Valentines Banners (Tutorials) [Creation]

It’s soon Valentine’s Day and it’s time to start preparing your world with some heart-warming Valentine decorations. This is a map which includes 7 really cute banners which are perfect to use for Valentine’s Day. Bunnies, hearts and ice cream are just some of the really cute details included. Even though it took a lot of time to search for these wonderful designs it was definitely worth it!

Creator: DarkRose97 (Twitter), omltianna (Twitter)

There is a tutorial for each banner showing exactly the items and blocks you’ll need to craft it and also the recipes you need to use.


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  3. HyperPanda says:

    This really nice it allowed me to make amazing map for my girlfriend

  4. notch miner says:

    the map like I would recommend the map very nice

  5. William says:

    Very nice

  6. Not tellin ya! says:

    It guuuuuud

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