Vanilla Vehicles Addon

This addon adds five modern vehicles and included are everything from cars to a flyable airplane. All vehicles are designed to stay true to the original Minecraft graphics so this makes them a great compliment for the game experience. Replace your horses with the latest technology today!

Creator: Vladu11Twitter Account

How does it work?

The horses have been replaced by five new vehicles. Driving works just the same as riding a horse. Equip the vehicle with a key to be able to control it.

  • iOS / Android: Long press on the vehicle and press Drive/Fly. Equip it with a key to control it.
  • Windows 10: Right-click on the vehicle to drive / fly it. Equip it with a key to control it.

Minecar: This vehicle is the fastest land vehicle of them all. You can customize it with stickers and use cauldrons to dye the Color Overlay Minecar Stickers. To start driving you’ll need to equip the car with a key.

Minemarine: This vehicle is designed for underwater driving. It lasts for a very long time underwater and is really the ultimate vehicle for your travels in the ocean. Driving works similar to a car. Equip the car with a key to start the engine and be able to start driving.

Mineplane: It’s not the fastest or most technically advanced airplane, but at least it can fly. Equip the airplane with a key and then start driving forward and it will eventually lift. You need to re-equip the key after 3-4 minutes to make it start flying again.

Miniminecar: This is basically a miniature version of the Minecar. It’s much smaller and slower but it does have one advantage and that is the fact that it can jump!

Minebus: This vehicle can seat up to five players at the same time. Go on a trip with your buddies and let everyone ride together in the same vehicle. The first player riding it will be the one controlling the vehicle and the others will be passengers.

Features Overview:

Upcoming Features

  • Minescooter
  • Trade machine which will randomly spawn in the world (will be able to be used for trading Minecars, Keys, Sprays and Stickers in surv


  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Download Behavior .McPack
  3. Activate the packs for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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Installation Guides

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147 Responses

4.43 / 5 (76 votes)
  1. Proton says:

    Nice addon also made a typo by survival fix that

  2. Limelight gamer360 says:

    Probably the best I done I’ve ever had how do you make out of this and tell me how to make addons like this give me the link

  3. Vladu11 says:

    Use Minecar Stickers to customize the Minecar

  4. AmazingWater says:

    Good addon

  5. Merisays says:

    I’ve seen a lot of addons/mods that add vehicles before, but the graphics in this particular one are fantastic! It works great, and it’s not glitchy at all. I absolutely LOVE the stickers feature- that’s something I’ve definitely never seen before. It’s also survival compatible, and I think it would be great for a map. The textures are awesome, and I love how all the vehicles have different uses and features. What an awesome addon!

  6. Proden12 Gaming says:

    Nice bruh nice

  7. billy2704 says:

    This is what I’ve been waiting for!!

  8. Swatch says:

    Perfect! I’ve always wanted a bus that could hold more than one player!

  9. maisong says:

    Grammar Maison is back. Equip the car with a car to start the engine and be able to get started driving(change car to key and “get started driving” to start driving or traveling.

  10. Clara says:

    I loveee!!! Very Much!!!!!!!

  11. Flash 2.0 says:

    Where is the gas and I’m pretty sure when a plane is activated when you leave it it goes flying away

  12. Minecraft lover says:

    It would be great if had here Baby stuff , i really need them on roleplay because when i use baby mod everybody it’s a baby so we can’t be the mom or father thats sad ;-;

  13. EpicTamale says:

    Cool! Love this add on

  14. jen says:

    Hey Editor,Thanks for posting this,I Can use it very well!A Very Easy Addon,Just One Question..Are You A Boy,Or Girl?I Just want to know..Thanks! Sincerely,

  15. John says:

    The plane will not lift off the ground even if I put they key in it

  16. BlueProtonGaming says:

    I love this!

  17. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ says:


  18. Anonymous says:


  19. Dave300 says:

    Good addon but you need more variety with the models

  20. RAGEQUITgaming says:

    Adds 4 VEHICLES????? a bus isnt a vehicle apparently….plz fix ^-^

  21. LebronJames says:

    What’s map u used

  22. LolCraft says:

    What map did you use? 🙂
    By the way, Great Job! I really love it!

