Wither Storm Add-on

The Wither Storm Add-on turns the wither boss into a large and frightening boss known in Minecraft Story Mode as the Wither Storm. It’s like 20 times larger than the wither boss and also much more powerful. It’s the ultimate challenge for anyone considering themselves a good fighter and want to find out how far their skills can take them. If you have the guts to challenge it let us know in the comments if you survived!

Creator: Jujustyle7, Twitter Account
Updated: 19 May, 2017 (read changelog)

Boss Battle

The wither storm boss is spawned just the same way as the normal wither boss. You will need four soul sands and three wither skulls to spawn it.

Place the last wither skull on the top center soul sand to spawn it.


It’s much larger than the normal wither boss and as a result also much stronger. It’s most likely impossible to defeat this boss all by yourself. But if you do, be sure to let us know in the comments how you did it!

Shooting arrows is probably the easiest way to damage it in the beginning as it gives you the necessary range to avoid the explosions.

If you get a direct hit by a wither skull then you’ll get a levitation effect and it’s a risk you’ll get killed next. If a wither skull hits the ground then it will cause a lingering wither effect for 12 seconds.

As soon as it has lost somewhere around half of its health it will be immune to arrows. I tried using my sword to damage it but it was quite difficult to find the hitbox.

The most efficient way to defeat it is by using Formidi Bombs (TNTs). Place lots of bombs, ignite them and hope that some of them will damage the boss. The Formidi Bomb has a longer fuse than an ordinary TNT but the explosion is greater.

Eventually it was defeated. It drops one nether star. It’s a little bit cheap seeing as we just defeated the biggest boss in Minecraft Pocket Edition. But it’s definitely a feat worth boasting of! At least if you defeated it in survival mode which I surely didn’t.

This is what the world looked like after we had our fun. I really recommend using this for a world seed that’s flat. Roulette is one such seed.



  • New head model
  • Wither command block boss
  • Health: 50 hearts
  • Super wither skeleton (health: 65 hearts)
  • Custom sounds
  • Custom names



Important: This addon might lag on low-end devices.

  1. Download one of the following packs
    1. Purple Wither Storm Resource & Behavior .McAddon
    2. Red Wither Storm Resource & Behavior .McAddon
  2. Apply the packs for a world

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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202 Responses

4.65 / 5 (45 votes)
  1. BillTheZombieGamer says:


  2. BorbingoBoy says:

    Ever heard of Minecraft – Story Mode? Wither Storm is a mob from that game.

  3. Destroyerz117 says:

    Maybe you should increase the size of the hitbox so its easier to hit

  4. Randy Forman says:

    OMG! I’ve been waiting for this add on! Thank you so much!

  5. Miguel Preguisa says:

    It looks like a Wither from Minecraft Story Mode. 🙂

  6. NFCorp2016 says:

    Make a Ender Dragon Add-on. I will help make the end

  7. Lava king says:

    Why didn’t you make the hut box Bigger? 🙂

  8. OneklickLP says:

    Oh my God. its Amazing

  9. Minekid212 says:

    I beat it with iron armor and a infinity 1 bow and sharpness 2 diamond sword.

  10. Minekid212 says:

    Turns invisible if you look at it and has small hit box

  11. Nubmaster75 says:

    Nice Addon bro!

  12. JamonTheMlg says:

    When I spawn the boss it’s green

  13. Kyle Cavanaugh says:


  14. Jalepeno says:

    I beat it only 4 deaths!

  15. Super says:

    When i try to download it on my ipad air 1 it doesnt work the file just turns white when it loads.. pls fix dis

  16. WoofOrdial says:

    Won’t install for me so please make a .mcworld file with the adding already installed, Thank You

  17. Jonathan Wibowo says:

    Cool addon thx i was waiting for this

  18. Seth says:

    The hitbox is at the bottom of the storm,there you see a invisibe wither.LOL

  19. HUGO says:

    it looks awesome i hope it will add tentacles next

  20. Willie Trautvetter says:

    I think he just went overboard.

  21. RishiGamingMC says:

    The hitbox is located at the bottom,and if u look carefully,u will see black potion rings moving there,hit it to damage the WitherStorm

  22. Alex_Fierro says:

    I defeated it using the weapons (?) addon, I think it’s called. Anyway, I repeatedly shot it with harming arrows and then threw the special snow bombs (snowballs) at it and it died.
    I did this in survival.

