Vertex Client Mod (Android)

Vertex Client is a great cheating tool which can be used in mob combat, for building and to greatly improve your moving abilities. It can be used both in single player and on local multiplayer servers. While we do not encourage cheating (on servers) it offers a great deal of tools which can be used for mostly anything!

It’s an amazing mod which includes more than 50 different features!

Creator: VertexHX, Twitter Account, Website
Updated: 7 April, 2018 (read changelog)

How does it work?

Use the buttons on the left side of the screen to access the hacks and modding features.


You can customize the settings (e.g. colors) by accessing the dashboard. Long-tap on the top left VX button to open it. Colors and buttons can be customized to suit your liking.



Let’s have a look at a few of the different features. If you want to get a better grasp of the features I highly recommend that you download it and try it for yourself as there are simply too many to features to demonstrate in one post and most of them are self-explanatory. Click here to see a full list of features.

One of the movement features allows you to ride other players. Even though the riding position looks awkward it still works perfectly fine.


One of my favorite features is the wallhack. If you enable this feature you will be able to walk through walls.

Strongholds which previously would have been impossible to access are now much easier to attack.


Just walk up to the gate and then walk straight through it. It works wonders in PvP! It’s not the most ethical way to play but it does do the job..


Another feature which is quite enjoyable is TapNuke. Nuke anywhere you tap!


Type .help in the chat to get help!

Click here if you want a full list of features!

Demo Video



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157 Responses

4.25 / 5 (41 vote)
  1. NoName says:

    This is working on servers?

  2. Radcliff says:

    I already have this mod! It is pretty laggy in servers, though.

  3. TheEnderface says:

    This Is Need Blocklauncher?

  4. AVRGN says:

    Does this work for On mcpe master.

  5. GodDragon1145 says:

    Why didn’t you make it addon?

    • Enderman PE Official says:

      It wasnt possible since Add-On is just simply replacing vanilla item/entity with new one

      • OysterWolf says:

        It would be nice to have an addon that does something similar it would be very fun, I have ios but I would like and addon that let’s u have X-ray and fly and thins like that mainly because I’m too lazy to play survival normally lol anyways if someone could make one that would be great

        • Weebeloo says:

          I honestly think it’s impossible buuut there are X-ray Texture packs that do the job well so if you really wanna start hacking you are gonna want an android device but X-raying is a great start

  6. SolidMoney25979 says:

    Please take this down the world has enough hackers and I don’t want an honest business like Mcpedl to promote cheating.

  7. troll_gamerhaha says:

    Why not an add-on, I was waiting for a mod menu for iOS users like me, I’m kinda mad right now..

    • NFCorp2016 says:

      Think About It. Add-ons are JSON files that edit mobs and Mods at MODPG files that edit The Game (Android ONLY)

      Please READ the description…

    • Elite Dude_Yt says:

      Ya come on stop making the cool stuff for Android users and give IOS users the fun of using mods to! I mean it’s not the creator of this thing on the current site, it’s the stupid functions that they decided to have for IOS!!

      • Da Swag Lord says:

        Currently, for iOS, mods/addons can only replace vanilla (normal) items. This is because of the fact IOS is a closed-OS. Android, however, launchers are permitted and Android is more open-source. This means that greater mods can be made, but only for Android. I hope this helps! 😄

      • Pekenoah says:

        Apple is the one to blame here. Apple doesn’t want to allow any mods that aren’t sanctioned by the developer

    • SuperMine6 says:

      Same I am kinda ticked off right now is there any possible way for mcpedl to make modpes for iOS to cuz iOS doesn’t have any hax but we use iOS cuz on ANDRIOD it is to laggy and we don’t
      like lag cuz if we were hacking with lag the game will just crash so I agree with troll_gamerhaha but Enderman PE Official is right it was impossible to make it an addon so pls make modpe work on iOS PLEASE! or at least make it so iOS customers can download it through Dropbox so pls do that cuz I just want to see what it is like to use cool mods like this cuz iOS addons are just simply boring😭😡😞☹️😩 So if u could pls do that please

      • peacestorm says:

        SuperMine6, I don’t agree. Tbh, iOS doesn’t have it because it doesn’t allow it. That’s why we use Android, to get the features we deserve. 🙂

    • Sasha says:

      Resource packs use only in-game files, and cheats are not implemented by Mojang

  8. Xbow003 says:

    Hello I’m a Builder on a server and seeing something like this on a good website is like …. cmon mcpedl you guys know better than that I’m finding too many hackers already with this new client so plz take it down

    • Editor says:

      I understand your part of the problem but it can be used for other things than cheating too.