  23. FogzGamez says:

    Yaaaaasssss dude!!! You did such an amazing job on this!! Also thanks for checking out the SG maps!

  24. Alan Tomathy says:

    What map did you use for this? Cool add-on tho!

  25. Keeper Creeper says:

    sooo Cool it will work well with my city Im trying to make !!! 🙂

  26. MyoHtet says:

    This is the best mcbe add-on I have ever seen! Respect the creator.

    Hyping the upcoming features…

  27. Shortfuse0407 says:

    It is so derpy when you ride in them

  28. COOL-999 says:

    There is a typo for “owerview”, it says ovewview.

  29. Dee says:

    I can’t download it for some reason… Help

  30. Ben says:

    I can’t upload it. It keeps going to and I can never get it to work it is just spam.

  31. Dave300 says:

    Need way to make plane go higher at low ground but i know addons are limited now so I know you will make it happen in the future.

  32. xxTom0 says:

    I can’t get the plane to fly unless I drive off my roof…

  33. xxTom00 says:

    I can’t get the plane to take off unless I drive off my roof…

  34. Johannk manlangit says:

    The vehicles are cute.

  35. Johannk manlangit says:

    I can this on city maps! This is useful.


    Great , VERY BRILLIANT !!!!! If this coding mixed with Gona’s Texture, It willsuperduperpowerultra GREAT!!!!!!!!!

  37. Maulana108 says:

    How do you paint the car?

  38. Awesomesauce says:

    Hey Editor,can you make a sports car addon maybe a ferrari or a bugatti,btw nice addon i really like the way you made them

  39. Dhiren says:

    But which mob want choose

  40. Anonymous says:

    Please fix plane

  41. Leah says:

    THIS IS AWESOME except I can’t download it I’m having difficulty’s with finding the link can someone help me

  42. ScarletScythe says:

    My eyes.

  43. Hoosten says:

    I think my textures are messed up, the body lifts off the wheels and my character hangs out the back

  44. Aiden Rosemond says:

    How do you download this map

  45. DJ Jedd says:

    Hey editor this add-on is so cool but anyway i tried it on my device and my minecraft version is but i cant sit properly or the sitting position is in the wrong side and the wheels are too high or the vehecle are too high please make an inprovement to this for my version and reply me please thank you

  46. Yousif Alali says:

    How do I use the vehicles after I have downloaded the addon

  47. YEBOIIII says:

    I can’t reallly drive it idk why also the plane looks dope but I can’t fly it

  48. Stapap says:

    It doesn’t work on Minecraft Pocket Edition.. It works but accept the plane where it flies..

    • Vladu11 says:

      It’s for dying the Color Overlay Minecar Sticker at a cauldron. Once you dye it you can apply it to a Minecar and change its color!!

  49. Anonymous says:

    Hey what is spray paint for

    • Vladu11 says:

      It’s for dying the Color Overlay Minecar Sticker at a cauldron. Once you dye it you can apply it to a Minecar and change its color!

  50. Sjsjjs says:

    What is spray paint for

  51. Minecraft_Awesomeness says:

    What is The Mine Plane? Like is it a horse? B/c the horse is the car.

  52. Minecraft_Awesomeness says:

    What Kind Of Horse Is The Bus?

  53. Tara Cogburn says:

    It didn’t work for me I did not know how to get the key and it was hard Andy I never figured it out so…..

  54. Tara Cogburn says:

    It didn’t work it was bad and hard to figure out which I did not figure out so…..

  55. TheFBIAgent1 says:

    The cars do not move can you help me please!

  56. Benjamin Verge says:

    Make the airplane look better plz

  57. Foxy101s says:

    You thing you can do a big bus addon

  58. Tinkerbell says:

    They sound awesome! Mum said I can get it so woohoo! I’ve wanted to drive a Minecraft car forever! I’m looking forward to it soooo much

  59. kotarou says:

    When I am on a submarine, I am happy that it has a night vision effect.

