    first comment

  4. Yes i am still makeing more updates to this game

  5. Anonymous says:

    When I download it it doesn’t show up even if I close out Minecraft and restart it

  6. Hubstergaming says:

    Do you have to turn experimental gameplay on?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Don’t work I can’t enter it

  8. Gabrielxox says:

    It has tutles and phantom???? How did you get that!??!!?

    Pls reply

    • Notch says:

      Gabrielxox, it’s from the new beta models there on the official Mojang page we are working on making the turtles tameable with sugar cane 🙂 <3 -Notch

  9. Help says:

    2 links zip why?

  10. I.II.IV says:

    Beta is available

  11. NotchFan says:

    Notch is that you????

  12. Notch says:

    Hey guys just a quick word, the aquatic update includes a few of these features but also includes a few new tameable mobs the dolphin and the turtle, there is also another secret feature kinda like dinnerbone but instead it’s if you name the turtles ninja, Michael or anjilo it will have a red, green, or blue bandana wrapped around there head.(make sure you look out for that one).We are trying to finish the aquatic update as soon as possible, we just need your opinion on the beta update that is currently out, the estimated release date is by the end of May. -Notch

  13. Notch says:

    Also we are working on end villages and adding a new mob (The Gorilla) and on baby parrots Hopefully this update will be out shortly 🙂 -Notch

  14. MorgAn says:

    Notch are you real or are you a faker? I’m going to the official mojang page (if there is one)
    I will be realy dissappointed if your fake 🙁

  15. Silver says:

    It kinda cool to have this thx’s for makeing this

  16. BlueSource says:

    Ughhhhhh stop fooling us -.- you trolled on the wrong site You B****,NOTCH IS NOT WORKING FOR MINECARFT ANYMORE, there will be no end village(FAKE)why the heck will they add gorillas?(FAKE!),stupid teenage mutant ninja turtle fanboy/girl *facepalm*

  17. Gfriend_Yuju28 says:

    Editor !! I Have Twitter Acc ! You Need To Add My Twitter Acc : @Gfriend_Yuju28

  18. Troodon YT says:

    I’m on andriod with experiential features and on the newest update bur it still says saved to a newer version, what newer version?

  19. Vtyftfv7vtf7 says:

    I hate u

  20. Vtyftfv7vtf7 says:

    U guys are fucking idiots

  21. BaghasArt​146 says:

    Notch isnt working for Minecraft again dumbass, so it fake

  22. Minecraft lover says:


    • Gfriend_Yuju28 says:

      LIKE helllo!!! You Dont Need To Go In Minecraft.Net For the Beta!! They dont release betas there !! They are only. Snapshots for Java ! you can get via Google Play Or via Apk!!

  23. Someone says:

    Hi guys I’m an iOS user and wondering if I should get this map. I don’t want to get it right now because it will take up my storage. Please can someone help me.


  24. Gfriend_Yuju28 says:

    Editor Can You Update The Map? I Submitted Another Update for the map!

  25. AnwinPlays says:

    Notch Is the inventory of minecraft
    Jeb is developer

  26. Notch says:

    I am going to make another version of minecraft

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