Volcano Island [Custom Terrain]

This custom terrain features a small survival island situated somewhere far out in the ocean. On the island there’s an active volcano with tons of lava. The terrain was most likely created using WorldPainter or a similar terraforming tool and then ported over to Bedrock Edition. It exists in a normal world terrain, so this means you can explore more than just the island in case you choose to use it for survival gameplay or similar.

Creator: RyFolTwitter AccountWebsite


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18 Responses

4.25 / 5 (16 votes)
  1. M7MoGameR says:

    Good not bad

  2. JhezTSS08MC says:


  3. imatheist44 says:


  4. JohnCraft says:

    Love it

  5. rizkie G says:

    Good enough

  6. bal_masque says:

    Strange, this was probably the first time Ryfol post something on MCPEDL that isn’t related to shaders or add-ons. Nice, I like this.

  7. Harley Moore says:

    Is there any other islands on the map if so where

  8. Demention Freek says:

    How do i download this on usb hardrive ob my xbox. i cant find an option for it microsoft dosnt suport this?????!!!!?!!!!………….

  9. Neos says:

    Great map for jurrasic craft addon

  10. TrueBatBoy says:

    Not the best

  11. Anonymous says:

    you need world painter lessons

  12. Alau says:

    This is great

  13. BlazingBeam says:

    How do you terraform land? Please help, I wanna try it out too.

  14. egsensation says:

    can you make a custom terraim similar to greed island and make it big please i need it for a map

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