      We’ve posted all kinds of mods over the years and I have no plans to start banning things like this just because some people will use it for bad intentions.

      I like to keep an open mind to things and not put too many limits on what I review on this website.

      But yeah, that sometimes comes with the cost of being controversial sometimes.

    • Enderman PE Official says:

      This mod can be easily block with powerful multi Anti-Cheat so it not a big deal and having this hacks just make the game cooler in visual

  9. Tayyab says:

    it says that my mcpe version is not suppoted with mcpe master mod pe. how to import it ?

  10. DeathMan says:

    Please, PLEASE make it a mc.pack so android AND apple users can use it!

    • NFCorp2016 says:

      .mcpack files are used to install Plugins (@tomcc), Add-ons, and resource packs not Mods. This will not work for iOS but you can check out iOS mods here

    • SuperMine6 says:

      Yeah pls do that pls we don’t really have that much cool stuff (ios) compares to andriod so please at least try to do it and it will make me 😊 happy that u actually went a head tried to do something like that for us iOS people so if u can do it just let us have this one cool thing pls

    • creepersrule577 says:

      That wouldn’t work. its a mod, not an add-on.

  11. XxSaicyxX says:

    Is there a way where we can download this on ios?

  12. CRAZYGAMER says:

    Ios pls!

  13. KyleBlitzYT says:

    Can u please make it available for iOS or put a link on how to jailbreak for iOS 10.1.1 because Ive always wanted something like this thx Editor

    • NFCorp2017 says:

      This will not work on iOS but to jailbreak iOS 10.1.1 go to

      Be Warned, the jailbreak is still in beta so you may end up ruining your device

      • MC guy says:

        What should I do after I jailbroken my device?

      • SuperMine6 says:

        Why won’t it work on ios. I mean we don’t get anything as cool as ANDRIOD and I have really bad anger issues so ANDRIOD is to laggy for me cuz when it is laggy I lose all patience and completely destroy the device so I need iOS cuz it not laggy so I am really mad right now I almost feel like just killing my self there’s nothing to do as a kid cuz when I go on severs I just constantly get rest by hackers and it makes me so mad cuz I can’t do anything about it they just change there name come back in and then rek me again and again in and again until I literally smash something so we can’t do anything I’ve and don’t suggest anger management cuz I’ve been there didn’t help 1 little bit so I hate this it’s literally like torcher I mean anything cool I can’t get cuz ANDRIOD only so go Answer why and I won’t get grounded for another 12 months

  14. GTRisking says:

    well pro activator isnt working it says mozilla things and it happens in block launcher can u ask them editor pls?

  15. JJimGrade says:

    Hei, Mod Creator!! could you plz make Lucky Block Mod like spawning Ender Dragon, ender pearls, etc

  16. Paradiscal says:

    But the mod creators read comments.

  17. AvYoSah says:

    Can you make a link to mcpe master and plz tell me how to import the file

  18. Halomaster0 says:

    Wow mcpedl said that they did not support hacking or cheating when they released the X-ray addon texture pack still then they say nothing about releasing a hacked client and in the comments saying yeah it works on servers. They just don’t support cheating or hacking when us Savage iOS users can use it.

    This comment won’t go through because mcpedl wants to cover there butts and that’s why they check comments before putting them up instead of just checking the comments onece they are up.

    • Editor says:

      This is not a hacked client. It is a ModPE mod.

      • Halomaster0 says:

        No it’s a hacked client anything with hacks is a hacked client you guys can make it as soft sounding as u guys want to cover ur selfs how about u Text me this time I will add my email

        • Editor says:

          You may call it what you want but ModPE mods have existed for several years so they are really nothing new here. Most servers block BlockLauncher anyways so it’s not really an issue.

