WindLight Scythe Add-on Pack (1.7 Only)

WindLight Scythe is a weapon designed specifically for protecting the Overworld. This weapon gives you all powers that you may need. It is also very powerful in that way it can mine very fast. You can also use it for slaying bosses like the Wither Boss and the Ender Dragon. It also has a few other effects such as Riptide, Impaling, Loyalty, Channeling Unbreaking and Mending.

Creator: WindLight (Twitter), Keyyard (Twitter)


  • Speed  8
  • Haste 15 – use when you need to mining blocks on The End
  • Strength 25 – enough that can kill Wither and Ender Dragon
  • Jump Boost 8
  • Regeneration 25
  • Fire Resistance 15
  • Water Breathing 1
  • Night Vision 5
  • Absorption 15 – At least can Absorb the impact of explosion
  • Slow Falling 2 – This is the special one


The Slow Falling effect has weird bug so you only need to follow the tutorial.


  1. When you load the WindLight Pack with the Behavior you may start to see it will crash your world
  2. To fix this you will just have to restart Minecraft


  1. Download Resources & Behaviors .McAddon
  2. Apply the packs for the world
  3. Create the world

You can get a .ZIP file for this add-on here.

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41 Responses

4.34 / 5 (27 votes)
  1. Anonymous says:

    Pero reemplaza al tridente)?

  2. Westside says:

    It just keeps crashing

  3. CHOWMAIN says:



  4. JosephGaming135 says:

    Jeez, overpowered much?

    Interesting model for the weapon btw.

  5. Salutations! says:

    Awsome and all, but can someone make an addon that adds a cool weapon kinda like this that isint EXTREMELY OP? I like having the challenge of survival still present in game and I’d totally want a cool weapon that gives abilities like slowfalling and whatnot but I don’t want to one-shot kill every single mob or be invincible, I just want a cool weapon that gives cool abilities.

  6. Nut says:

    What does it replace?

  7. A Minecraft Player says:

    I can’t have any effect when drink the potions after activating the Behavior. Please fix it

  8. Realms says:

    U mean 1.8 right

  9. Lawrence says:

    I like it like that

  10. Hotdog says:

    Very weird addon. 3 stars for the design though.

  11. BurgerBob12 says:

    Does this replace any item.

  12. Ahsan says:

    Is this replaced trident?

  13. Eevee says:

    Hello. Does it work with

  14. Anonymous says:


  15. FuryNightMareVN says:

    nice addon bro

  16. Josh says:

    Cool idea dude and nice style of weapon but why haste on a scythe and how can I make this kind of Addon I want to make a great pickaxe

  17. IDK says:

    love it but can you make it for 1.8+

  18. Kenzo says:

    Cool and why does it say 1.7 only?

  19. Irvin says:

    Esta muy bueno es el mejo y la mejor aplicación

  20. Gaby says:


  21. Someone says:

    Yeah, does it replace anything?

  22. StillDohh says:

    for people who say it’s replace trident, yes it’s true because this is not for the 1.8 beta version but 1.7 Official

  23. jack says:

    Can I share your addon on Minecraft of Neteast?

  24. LilMuffinFluff says:


  25. Quantavius says:

    The weapon is a bit overpowered but overall the design looks very simplistic. Keep it up, good sir

  26. LilSlothieSloth says:

    Ur other add on replace trident too and add on super cool but since they both replace trident I can’t have both in same world plz make the other on replace something else
    (not this one cause it have channeling and riptide and loyalty and other one don’t)

  27. LilSlothieSloth says:

    Also I have a main world with all my addons and it has lots of stuff so I have to choose one of ur add one and I can’t decide which one I like better

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