  60. Dat311 says:

    If you can’t already, can you make it possible to change the planes altitude?

  61. Minecraft_Awesomeness says:

    How do you get other people to ride the bus? I can ride it but my friends can’t.

  62. Top says:

    I keep flying straight but I’m not flying

  63. Spiker0808 says:

    If you do end up including a trading system for details, use a villager instead of replacing a block (if that’s what you were going to do).

  64. YoshiPocketMiner says:

    One of the best Add-ons I’ve seen in a while! Great textures and features. I love it!
    However, on Beta the wheels are out of place, and the player sits out of place too. Other than that, it works great.
    Is it because of the version I’m using?

  65. Anonymous says:

    How do you get a key in survival

  66. Adyatan says:

    Please fix the position. Steve sits a little bit backward!

  67. Moaaz says:

    All the vehicles when I sit it sit me back
    And when I spawn a car the wheels of the car are down and the vehicle is up
    And i’m using the latest version of Minecraft pe please fix

  68. Rainbowpiano376 says:

    It’s good but the vehicle is way above the wheels and I can see when driving

  69. Cristian says:

    the idea of ​​the addon is fine but ami I get a bug the wheels appear poorly positioned fix it

  70. wyatt says:

    how do you make the mod work it dosent work for my andriod

  71. Anonymous says:

    I have a Samsung galaxy, so I can’t download this mod ):

  72. Anonymous says:

    It is amazing

  73. BonnieHD says:

    Hi i want to now how are the controls for the mineplane pls tell me thanks 🙂

  74. Krispy says:

    I can’t equip the key

  75. XxBloodyBruhxX says:

    GOOD JOB DUDE I LOVE THIS ADDON SO MUCH 😊😊 I appreciate it a lot

  76. Nycire says:

    this is confusing how do I download

  77. Romanicos1114 says:

    THIS IS BEAST I love the stickers and every vehicle in the pack I will use this in creative and survival worlds!!

  78. Hussain says:

    I waswaiting and waiting while going foward the the plane but it did not lift off. How can this be solved

  79. Lords says:

    The behavior pack is showing an error while installing

  80. Arcenas090 says:

    My Goodness!! It’s awesome!!! 😀

  81. Arcenas090 says:

    Sorry, but I forgot to rate…

  82. Anonymous says:

    The plane isn’t lifting off, but otherwise it’s really cool

  83. GalaxyWolf56783 says:

    You have to start from high ground 👌

  84. 😝 says:

    It takes long for me to get the resource pack lol 😂

  85. Wii guy gaming says:

    It will eventually lift? I flew across a flat world till it ended i aint get no lift

  86. Anonymous says:

    Hey your addon is amazing!This is what im waiting for!Thank you,you really deserve a Congratiolation,and i cant wait for update.

  87. Ziyx Loner says:

    Cool Addon

  88. GGreySaturn75184 YT says:

    Cool and cute!

  89. JonathonMTB23 says:

    The BEST most reliable and easy to use cars ever all of the other car addons go way to fast and they suck but this one is the best download this one not the lambos and other stuff these are the best

  90. DKsiskskjd says:

    How do you get out of the car

  91. Joey says:

    I used the bus for a metro system in my city by putting the bus on a minecart.

  92. RougeNate007 says:

    Can you please allow the submarine to float to the surface everytime you take out the key

  93. NATASHA SAN says:

    Hi is this for the PE version? I have no idea how to add this on to my ipad minecraft. Please can you help me? Thanks!

  94. Karen says:

    Is very beautiful
    I Have no idea how to add this on my ipad minecraft

  95. karla says:

    how do you get the addon

  96. memecrafter27 says:

    Wow this is awesome! 😀 I love the fact that they drive like a horse and that bus can hold 5 players 😀

  97. Dude says:

    Amazing addon

  98. Anonimo says:

    This mod is incredible. I just want that you add more cars plz

  99. Gage says:

    When I spawn the vehicle it tears it apart and doesn’t look anywhere near looking like a bus or car! 🙁 All the blocks separate . Otherwise it’s great the sounds and everything!

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