          • Aung Tun says:

            Plz IOS if its possible?;(

          • SuperMine6 says:

            No they don’t block block launcher it is a hacked client and you just don’t want to admit it cuz you guys are little pussys it is a hacked client with hacks on servers and you guys just want iOS customers to get rekt by ANDRIOD

  19. FantasyCraft says:

    Please, update the NPC mod for mcpe 1.0

  20. Kasra says:

    Goodjob people who cannot understand you can use this mod when you are playing with your friends OR on singleplayer. Mcpedl has done a very goodjob.people can use these client for good or bad. So its not the website’s fault! Think before you go all crazy and say “this should be banned” just stop! Jeez… Thanks god for giving us humans a brain to think first.

    • SuperMine6 says:

      I’m to saying it should be banned my point of view is they say it’s not a hacked client when it’s name has hacked client in it

  21. TheHerobrine397 says:

    I agree, also you should really read the comments before commenting yourself. Seriously, eight people asked if it was available for IOS.

  22. BanhBeo_VN says:

    Why didn’t u make it addon

  23. Sage Smith says:

    Dude. Start using addons.

  24. Gameboy says:

    Does it need any special apps?

  25. Aung Tun says:

    Can you make it for iOS Apple plz I really want to use this but I don’t have a Android device??? ;(

  26. deathlock says:

    will this work on 1.0.2

  27. Anonymous says:

    Is this a mod or not a mod please fix it if you can’t download the mod editor?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  28. Diamondbomb279 says:

    Whhhyyyy it doesn’t work on iOS whyyy plzzzz make working mods on iOS plzzzzzzz

  29. mg152 says:

    Honestly since addons no one really uses mods

  30. HeroFour says:

    I know you guys are trying to make something useful, but I was forced to shut down my server due to an overamount of people taking advantage of the wall hacks and tapnuke, as well as flying. Even worse they found a way to just walk into admin bases and grief everything. It’s disastrous. It’s not just that- the same happened to my friend’s realm and the no griefer for realms addon can’t stop this hack. Please remove it.

    • Kasra says:

      Install plugins for your server,there is a ton, a TON of Anti-cheats around.
      Just install 3 Anti cheats and done

  31. John cena says:

    Can you make a addon for iOS i may never get a android phone please make a hack addon😂😂 PLEASE

  32. Human says:

    It displays that it is not compatible with

  33. Bob says:

    Do you need a app?

  34. Puppypaws says:

    How do you download the mod and is it like hacking?

  35. BestGamerBoy Gaming says:

    So many ios user saying “make it add on”well add on just replacing vanilla pack just please enjoy this mod and this is not hack this is modPE which is just for fun thanks <3

  36. Awesomeguy15 says:

    This is cool

  37. MK says:

    If any of y’all who downloaded this plays Vastlands with it… idek. I’ll have to pick up the ban hammer on my way home. xD the joys of being a mod.

    • MK says:

      I mean a moderater lol I’m an admin not this type of addon mod.

    • peacestorm says:

      Agree, this mod should be used for fun and users have full responsibility, they risk a ban. It is recommend that, if you even use it on servers, you only use it on anarchy servers, because those servers allow hacks. 🙂

  38. *.,,,,,.* says:

    Ummm hey Editor, I am iOS but why can’t we just get the client by add-on? I am in PE.

  39. Europaeus says:

    Update for 1.1.x please

  40. Ferret says:

    Will you make it for iOS sometime in the near future

  41. Some Random User says:

    So many iOS users are saying “plz make it an Add-On so we can use it” NO. Its impossible to make it a Resource or Behaviour pack since Resource packs modify the shape of the entity or a mob. If ya didn’t know what’s an entity or a mob, for ex. Chicken. And since Behaviour packs modify the behaviour of the entity or mob, for ex. Chicken will attack players. And… Most of all, there is NO mods for iOS. It DOESN’T WORK. Try searching Blocklauncher on the Apple store. See it? THERES NOTHING. Blocklauncher is a mod launcher for Minecraft. And most of all… There is NO launchers in the Apple store. Android kinda… agrees with the launchers. Also, Minecraft is also used for modding. And… For those who saying its a hack client, be quiet. You see some servers on Minecraft are modded. This may be a hack or cheating client but you don’t have to take it seriously. Some servers have Anti-Hack or Anti-Cheat. Ugh… You don’t really HAVE to use it.

  42. Cole says:

    Newest version pro activator link not working

  43. Anonymous says:

    If its not for iOS its the worst mod ever Period.

  44. creepersrule577 says:

    it crashes when I open blocklauncher

  45. Dark says:

    editor i think you might need to make a different area from mods, its annoying to see people asking for mods to be addons when its impossible. I would suggest maybe a new tab that says android only and put mods there. and don’t feature them on the main page.

