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This mod adds a simple user interface which can be accessed by pressing the U button located in the right area of the screen. In the menu you can easily change the time of the day, gamemode, turn infinite health on and off and a couple of other useful options.

Creator: andynazay153

All Features

  • Time switch (day/night)
  • Gamemode switch (surival/creative)
  • Invisibility
  • Auto heal
  • Fly on/off
  • No hunger sprinting
  • Ride animal
  • Ifinite health button
  • Suicide
  • New GUI


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13 Responses

  1. Parker says:

    How do I get this mod

  2. XxMCPEBOSSxX says:

    how old is the mod?

  3. Herobrine Evilness says:

    Does this work on 0.14.3

  4. JTCallison YT says:

    Hello editors I have two questions
    1: is this on iOS
    If not here’s
    2: when while this be for iOS?

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