  23. Harvey says:

    Pls Add The Tentacles like in the Minecraft – Story Mode and the Command Block on it?

  24. Unun says:

    The most easy is to use snowball try it in creative you will I in 3 minute with snow ball,chicken egg

  25. RealRCDestroyer says:

    Beaten it in survival used all of my enchanted gapples but it was worth it

  26. EnderBeast840 says:

    How do you get the mod

  27. Jonah says:

    What a cool add-on

  28. Ethan says:

    Please make the wither storm shoot levitation lasers. It could fire the same lasers as guardians do, but the lasers would have a longer range.

  29. Brennan says:

    I just taped the texture and it worked

  30. WackyPack03 says:

    I just used the nuke add on to blow it up

  31. RondoRoundMe says:

    Installed both packs they showed up on MCPE and everything, i added them to my world and other add ons work suck as, more chairs, cars, etc but whenever i try to soawn the wither boss, its the normal wither boss, any help?

  32. MaxwellC. says:

    This is so cool! Nice job man! #MinecraftStoryModeReborn

  33. HeatFragment says:

    Best Weapon to use is Bow with Power V and Infinity and stacks of healing arrows and then strength 2 potion.

  34. May says:

    I like it <3 <3. Please make it like in Minecraft Story Mode. Smaller at spawn then it makes bigger and bigger.

  35. Notch says:

    Thx for this ubdate thx❤️

  36. Gret says:

    How do you update it

  37. Ethan says:

    How do you update this in game?

  38. Jack says:

    Love the add on but it’s way too lagy for me I don’t know why please update it so the lag go’s away but I’ve played minecraft story mode im upto the second too last chapter beat the whither storm as well awesome right hope I get to make my own add-on next time

  39. May says:

    I like it. But please can you make it like in mc story mode? smaller to bigger witherstorm.

  40. Erumu says:

    Hi I thought it was a cool addon 2 but when I tried to download it wouldn’t work.😔

  41. Erick says:

    How do you update it

  42. Gandra says:

    Please make the wither storm even big again. Thank you 😊

  43. GuiltlessUglyChicken says:

    Wow amazing addon

  44. SteveDBZ says:

    If this work for 0.16.0 not 0.16.1?
    Pls make the wither storm fixed add when we spawn the wither,it’s wither first,not wither storm and the wither had command block in his body and absorb block(of course he will shoot skull to animal like normal wither) then the wither became wither storm.and the texture make look like story more more bigger and can absorb human and animals with his eyes.to defeat him only go to him body and punch the command block(Suddenly command block is wither real body)if you make this I will be happy to play 0.16.0 and like your mods

  45. CC1885 says:

    How do you make an add-on??

  46. Felio says:

    Did you somehow extract this from Story Mode, or did you just build it very carefully?

  47. HelenAngel says:

    We featured this on the official Add-Ons Spotlight livestream on the Minecraft Twitch & Beam channels on Nov 22. Thanks for making a great Add-on!

  48. Pugsforlife says:

    I just won I died more than 1000 times but I killed it

  49. Adam says:

    Nice update

  50. SomeRandomGuy says:

    U should really make it suck in blocks and grow bigger. Also u should make the hitbox way bigger but besides that it’s and AWESOME addon

  51. Awesome Minecraft Gamer says:

    I defeated the wither storm. I enchanted all my weapons and shoot it to death in an open area 🙂

  52. DJTriggaPleaseYT says:


  53. Ashok says:

    I’m so excited for the wither storm

  54. Sans says:

    It’s so epic

  55. Sans says:

    I loved the boss battle but how do I download it dude😑

  56. Dannyvilla says:

    You should add the big size of the wither storm from minecraft story mode and add 5 big tentacles and tracker beers just don’t make the tracker beens take players and animals

  57. Dannyvilla says:

    You should add the Norma big size of the wither storm from minecraft story mode and addd 3 more tantacles and add tracker beens

  58. Crystal says:

    I want to get it, but then again, I really don’t….

