WeWillRockYou (Song) [Redstone]

This is an attempt to recreate We Will Rock You by Queen in Minecraft. It’s one of those songs most people have heard, so that means you’ll most likely recognize it as well. Even though it doesn’t sound as an exact replica as there are obvious limitations with the vanilla Minecraft sounds, there are definitely similarities in terms of the rhythm.

Creator: CoalsGuide, YouTube Channel

Press the button at the spawn lobby to play the song. It’s all made using redstone and note blocks.


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10 Responses

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Cool mod

  2. Tristan Mildenhall says:


  3. Powerfighter076 says:


  4. Richard says:


  5. Hannah says:

    Wow! So high quality!!!

  6. sophie says:

    amazing job!

  7. CalenderPuppy says:

    One question to ‘ **** you creator ***** ‘

    Cursing won’t solve anything and boi Just look up ‘ We will rock you ‘ I bet someone else will have it and IT IS NOT NICE TO CURSE EVEN IF YOUR MAD CUS

    Jesus loves everyone, I think you should just read the Bible or turn off the device and do something relaxing Minecraft isn’t life. thank you for reading this message

    Why you still reading boi

  8. Anonymous says:


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