Wooden Plane Addon

This airplane addon is useful for anyone who usually needs to travel long distances to transport items from one location to another. Besides your own inventory you will also be able to access the inventory of the airplane which can in total include hundreds of different items. It’s also useful in case you want an airplane but don’t necessary want it to start shooting whenever it sees something hostile.

Creator: Gona, Twitter Account

How does it work?

The wooden airplane replaces chickens.

The main advantage of this aircraft compared to the other ones is that it got 27 slots of empty storage space. Access the inventory and load it up with whatever items you need to bring on your trip.

  • iOS / Android: Sneak and long press on the airplane to open the chest
  • Windows 10: Sneak and right-click it to open the chest

Once you’ve loaded up the vehicle with the items you need then it’s time to take a seat and get going.

  • iOS / Android: Long press on the aircraft and press Ride
  • Windows 10: Right-click on the aircraft

Hold an iron sword to control the direction of the airplane. Throw some petrol cans (snowballs) at the airplane to make it start flying.

General Features

  • Replaces the chicken
  • Rideable, use an iron sword to control it
  • 27 chest slots
  • Health: 15 hearts


  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Download Behavior .McPack
  3. Activate the packs for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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Installation Guides

AndroidiOSWindows 10

89 Responses

3.67 / 5 (6 votes)
  1. Klinge says:

    Someone’s gotta make a sailing ship mod soon

  2. NoName04083828933 says:

    Is this compatible with the War Planes Add-On?

  3. captainfour4 says:

    How many seconds does it stay in the air?

  4. Help says:

    This add on is overall great but I believe it replaces the chicken not the blaze

  5. captainfour4 says:

    Also there is a mistake here. The airplane replaces the chicken, not the blaze.

  6. NavyDinoRanger says:

    Wow coolest Wooden Plane Gona,Next create a elasmotherium look like rhino to replace sheep.

  7. 3vro5 says:

    Excuse me. Gona. If you’re reading this. Can you remove the More Add-ons button, I keep mistaking at the quit to title button. Also your add-on is useless. I activated the resource pack and the behaviour pack. It was the same. What a piece of junk.

  8. Mdog says:

    Can you please make a plane where you don’t need fuel Bc it levitates and it’s not realistic. I don’t know how hard that would be but if you figure it out could you just send it to me separate?

    • captainfour4 says:

      For any vehicle to fly, it needs the levitation effect. Without it, when you try to control it, you’ll just go really fast on the ground, and that is also not realistic.

  9. V man says:

    …. uhh yeah we have enough of these plane addons now go Maake boats plz
    Ike shooting boats

  10. DankMemes says:

    Nice addon, but editor, it replaced the chicken not the blaze.

  11. V man says:

    And A villager guard addon with full iron armour and sword and make it a mob that no one uses like the wiether skeletons

  12. Jonathan Snyder says:

    It replaces the chicken not the blaze I downloaded it thinking I could have both biplane and spitfire in my game but it’s either on or the other

  13. CustomTDM says:

    Editor why did you say “acces”? Fix this

  14. Anonymous says:

    Great job Gona!

  15. Pat says:

    Do I have to transport items?

  16. Helper says:

    The spawn egg is chicken not blaze

  17. Skyler says:

    How fast does it go?🐈

  18. AkifCoolGamer says:

    Gona,can you make a add-on of all your vehicle addons,thanks. (:

  19. Enzo says:

    Why does it replace blazes for me

  20. Enzo says:

    I mean chicken(sorry for posting multiple comments

  21. Jemi444 says:

    Now finally there is a plane addon! Thanks for making this addon 🙂

  22. MINECRAFTPRO says:

    Mine is a chicken as one but it doesn’t fly

  23. MaskedHAZIQ23 says:

    How long it can still on air?

  24. Ends330 says:

    Are You Sure It Replaces The blaze? For Me When I Used This Addon It Actually Replaced The Chicken.

  25. Dave300 says:

    Finally plane addons are becoming popular try to make one that holds multiple people

  26. ArcticTraveler05 says:

    Doesnt work!!! Plz fix. Whenever I imort the addon and texture, and open my world, the blaze acts as it normally would, and does not have the right texture.

  27. Nico says:

    Hey what’s up guys it’s scarce here

  28. Maria Dizon says:

    Nice add-on👌🏻

  29. Michael says:

    Idk if this is your first addon but I was wondering if there is a boat addon I could get because my little bro is in love with mcpe and boats. Just a cool idea to put into consideration. Thx

  30. DaroDaKng says:

    Huge typo, it said it replace blaze, but it replaces chickens istead, pls fix that.