  59. DiamondNinjaSwordYT says:

    Pls make is laser tractor beams and muuuuuuuuuuch bigger and sepper ate to three pls

  60. cayden says:

    Minecraft is awesome

  61. DanTDM says:

    Yolo guys it’s DanTDM! Subscribe me thanks!!!!

  62. ClayGaming49 says:

    Me and my brother beat him with perfect enchantments, it was very challenging, I died but my brother didn’t, he beat the wither storm, this is a great addon, very challenging, I challenge antvenom to try and beat this guy

  63. Bibeak says:

    I killed it with the magical wands addon

  64. Bibeak says:

    I killed the boss in 19 seconds with the magical wands addon

  65. $$$ says:

    IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!

  66. Edward says:

    I haven’t tried it yet but it seems cool

  67. Edward says:

    I just tested it. It,s so cool

  68. CustomTDM says:

    Editor something wrong it says had had on the exploded world

  69. Heya_It_Chris says:

    I killed it by myself in survival! Use thorns 3, protection 4, blast protection 4, fire resistance 4 and a bow and shield sword. Trick is to get out of range and build huge TNT skulpture and lure towards. Then use bow with flame to blow up. Bingo!

  70. Gamelord56 says:

    I think an alien vs predator add on would be cool

  71. Billcipher says:

    Make a SUPER speed potion

  72. Mike says:

    Wow it look ugly first but so cool if it charge

  73. BuggyPig says:

    How much health does the wither storm has

  74. assassin_bankill says:

    it’s so cool

  75. DinoDNA says:

    I think a undertale addon would be really cool

  76. Player says:

    Looks great but i can’t download it

  77. Bonnie says:

    Can you make a command block for the wither boss pls

  78. Valdemarsiig says:

    Make so that The Wither stom shots snowballs that give you The effect that make,s you fly

  79. SteveDBZ says:

    How and where you make it????
    I wanna make more wither mod(wither storm,wither god,wither king added!)
    The wither storm is look like mcsm need hardwork to make wither storm psst the grass block and other block who absorbed by wither storm eye is silver fish punch the block to make the wither not wither storm also you can in into his mouth and punch command block(its was wither boss)Man i didnt make that but i need know where to make mods!:ppp

  80. guy says:

    I defeated the wither storm,but what about the tractor beams and the moving tentacles !

  81. Imabowlertoo says:

    Made it when it half health it spawn an army of 10-30 wither skeleton

    • joseph says:

      plz give it tractor beams out of it’s eyes like the original

      notch is creator of life and herobrine is the power of destruction

  82. John says:

    Every time I get an add on it works on behaviour but not texture someone plz help

  83. RANDOMGAMER says:

    Too easy to kill. Just do /kill @e. That will kill you if you are in survival, but not in creative

  84. dalton brown says:

    I love minecraft!

  85. Jony says:

    Is it the witherstorm from story mode?

  86. Thecats gamer says:

    Oh oh I came up with a cool new update and don’t worry I am not being dumb and talking about the tractor beams

    What could be the main new feature(s) if the wither storm is a ghast.


    1. Now the tentickles move by the animation.I am not sure with this one but blah.

    2.when the wither storm shoots it opens it’s mouth because when the ghast shoots it’s texture changes.


    1.The wither storm’s head can’t move.

    I’ll contact the maker on mcDL or mcLD

    • Minecraftien111 says:

      Actually your idea isnt fool but ghast texture may be too small for making it a Wither Storm, if you know what i mean.

      (I dont know too much about addons, specially behaviors so what i say may be totally false)

    • Bobo says:

      I love you

  87. Nurul Aini says:

    can you make it so the wither storm has more tentacles and that the smoke particles around the wither are replaced with obsidian blocks so it looks like the blocks that fly around the storm in circles from the actual game and replace the nether reactor with the command block and if you can do this or not make it so that spawning the wither storm requires using the command block if you cant do that just leave it like the normal way and also can you retexture the diamond tools with the enchanted diamond tools from the game that jesse uses to destroy the command block and retexture the sharpness 5 enchanted book with the command book

  88. ChrisplayerTV says:

    PLS update this addon, cuz some of the items aren’t textured anymore and I want to review it on my Channel: ChrisplayerTV

  89. Mother Kennington says:

    I love the new features and items you are awesome for createing this add on

  90. Mother Kennington says:

    Can the wither storm destroy bedrock and opsiden

  91. Kevindoesmc says:

    Good addon! can you make another update of this Addon?. If so you could retexture the wither skeleton skulls to the wither storm’s head.And maybe you could make the wither storm bigger.And you can add more mobs to this Addon.

