-396676922: Woodland Mansion At Spawn ( Only)

The Woodland Mansion is a new type of structure which exists in the latest (beta) version for Minecraft Pocket Edition. It’s supposed to be one of the rarest structures you can find in the game. But that’s not really true for this seed since you’ll literally be able to find it within seconds after spawning. It’s a really fun (and sometimes scary) place to visit, so be careful.

Found by: Aspergerians, Twitter Account

As soon as you’ve spawned you should be able to see the roof of the woodland mansion just a little bit ahead on your left behind some of the trees in the roofed oak forest.

The woodland mansion has been “baked” into the mountain. Maybe a bit of Swenglish here but you get what I mean hopefully.

The interior for the woodland mansion is always randomly generated and this means that you’ll for the most part be able to see something new inside the mansion. But you’ve got to keep in mind that there are people living in there and they are usually hostile toward strangers.

Video Preview

Seed: -396676922

Important: This seed requires version (or above). Android users can sign up for a beta here!

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63 Responses

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  1. Ali says:

    How do I get it on my pocket edition?

  2. Aspergerian says:

    A bit of a correction; Ecko showcased the seed, but I informed him about it 😛

  3. Mlg_Skeleton says:

    This is total bullcrap, I’m over 1.1 and there isn’t any mansion. Plz reply to me for help or I will think this is just a fake seed and is just total crap. Thank you for reading this comment editor

    • Editor says:

      Nope, not fake. I tested it myself. Please make sure to read through the description to understand how to get there.

    • Anonymous says:

      The 1.1 Beta Builds have changed something in the code for seeds. From the Minecraft Wiki: “Changes in world generation. Seeds which contain pre-generated structures such as ocean monuments & igloos may generate those structures in different places.” This includes woodland mansions, as they are pre-generated structures.

    • Chara says:

      mansions somtimes generate w/o any rooms try making a new world w/ the seed

    • Kelby says:

      i agree with you dude i put like 20 MB on my pc trying to find it to make a adventure map. this seed is definetly fake i went to thst exact place NO GOD DANG MANSION so the editor its just click baiting us. and no they havent added mansion to 1.1 or over yet ive read every single update note NO MANSION so dont even try looking for it its just a lot of bull sh*zz. if you read this…thx for reading it and i hope you leanred something (PS. i even did the test update so it doesnt matter what you do there is NO MANSION ONCE SO EVER!)

      • Editor says:

        No, it worked fine when I tested it. I have tested more than 2500 things here on this website and never have my intention been to lie to visitors. I always wanna check things out first to make sure it works. That’s one of the main points of this website and why it’s reliable. Make sure you’ve got the latest beta versio ( or higher.

      • Aspergerian says:

        I strongly suggest recreating the seed.
        It IS there, I guarantee it.

      • Skullz King says:

        You need a dash-

  4. GostlingGamer3 says:

    Amazing! Thumbs Up!

  5. GSG9Gaming says:

    Hey Ecko I added you on pixel gun my name is GSG9Gaming and the seed is the best for making a adventure map and thanks you’re the best.

  6. Nature's sevant says:

    Looks cool

  7. Anonymous says:

    I love it!

  8. Mason says:

    I love it thank you so much for making it super awesome 👏

  9. TheMineNetCC says:

    wow best seed ever its useful cause its my first time to find some mansions i cant believe that they have some mansions in mcpe now just like the 1.11 in pc

  10. Dara says:

    HI guys

  11. CMAN says:

    This a great seed. You should change the description though, they are ALWAYS hostile towards strangers!

  12. Manuel says:

    Love this website

  13. Dabrian23 says:

    That is awesome I never see that before! Thank You, EDITOR!!!

  14. NetherExplorer78 says:

    Cool seed! It looks cool mansion and mountain!

  15. Mr. X says:

    Too good

  16. MC_Gaming 5761 says:


  17. Super man says:

    This is increadibile none of the people will say no this is a very intreasting 👍🏻👍🏻👉🏻👌🏻

  18. AboodGamingYT says:

    My eyes are dead

  19. Look says:

    Great I love it

  20. Mega_Spud says:

    Nice find! This looks like a good seed generally; some villages nearby, ice plains within 2k, the Woodland Mansion would make a fantastic base! – Mega

  21. David says:

    Well it work?

  22. Callukdm says:

    I found the mansion , but there was only like a quarter of it, I don’t know what to say

  23. Anonymous says:

    I found a dungeon on the side of the mountain close to the swamp. And the seed
    is awesome.👍

  24. Unicorn1977 says:

    It’s not fake and totally awesome on pocket edition 1.1.0!!! Thanks for this seed

  25. Tom says:

    Definitely not fake. Please get you facts straight kelby.👍👍👍

  26. Danny Estell says:

    Great seed 😀

  27. Disappointed Customer says:

    It’s a lie. I tried the exact seed on my Pocket Edition. I spawn by the Extreme Hills Biome. I looked around and found the Roofed Forest Biome, but there was no Mansion.

  28. Angela Wang says:

    I honestly never imagined the structure to be sooooo large

  29. That one guy 2.0 says:

    Where’s the end portal

  30. Katy Harding says:

    everyone saying its fake is wrong and you clearly aren’t looking hard enough

  31. PipesDOA18 says:

    This seed Is crap. I agree with Disappointed Customer. I spawned in plains, and the roofed forest I found was really far away. Sorry, but the seed just doesn’t work.

  32. BGBLAKEY says:

    The best seed dude thanks for making it

  33. Eli says:

    I have the seed on a paper so I can do it again and again

  34. Liv says:

    It did not work. It was not even the same world as the screenshots. Fit it.

  35. Jacob says:

    The seed does work! Found the mansion in a few seconds. Didn’t see the roof right away, but traveled to the left of spawn area and there it was! Thanks!

  36. Anonymous says:

    It works I tried it. Thank you very much

  37. Potato says:

    It is a great seed, the mansion is there and has some good loot. Whoever wrote that he tried on his pc is an idiot, as this is a pocket edition website. Great seed, keep up the good work Mcpedl

  38. Meme says:

    This seed does not work I tested it approximately 21 times it does not work at all

  39. Ashlyn Corbin says:

    Yeah you kinda have to look around and find the area that is shown in the first pic but it is one of the best seeds I’ve been on in a while

  40. DaniTheVixen170 says:

    I found the place where the Mansion SHOULD be, but it wasn’t their. I turned a bit to the right and I found a village instead.

  41. Theman1 says:

    I found the mansion but only a hallway spawned

  42. Anonymous says:

    Nothing worked. How will I get it to work?

  43. Kat says:

    I know this might sound kind of stupid but for the seed do I put a slash in front of it or not?

  44. Anonymous says:

    Leave a dash nothing else

  45. Mega charizard x says:

    I did the seed correctly the danger inbound AE edition addon distracted me with its cover animation I spawned THEN I SPAWNED IN THE MIDDILE OF A ISLAND!!!!!!!!????!!!!!!

  46. Arai Minecrafter says:

    better than /locate woodland_mansion and /tp @p locate Of The Mansion lol,i always do that to find woodland mansion

  47. Sarah says:

    I have the pc version u have to go slightly left and keep on going, it doesn’t just show since you see less of the world than in the picture. I have done this btw.

  48. Dat boi says:

    It worked for me just fine and now i have a working adventure horror map.

  49. Omgsc4recr0w says:

    Tested june 15th 2018.. works on beta

  50. Llamalover246 says:

    It’s not there

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