Wambo’s Room (Hide and Seek) [Creation]

This map features a life sized room which is based on Wambo’s own room. You’ll basically be an ant in comparison to any of the furniture in the room and that makes it a great map to use for hide and seek minigames. There are no guidelines or anything for it in-game but that you can probably figure out yourself. You can expect more updates to come in the future.

Creator: Wambo_6Foot_

Download .McWorld
Download .ZIP

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38 Responses

4.46 / 5 (22 votes)
  1. squishy628 says:

    I have been waiting for an awesome map like this for a while! It is SO COOL! I gave it 4 stars because I think it needs just a little more detail, but other wise it is amazing!

  2. Kyandra says:

    Editor, I wish to submit a map but it requires a username and password. How do I log in to submit it?

    • Kyandra1017 says:

      Actually, I managed to make an account already. Now, it says I have to put a download link. How do I get a download link for my map? (I am the same person as above)

  3. jackalot says:

    Thank you! I was waiting for someone to make a new hide and seek map!

  4. TheDiamondPig says:

    Good map 😁😁😁😁

  5. Nice says:

    awesome I cant believe you made it by yourself in 3 days

  6. Blazer055 says:

    omg finally!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 A life sized room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plz make more of these!

  7. Kugyjgjugvyjyvg says:


  8. Virginia says:

    Looks amazing reminds me of the roblox hide and seek maps

  9. Foxgamerteev says:

    Nice me and my friends will love this keep up the work

  10. Anoymus182 says:

    But some guy named Tony1Ko blew it up so I had to redownload it
    He was hacking his gamemode

  11. IrfanYT says:

    Great Map But You Should Add More Hiding place Or At Least Use A Command Block To Make It Even Cooler. I Hope It Will Be Updated Soon,Because Me And My Sister Love Playing Hide And Seek Together

  12. kurtis says:

    finally a giant house

  13. Freezy says:

    Somebody want play with me?

  14. Luthfy says:

    Please update againt i like your map please ad other furniture

  15. Magikun_Gaming says:

    Nice Map I Like The Map!! Oh Yeah

  16. SkyTCM says:

    This is a great map must have took you days to do but me and my bro is making a re-creation of this map so can I have permission to upload it when we’re done so yeah great map keep up the good work 🙂

    • SkyTCM says:

      And when I say re-creation I mean a game system that’s good we won’t touch the build but only add some hiding place so I hope you gave us permission to do it

      Thnx for the map 😀

  17. CrystalWinter says:

    This is amgood map! Hope you make another one soon! 😀😀😀

  18. Darkwolf says:

    How do these kinds of maps work when all the seeker has to do is look for your name floating above your head to find you?

  19. XxJ0ExX says:

    Sooo nicee anddd firstt comment :p

  20. FayeKer says:

    Editor try to crouch ,player can’t see your name until the seeker surrender on finding you hehehe. 🙂

  21. Dylan says:

    I really enjoy this world, but I understand it came out two days ago but there could be more added like plant pot, boxes in the closet, shoes, panting, shelves, ext… We could possibly get in contact and work on thin project together. 99% chance it’s not going to happen for reasons unsaid.

  22. Why you read my name says:

    I try this map

  23. Avery says:

    This is an Amazing map!! Great work!!!

  24. Connell says:

    How long did it take you to build this hide and seek map

  25. Wayaw kaway says:

    This map is good

  26. Anonymous says:

    AMAZING MAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. KaiKai says:

    Great map… You should also add more hiding spots
    /detail…(I made a video of my sister and I playing it!)👍🏻🕶

  28. CreeperStudios says:

    Nice map. Though it needs a wee bit more detailing. An update would be great!

  29. CreeperStudios says:

    @Kyandra, if you wish to submit your map, you either have to download ES File Explorer or you can use your computer instead. For more detail, try Youtube.

  30. Kody Moxley says:

    Hey editor I’m amazing at command blocks i can help you make this world 10 times better plz respond cause I’ll also help with redstone 🤗

    • Kody Moxley says:

      Plz respond editor i finished with my 3 year project adding command blocks and now I’d like to help you and maybe teach you about command blocks

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