Useless X-Ray Pack

This pack makes some of the blocks in Minecraft invisible. However, all of the ores are still visible and this means that it will be a lot easier to find them. I suppose it could be considered a cheat but I have to say that it will be very useful for people who are searching for awesome seeds as well. It’s going to be interesting to see what comes out of this!

Creator: DualRed, Twitter Account
Updated: 22 October, 2017 (read changelog)

How does it work?

As it is a resource pack you can’t really change any settings or similar for it in-game. Once you’ve enabled the resource pack it will be possible to use as soon as you enter a world.

All of stone blocks have been turned invisible and left are just the ores. But since it’s dark it will be difficult to see which ore is which.

Drink a potion of night vision to get a better view of the different blocks or bring lots of torches.

Here’s an example of what you could possibly find by using this pack. Diamonds!


  • 1.2.x compatibility
  • Removed the coordinates as they are already available in-game
  • Fixed bug (e.g. missing textures and crashing when activating the resource pack)


  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Open Minecraft
  3. Settings > Global resources > Activate resource pack

You can get a .ZIP file for this resource pack here.

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99 Responses

4.04 / 5 (25 votes)
  1. Enderman PE Official says:

    Can we patch this? If not i will find aa way to patch this

  2. Shox says:

    Nice pack

  3. WyvernGuardian says:

    thx this addon will be very helpful for catching xray hackers on my server thx!

  4. Tim says:

    Can you do that the ores glow ? Because they are very dark and i cant see wich ore it is

  5. AnnoyingAnnonymous says:

    Extract the vannila files, put them as your resource pack, then press “must accept” done!!

  6. KhalidTwair says:

    Make the x-ray more lighter

  7. Charles says:

    WOW GREAT ADDON! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  8. NFPEGamer says:

    MCPEDL the creator is trying to reach you on twitter.

  9. ItzZ3kk says:

    Make the other blocks have outlines so I can see them?

  10. TheKylarK says:


  11. Steve says:

    Wow looks cool

  12. WyvernGuardian says:

    btw can someone tell me how to make an addon or what app or website i need to probram it

  13. Hey says:

    Can u make a button where you can toggle the X-ray on and off

  14. Day one guy says:

    Can you please make the ores glow instead of making the other blocks invisible pls? If you can do that you are easily the best person ever!

  15. Alustarg says:

    Any one can do a add on . Minimap? How tool box but only the minimap i want

  16. Lol says:

    Could you give the blocks that are removed an outline so i can see them but also see through them?

  17. Adam says:

    Thanks sooo much I’ve been waiting for that for ages

  18. bonin888 says:

    I don’t think hackers would waste their time using this pack, but you never know. Also, server owners can give the pack to other admins I they wanted, then they’d just have to join the server with the pack on, if some x-ray hacker was on their server. Pretty cool. 🙂

  19. Bobo says:

    Pls somebody make a black diamond texture

  20. KingJeff314 says:

    Is it possible for the creator to give the blocks an outline or some identifying mark–I don’t want to fall in a hole

  21. Jeff says:

    Please make it so you can turn it off in-game like on servers

  22. Cutekitty591989 says:

    How you make maps?

  23. Jakob says:

    I love this map

  24. Mcpemaster36183 says:

    How do you create add-ons? And stuff

  25. Opilkm27 says:

    It’s a cool addon

  26. edyytgamer says:

    can u add light to the addon

  27. LolplatFormes says:

    can you pls increas the gamma of the ores

  28. Nanofarad says:

    can we get a version of this with just the cords

  29. David A says:

    Hey everyone! If you Download the (night vision shaders) you can see ors and caves very clearly! It helps a lot. Your welcome

  30. Kevin says:

    Can you make dispensers visible.plz.. It would be a lot helpful

  31. Foxbit MC says:

    Hey dualred, nice texture but can you add a border around the blocks like a 1 layer border around all the invis blocks so you can at least SEE where some blocks are? Its hard to mine when you don’t know if your next step is gonna be there. Anyway great texture pack

  32. Antonio says:

    Add a turn-on and off option or hotkey and make the ores brighter it would be perfect

  33. junglepupoozzle says:

    It works well for me – I also use a Fulbright shader at the same time.