  92. Nathan says:

    This boss is really hard to defeat but i didi it by myself i did it with full diamond armor with protection 4 and unbreaking 3 a bow with power 5 punch 2 flame 1 and infinity 1 a diamond sword with sharpness 5 unbreaking 2 and fire aspect 2 and a bunch of enchanted golden apple about 20 enchanted golden apples and some potions… It took me probably 10 minutes to beat it

  93. Zane says:

    How do you get it

  94. Beth Villaroman says:

    The best a little lag

  95. Anonymous says:

    There’s no formidi bomb in my creative inventory

  96. OPOLO says:

    That’s very coooooooooOoOoOoOoOoOOol!!!!!!

  97. Anonymous says:

    Spawn it underground the hit box was easier to find and the levitation effect wasn’t as bad becouse of the caves XD I recomend fully enchanted gear and sword with a bunch of gapples and potions to quench your thirst and health XD also I didn’t do this but I recomend using and elytra (yes it takes a lot of you defense away) if you get stuck with the levitation effect becouse you can drift back down safely

  98. XxMasrGLaDOS1xX says:

    Why are there Red AND Purple Resource Packs? Like, does that mean red eyes, or the whole thing is red, aside from the eyes? Either way, GREAT Addon. I look forward to trying it out.

  99. ChrisplayerTV says:


    The Add-on has updated😊

  100. Esteban says:

    Hey this is very cool, but what you could add in the future is moving tentacles, the tractor beam actually lifts you up. (Could use levitation for that) and it actually closes and opens its mouth, and first starts as the normal wither and then blocks go up and turns into the WITHERSTORM.

  101. DaveTDM345 says:

    The Best Addon in the universe!

  102. WWEwitherstormgodzillafanman says:

    Best addon ever it’s so cool I had all the witherstorm Add-Ons and this one is the best and btw I thought the wither could have got lasers out of his eyes and this addon mode it happen thank you good job

  103. WWEwitherstormgodzillafanman says:

    Best addon ever it’s so cool I had all the witherstorm Add-Ons and this one is the best and btw I thought the wither could have got lasers out of his eyes and this addon mode it happen thank you good job

  104. MarkoSaad789 says:

    Cool i love it

  105. Ayush3008 A.K.A GamerOfLegends3008 says:

    Minecraft Story Mode was so awesome! Can you make it so that a command block is visible when it loses half health?

  106. XxMasrGLaDOS1xX says:

    I love that the actual Wither Storm theme plays for a minute when you first spawn it!! Great job on an amazing Addon!!

  107. AfifNemanyCraft says:

    Cool 🙂

  108. PEKKACHU says:

    Really bro? 50 HEARTS!?? that’s not even compared to mutants!

    • XxMasrGLaDOS1xX says:

      Actually, 50 hearts is the same as Iron Golem health… plus, considering that this is the FLIPPING WITHER STORM, That’s an incredibly low amount of health. I actually kind of wish it was just a bit higher… Seeing as how the normal wither is usually about 150 (I think) hearts… Still, great Addon.

      • XxMasrGLaDOS1xX says:

        Nvm, I read the comment wrong. I agree, it’s such a small number for a monster as powerful and dangerous as a Wither Storm… I’m honestly quite surprised.

      • FACT MAn says:

        No the normal WITHER is like 300 hearts

  109. Awesomesauce says:

    Pls. make a clash of clans addon because i am trying to make a map for it, i will appreciate it if you did,btw awesome addon!love it so much,just keep makin them

  110. FACT MAn says:


  111. Lachthegamer says:

    It looks amazing however do you know if you could make it work on media fire, otherwise I won’t be able to use it 🙁

  112. Joshua says:

    This is so laggy 🙁

  113. John says:

    Cool, i defeated it by making several tnt-slime cannons and shooting. BUT i only found one diamond and a nether star

  114. Bryan hart says:

    I really like comand blocks

  115. Bryan hart says:

    Comand blocks are the best I also saw it in minecraft story mode and on videos

  116. Nathan says:

    Oh my god the feeaking wither storm have 50 hearts that even less than the normal wither pls make it to like 400 or 350 hearts cuz 50 is just way too low for a boss that huge its ridiculus btw cool addon

  117. Ayden says:

    Minecraft Story Mode is awesome!Can you make a ?Story Mode Addin which replaces compass with amulet,villagers are the members of the Order of the Stone and the enchanted flint and steel replaces the enchanted golden apple?