  46. SirSnivyPVP says:

    If you don’t encourage hacking why did You make it

  47. Gaming Pit says:

    Pretty cool mod I LOVE IT!!! Also, pls sub my yt channel Gaming Pit

  48. Im weird says:

    How do you get it? Want it badly 😮

  49. Dylan says:

    Is a kindle a android tablet

  50. Khalidooo says:

    Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ( ͡ಠ ʖ̯ ͡ಠ) (ಠ,,,ಠ) (>_<) YOU MUST *thinking of a insult to say* YOU ARE COME TO MY HOUSE A WHITE HOUSE well ofcourse you cannot cuz it will take you 10000 days to get to arabic and I'm IN Arabic I also know how to type English don't worry about those top left SmileyKeys I put them cuz IM MAD AND IM DRIVING MYSELF CRAZY! GIVE ME YOUR SAMSUNG MOTHER *tooooooot*ER D*toot*K I HATE YOU GO BURN IN HELL

  51. Spoon says:

    Keeps crashing my game when i have it active on blocklauncher. But otherwise it’s a really cool mod.

  52. aaron says:

    does this work on minecraft windows 10 edition and if it does how do you use it on windows 10

  53. Anonym says:

    make some thong like this for iOS. but with less features

  54. The Potato says:

    Block launcher crashes too much for me, every time I have to delete it and redownload it because it turns on safe mode. When safe mode turns on i turn it off and block launcher restarts. When it opens again it instantly crashes and puts on safe mode again. Does anyone know a fix because I really want to try this out.

  55. Anonymous says:

    It’s not working

  56. Keith says:

    How to download it

  57. Tommaso says:

    How can i apply it?

  58. Limosine says:


  59. FlaviusFire says:

    IDK why people were ragequiting and insulting the editor over this. So many things I could say, like this cannot be an addon, it only works on Blocklauncher, and for those of you who complain about hackers, it’s a lot harder to just change your name and return now. 😁 Anyway, I’m sure this is a great mod, I’m just waiting for Blocklauncher to update for 1.2.13+.

  60. Joseph says:

    When will you make this for ios

  61. Anonymous says:

    how to download on the link pls

  62. Kittycrew27 says:

    Why? MCPEDL is a great website, but WHY does it post cheating tools?!? Hacking mods make everything unfair for other players!

  63. Seth says:

    Can you make this for IOS so others can play like it too

  64. ThatHackerGuy says:

    It worked for me lolol and I’m on iOS Guys this actually works for IOS you just need IOS McLean master

  65. Oscar says:

    How do you download it

  66. Abdarahmane Fadil says:

    Télécharger mod minecraft

  67. IcyArticuno says:

    Are there any mods that can work on the version 1.2.20?

  68. WellDone says:

    Awesome mod now I can use it to know what hackers look like

  69. Steve says:

    please how? please notch

  70. Anonymous says:

    No .zip?

  71. Hehehehehehhnbv says:

    Please reply does it work without BlockLauncher?

  72. Lowgen says:

    How to download

  73. NoShitSherlock says:

    Why Apple people even On mods page?
    Lol also only On Android Because they allow Alot more stuff

  74. DarkRider says:

    Why wont it download on my kindle fire and yes mods do work on kindles because u can get block launcher but it won’t download and import

  75. DarkRider says:

    I already have this hack in a older version of the hack but I want to update it so can someone pls tell me how to download it?

  76. ThE HoOmAn says:

    Is it possible that you can make a version of this for Windows 10 Edition? Because i’ve Really been wanting to see if it was possible to use hack clients on minecraft windows 10 edition so thats why im asking if you can make a windows 10 version of this, Thanks!

  77. Jack says:

    Send me a link to the iOS one

  78. lamlalala says:

    İ Cant Download İ Click Android And İt Doesnt Download

  79. Hackboy says:


  80. Riley Adams says:

    I can’t down load it😭

  81. VNCreeperYT says:

    Hi, can you tell me that is how to download hack so ???

  82. FixuYT says:

    Download No Work

  83. Chad Johnston says:

    Dead link??

  84. Chad Johnston says:

    Dead links

  85. Anonymous says:

    Yo anyone know if its possible to do this on minecraft windows 10 edition

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