  34. Niceguy1000 says:

    I play on and I go on the factoins and this works and I don’t get banned I love it but the thing I don’t love like if you are In a cave u can’t see where the cave begins and the cave ends so can u add a outline to the blocks thx

  35. Vggg says:

    Hi this addin sucks it says you can see grass but I can’t

  36. firewarrior0207 says:

    I got 6 diamond,thx

  37. Gabby says:

    Can you make it so you can see mob spawners to?

  38. Lucas says:

    Thanks for adding this pack and now in my survival series I got diamonds like I use to had 4 diamonds then I came back with 45 diamonds

  39. TelepathicGrunt says:

    Could you make an X-ray addon without the Ores showing? It would help make finding seeds with Dungeons and Mineshafts a lot easier without coal and iron ores blocking the view. 🙂

  40. Help Plz says:

    is there a mod to see the blocks? because i don’t want to waste time trying to make a night vision potion just so i can see for up to 8 minutes.

  41. Cyril says:

    Do it like glass for the stone

  42. JohnnyRock199 says:

    Can you make it so the blocks that are invisible at least have an outline so you can tell where it is?

  43. TK-6606 says:

    Why the HELL is this called useless when it’s useful? 1 STAR FOR THAT. Stupid creator

  44. bananaz says:

    can u make it so the ores are outlined, and then every block can be visible, so that we aren’t totally blind when we enter our world

  45. Magikey says:

    Add a lightmap which allows to see the ores even without torches or night vision and I’ll put 5 stars. I promise.

  46. Nate says:

    Yep. Completely useless.
    Nah, just kidding.
    But why would you remove the coordinates? You can’t access the coordinates in-game without turning on cheats, and that disables achievements. At least, I can’t…

  47. Losr says:

    Can you make a different one where it makes all blocks invis

  48. Slemany says:

    Where is useless X-Ray plus? Is it deleted? I have it on my other iphone but i cant find download link now what happen? In description of the pack it says @BoalinhVN twitter I couldn’t find it 😭

  49. Sp0nge80b says:

    I like this pack with full bright, does someone know how to make blocks have the same visibility properties as glass, or semi-transparent?

  50. ezuhcwinner says:

    Awesome, I cheat in UHC all the time using this pack

  51. dingleberrydan says:

    time for an update! minecraft just updated and the xray pack wont work anymore =[. i love the xray resource! we need more!

  52. kakkun PvP HUSTLIN'에비디 says:

    I do not know the topography of this cave lmao

  53. Anonymous says:

    How do u install??

  54. EffoVex says:

    Please update so it’s compatible for 1.2.14. Otherwise it will crash every time.

  55. pom6universe says:

    please for the love of people PLEASE MAKE A TEXTURE WHERE THERE ARE AT LEAST OUTLINES ON BLOCKS THAT WE NEED X-RAYABLE… LIKE STONE AND OTHER STONE BLOCKS (netherrack, stone, diorite, granite, loveable andesite, and just blocks that generate in caves and some ground blocks on the surface)

  56. Skakxka says:

    If the ores are too dark then use the night vision shader aswell as this pack

  57. Dark says:

    can you see spawners?

  58. Maverick says:

    What are the blocks here that you made invisible?

  59. JoBroSmall says:


  60. Santos Rivera says:

    is the sight safe? i keep getting to something that says the sight might steal my infp

  61. Santos Rivera says:

    is the sight safe? i keep getting to something that says the sight might steal my info

  62. Twagger14 says:

    Dear, Creator

    Can you please make a different resource/texture pack so that the block outline is still their so it’s much easier to do stuff

    Also, please can you tell me what app/website you used to make this

    Lastly, Thanks for the amazing resource/texture pack if you do and tell what I said then it’ll be greatly appreciated

    Thanks, -YT Twagger14

  63. Hunter says:

    Amazing but I get lost a lot can you make the blocks a little bit more visible

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