  118. Avinash says:

    Wither storm VS. Herobrine who is the strongest let’s find out

  119. Yshshshshhshs says:

    The boss is harder than i thought. But awesome anyway. 🙂

  120. Op gamer says:

    I think this mod is awesome if y’all want to see how I beat it hit this link https://youtu.be/piicsHfk58A and subscribe

  121. Eager says:

    It cant download, it said, “Still not downloading? Click here to repair download”. it still wont.

  122. ANDRES says:

    btw nice addon

  123. Juan says:

    I will help you if you dont played or did played story mode but no songs interuting it go to dis link https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=nIQ38uLaHjk P.S. Can you update the wither storm model i little bit and update the size i love dis addon

  124. Joey says:

    Love this addon

  125. g says:

    May I share?

  126. GangerHaowen says:

    I did it! Guys. You just had to use the /effect command and get some awesome effects!

    (This only for 1.0 users!So please don’t be angry if you are 0.16.0)

  127. :) says:

    i did. 😐

  128. Cookies says:

    JujuStyle7, can you make more tentacles and make the wither storm animated (if you can…) thx

  129. FuntimeBB says:

    I difeated it in survival with a sword only and 15 shots to the head with a bow and it great with the Adim addon and I died 0 0 000!!! Times sorry for bragging also with the jessie skin amazing roleplay I did a roleplay and survival series off cam on my YouTube channel good luck killing too!!!

  130. Ngo says:

    no, the fastest way to kill it is /kill @e. But you will die, too.

  131. Zombie_Gamer_BR says:

    MCplayzMinecraft I Just saw his and AA12s video of Them fighting it So Shotout to RageElixier and AA12 Thx for Making a video

  132. Puppy125 says:

    OMG, AMAZING!!! Make it so the with wither storm sucks you up with tractor beam!!
    If you will I’m a BOG fan

  133. Anonymous says:

    Nice addon but when are you going to add moving tenecals and working tractor beam and make it start with command blocs then grows to a wither storm I’m waiting for the update

  134. Andres says:

    Great addon but can you add moving technicals and working tracker beam and make it when you spawn it it starts with wither command block and grows to a wither storm I’m waiting for update

  135. Triedbuzzard64 says:

    I used the robo craft addon to beat it in survival mode. Super powerful and super useful addon to fight the wither.

  136. ANDRES says:

    great addon but when are you going to update the wither storm i waited SOO LONG add moving tencials and working trackor beam and when at spawn its starts as a wither command block then grows to a wither stron and then wither storm ep 2 then ep3

  137. Heather Geary says:

    On minecraft story mode (mcsm) the person that made it waz ivor

  138. Seth says:

    How do you download the wither storm resource and behavior pack?

  139. MINEING AWAY says:


  140. Regulo says:

    Really cool add-on keep up the good work

  141. Mila RaceQueen says:

    I love this addon!! BUT CAN U PLEASE MAKE A 4.0 UPDATE WHERE THE Witherstorm Grows and Gets into those stages like devour form and Make It A LOT BIGGER!! Make the tractor beams on forever as soon as u spawn it!! Also Make the Beams Suck u up and it eats you!! The tenticles would be moving as well. Plus Do This ASAP

  142. Anonymous says:

    I killed it on my own by myself in servival mode

  143. Ash Shawal says:

    Can I suggest you an awesome idea? remove the Wither Storm’s arms, change the arms with the silverfish sitting at it… make it same as real arm in MCSM

  144. Boyden says:

    I deleted the Wither Storm Minecraft Story Mode and I would like to do it in Minecraft!

  145. Evan says:

    easy I used /kill @e

  146. Boyden says:

    I love the wither storm trust me 😀

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