  31. DUNGEONcraft113 says:

    I activated both of the packs and spawned in a blaze and it didn’t look like a plane. Help?

  32. Desktopunamed says:

    Nice 😀

  33. Connor says:

    That would be pretty nice if you didn’t use Adfly. Adfly directed me to a couple of viruses

  34. Eman says:

    Good Addon love it

  35. Tiger tiger 🐯 says:

    Why it so slow
    1 can you fix it

    Can you do one on the ender dragon like make it so it is like you can hold 4 people or some thing

    Please answer

  36. Swagbro10 says:

    Is the plane supposed to drive on the ground or fly because all my plane dose is drive along the ground at top speed.
    Plz help me.

  37. Plane Player says:

    You need to download the resoruses pack (texture pack)

  38. DrewCraftedgon 2nd says:

    This addon is great for transporting items i like it

  39. Lovelikesmaps says:

    I’m sorry to bother you but it doesn’t fly for me can you tell me how it fly’s again sorry for bothering you!

  40. Alexander says:

    Cool Addon. Do you think you could tell Gona if he/she could make a Dragon Mount Addon. Like the PC but they can’t fly so when we ride them they’re controllable. They’d basically be Chinsese Dragons

    Ender Dragon

    If you can, find mobs for Deez to replace. P.S pls do it

  41. Frank says:

    I love it so much

  42. Noah says:

    Love the World War II plane! 🙂

  43. Noah says:

    We need a boat addon with guns on it that other people can shoot when you drive the boat! 🙂 I hope people like my idea and make it!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  44. Noah🐯 says:

    I changed my name so I have a tiger!

  45. Noah🐯 says:

    So many addons my brain is hurting! 🤕

  46. Ender boy says:

    Can you make a boat addon or pirate ship addon?

  47. Boboo says:

    Please make it so you have fulll control of the airplane (up/down;banking if possible) just like the real mods. Love the stuff though. Or maybe you drink milk and you go down???

  48. Maybe says:

    If you shoot yourself with pitrol you will Fly. No need an airplane then.

  49. John says:

    We are using Minecraft PE V1.0.3 on iOS. I was able to get the mod downloaded and installed. I can see the plane and gas cans. However I can not open the inventory of the plane or take a seat in the plane. I have tried multiple variations of throwing gas cans, holding an iron sword. Please help, as I have a 7 year old son, dreaming of sailing the skies of Minecraft.

  50. Overblox says:

    Looks fun ☺

  51. Dave300 says:

    Can someone make a plane addon that is super realistic and if someone does plz make a hole in the floor so you can see the ground. Make something like a modern jet such as a airbus or Boeing.

  52. Christopiedia says:

    This plane is very slow. Could you perhaps make it go faster, maybe with some enchanted snowballs or some other item?

  53. E-z says:

    Editor or GONA how many time we need to throw the fuel??????

  54. TheMagicalWIZ63 says:

    Can you change what mob it replaces? I want to use it for my survival world but I see it everywhere so there isn’t a point. Or make it craftable.

  55. pictoloid108 says:

    I really need an answer to this because I just cannot make the plane go up, it only goes around like a car.

  56. Radoric says:

    Please make a big ships addon. Like sail boats.

  57. Sam says:

    How do you get airbourne

  58. Highmegg5 says:

    It’s GREAT though.. when I throw the snowballs they don’t work and I did everything resource and behaviourpacks plz help

  59. Kerbilaceras says:

    Can this handle two players?

  60. Brickstu311 (YT channel) says:

    It wont let me take off… how come i would really appreciate some support on this question…

  61. Heur says:

    Its stupid how people use adf.ly just for money. That is greedy.

  62. Novabro says:

    This want fly please help me

  63. TheNoob says:

    It levitates
    I can’t control it, even with iron sword

  64. Rachel herring says:

    I can only get the airplane to fly when I am not in it can somebody plz help me

  65. JXCrafto says:

    It does not allow me to install, goes to another website that does not work.

    I use iOS.

  66. Fudge says:

    Can you add a helicopter

  67. Liton Chakma says:


  68. Awesomedudebro 1900 says:

    Pls can you change the replacement of the plane so it’s harder to find because I feel like it is silly for it to be a chicken. Maybe you replace it with a parrot which are a bit more rarer and btw I like your Addons, keep up the great work

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