Vinny’s Skin Pack (Beta Only)

Vinny’s Skin Pack adds five cute new skins to Minecraft. All of them have custom models and textures. They are no more than maybe a block tall and in that sense they look kind of similar to children. All skins look different from one another. For example, one of them wears a expensive-looking suit and another one is peeking out from a barrel.

Creator: minecraftvinnyq

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67 Responses

4.1 / 5 (37 votes)
  1. LogicalBoy says:


  2. Wither Storm NO1 says:


  3. Dark says:

    Editor I would advise you to no longer post skin packs here if they are 4D. Those are removed in the new beta build.

  4. Cats says:

    3 person I like it but why is there not as many skins as other skin packs you make?

  5. RAGEQUITgaming says:

    They dont work on beta anymore BUT they do still work on non-beta! 🙂

  6. KraZmoonie21 says:

    I like it and all, but can you either post the Minecraft Story Mode skin pack or post the link? Please?

  7. joe says:

    Please post MCSM skin pack.

    • Danny says:

      dude thats the reason they are removing skin packs.people are accessing skin packs that are paid to do you understand why they are removing it.😨😨🤢😭🤤😜🤣

      • NanoZe says:

        Hey dude ur wrong Mojang removed the 4d Skin packs becuz peeps are complaining about others being as blocks becuz some peeps in the servers don’t know how to download them so ur wrong

  8. TrollCat says:

    How do u get the story mode skin pack?

  9. HeYoNia says:

    Good Job

    -HeYoNia (That guy who was an MI member and you probably don’t remember me, but why not)

  10. Elyzeu says:

    Makes All Skins 4d of mcpe Master

  11. jake says:

    Im on 1.2 and love ur skin pack keep doing more don’t listen to these stupid people plz make more

  12. Adolf Hitler says:

    It worked I lov the fancy one

  13. Keeper Creeper says:

    is it available before beta like mcpe 1.2?

  14. Ace says:

    Hey can you makea pack like so you can customise The skins to make them like this because i have no idea how it works

  15. NightmareGamerD says:

    Can u tell us how to edit the skins on this pact so they r the same size on as on the skin pack

  16. amri013 says:

    I have some 4d skin of MLBB…

  17. SomeGuyThatLikesToComment says:

    Hey dude I got an idea, what if you made custom 3D skins of other peoples normal skins 😀 Keep making what your making, Someguythatlikestocomment

  18. edward789121 says:


  19. It won't work :/ says:

    It won’t work for me for some odd reason is it for IOS?

    • Billybobbaggingman says:

      No. The skins cannot be used anymore because of people complaining to Mojang because they are annoying and hate it when they can’t do what others are doing so they have to ruin the fun.

  20. TheLamaGamer says:

    Pls can you make my skin small?

  21. Mitchell says:

    They do work

  22. Demon says:

    Make more pls! (Pls reply if u have the time.) It works in multiplayer and it works in =D!

  23. Demon says:


  24. Anonymous says:

    can you make roblox skin

  25. Slemany says:

    Dude awesome do you remember me like 20min ago in lbsg your pack is best im waiting for v2
    Also my discord is lalo#4439 what is yours i want to be your friend

  26. AyNakoItsNelo says:

    Pls make yoda from Star Wars with the one block skins!!!!!!!!!

  27. Wolfkim says:

    Can you make a girl version

  28. gamer go says:


  29. Arian says:

    It was workin but a day dont let me enter a world by the skin i changed and disapeared,i try to downoalded again and sais”error we found duplicate packs”

  30. Don’t read this says:

    This doesn’t work anymore 😭😭😭

  31. Anonymous says:

    Skin pack does not appear in the skin selector

  32. Cristian says:

    On the new version of Minecraft it says it imported it but I don’t be see it. I downloaded this before the update and when it updated it was gone I try to download it again but it said there was already a copy of it. The Minecraft update was 1.2.5

  33. TheCheesyOutback says:

    Guys I love the look of this pack, and I downloaded it, and minecraft said it downloaded properlly, except there is a glitch in v. 1.2.5. When you download a skin pack, it changes to the legacy skin pack and you cant use the skins. So im sad.

  34. Anonymous says:

    What version is this for

  35. runicharmony69 says:

    vinny i cont download the skin pack

  36. Owen says:

    Ok, so I like the pack, I had it before, but I got a new phone and now I cant download this, or any of the 1.2.5/1.2.6 packs like the mob pack or 3D blocks and whatnot, so if someone could update those to work, that would be awesome, because the packs are cool, I just cant get them. Im on IOS btw, im not sure if it works on android or windows 10, but if someone could update it for IOS, then please do.

  37. Samee says:

    I have mcpe 1.2.6 and the skins don’t show up. Any ideas?

  38. HelpfulMissy says:

    I copied it to minecraft and it said imported but I don’t see it anywhere! Can u pls make it for IOS please because I need this to do roleplays. Pls fix!

  39. HelpfulMissy says:

    HelpfulMissy same here!

  40. CakeMaster3849 says:

    It does not work. Im in update 1.4.3

  41. TheCrazyRcxd says:

    If only it worked in the new update.

  42. Daniel says:

    How to make this work on pc windows minecraft. Tried but doesn’t work.

  43. Nathan says:

    Won’t let me install.

  44. Kalel Pettigrew says:

    Sorry but this dont work. It shows up as steve that has only one arm and one leg!

  45. boi says:

    It just gave me the Legacy pack with all of them missing a leg…

  46. DrewtheDru says:

    Does’t work

  47. Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t really work I guess…

  48. Kim Claparols says:

    Hello I have a question. Does this work on Thanks!

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