VanillaGrinders SkyWars [PvP]

This is a jungle themed PvP map which is recommended for 8 players or less. It has been designed to work smoothly for most devices (even low-end devices at a 4 chunks render limit). It is entirely automated by command blocks which means you can easily reset the map in-game as well as taking advantage of other clever solutions. It’s a really good PvP map!

Creator: AutoGrind (Twitter), VanillaGrinders (Twitter)

How to play?

Stand on a pressure plate to get teleported to one of the floating islands in the skywars arena.

Let everyone join the arena before ultimately starting the battle.

On the main island in the center you will find chests containing more valuable loot. The person who gets that gear first is obviously get a great advantage. The objective is to be the last person standing.

Download .McWorld
Download .ZIP

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15 Responses

4.67 / 5 (6 votes)
  1. Jared says:

    Could YOu Transform this map into a bedwars??

  2. MefanaticGaming says:

    I can’t go to the Download Link,so many Ads What the Flippers

  3. B30 says:

    Can you make a cops and robbers

  4. bonnie says:

    There’s a skeleton on one of the screenshots
    And why it is notch or herobrine it is supposed to be
    Notch or microsoft(billgates)

  5. Gederian says:

    This map cool

  6. 34frrre says:

    Hi i love cookies

  7. tbnrmaster says:

    can u make a micro-battles map?

  8. SnowyTheMiner says:

    can u make a bed wars map? (sry if my english is bad)

  9. adam says:

    Yeah I’m great full so the thankful then these others

  10. Jill powell says:

    How do you get vanilla grinders?

  11. Luis fernando says:

    Me gustaría jugar

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